Monday, February 8, 2010

the love of a boy...

Just to show you that kids aren't always unaware of things in this world. Hunter has questioned and cared much about the lives in Haiti.

He and his grandmother put their great minds together and this is what they came up with, in effort to raise some relief funds.

Hunter drew a picture of a puppy face, and his grandmother had them made into cards. He has been selling this custom made cards to folks for $2.50 a card.

How cool is that?

What a response everyone has had to these cards. Some have purchased them in bulks. His teachers at school, our friends and of course myself.

I couldn't be more proud of my beautiful boy.

I am not on here promoting to sell them. However, if you do feel you want to purchase any, you can contact me and we will make it happen. I just wanted to share with you the love of a boy, my boy!

He even signed them with his signature.

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