Monday, March 17, 2008

Host of the shower - Rodika and Lisa

Lisa Hughes
Rodika and her daughter Zoe

Some of the gifts from shower

Hr very first little Juicy jump suit (so cute)
Little pink crocs
My daddy is a hunk shirt (so true)
My first curl and first tooth keepsake 

Pictures from Disney!!!


Spring Break in Disney!

Yes with less than a month left before I have a baby we took Hunter to Disney for Spring Break.  It was also a trip that I wanted us to do as a family alone with Hunter before the baby arrives.  I know once the baby arrives she will demand a lot of my attention and will limit to some of the things I can do now with Hunter.  
When you live here in Florida and can drive to Disney it allows you to take such quick trips to Disney with friends from your school.  Hunter had 3 of his best buddies from his homeroom class visiting at the same.  The parents even booked the same hotel so the kids could play.  We all stayed at the Nick Hotel and I just have to say that this hotel although being a Holiday Inn, really isn't a Holiday Inn. It was great!  It was very creative, entertaining for the kids, tons of activities and the rooms were kid friendly.  In fact we all spent one full day at the hotel alone.  The kids swam, played basketball, played at the water park, miniature golf and had breakfast with characters.  At the end of the day they all got slimmed and then later that night we attended a show.  The kids had a blast.

The next day we all decided to go to MGM (officially now known as Hollywood Studios).  This day started out pretty good.  We slept in a little, got up and packed, checked out of the hotel and grabbed a bite to eat for breakfast.  However as soon as we pulled into the parking lot of MGM my car sends us an alarm of something going wrong.  As it turns out I took Hunter into the park with the other families while my hubby stayed with the car.  They had to come and tow it and take it to the nearest Land Rover place in Orlando.  Then they ran him all over the city trying to get him a rental car that we would have to drive back to Fort Lauderdale (3 hours) that night after the parks. The weather ended up turning cold and raining, while going to those parks with so many kids or just the parks in general is tiring in itself!!  Made a short trip to Disney seem like a LONG trip to Disney. 

However we made it home, Hunter had a blast other than being upset that we left his DS in the Range Rover in Orlando.  As it turns out my car must have gotten a leak in the coolant thing and the car was over heating. So they should have it delivered back to me here by Wednesday or Thursday.

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