Saturday, January 17, 2009

So what do you think?

Well that is frustrating.  I just typed this entire post and lost it. Ugh!!  Let's try again.  As I was trying to write before, I wanted to tell you that my Misty Rice.Net site is up and running now with some changes made to it.  It is going to now be a two-in-one site for my professional things (Modeling/Photography).  This gives clients a place to go and see my photography, while getting that professional appearance to it.  Which means that the Misty Rice Photography Blog, will be coming down I think (I think!). Pretty sure it will!  

Anyways, as you can now see my two makeovers are finally complete.  I have had many compliments on the blog facelift, so now go check out the .NET site by clicking on the tab at the top of my blog here and let me know what you think about the new changes on there.  I am still in the process of organizing, adding, deleting and rearranging photos and titles and groups, on the online gallery pages. You still get the idea of what that site will be like though. I am very excited about it.  

Also, my web girl "The Kulig" sisters, are two wonderful web masters.  They are nice to work with and just talented.  If you or anyone you know is looking to have a website, ask me about my girls and I will be glad to get you in touch with them.  

Anyways, honey and I have some errands to do.  We have several light bulbs out around the house.  

Also, it appears that Morgan may have a little infection in her right ear from her earring.  So we have to go get that checked out. So pray for my little angel that it does't get any worse than it appears to be right now.  We have to go and get her some real earrings.  It seems as though she is taking after her mama and her body doesn't like accepting the fakes.  

I know, I know.... you were just thinking "aren't you suppose to be in Orlando today at the Holy Land Theme Park in Disney?" Yes, I was, but we are not.  As it turned out it was way too cold to be having Morgan walking around a park all day today, and Hunter likes to do things with his teammates on these out of town hockey tournaments, that I felt bad taking him away from all of those activities with his team.  I decided I will pick a nice warm weekend to take both the kids to disney, visit my friends Adam and Kristen while out there and do a few theme parks in Disney then.  So we are here doing things that need much attention to around the home.  Honey went to the gym and feels energized now, so I have to take advantage of this free day to get things done.  

Speaking of....while I sit here typing, honey is over their playing Rock Band II by himself, jamming on the guitar and Morgan is sleeping.  Oh how we love Saturdays!!! 

Tomorrow is a BIG day for my honey, can any of you guess why??? Ill give you a few to try and guess before I tell you why it is a big day for my honey.  

For now since it is again my rules, which I have broken at times, to not post without a picture. So here is a little fun art image I did in photobucket of baby girl.  I still have pictures from the cruise to post. I still have my little give away to do.  Although, I some how deleted my counter and will need to start a new one.  We know I hit the 10,000 views mark, so maybe I will just start my new one at 10,000 when I do my little give away.  My only issue is, I have no idea how to do my little give away.  Any of you have any suggestions? 

Okay, I have rambled enough.  If you didn't read yesterdays post, please do and please check out my Charity Run (5K) that I am doing on February 7th, and make any donations you can.  Please help this wonderful Ministry, that serves families while serving Him.  

Have a blessed weekend.  

PS:  Please pray for two families that are friends, they both just had babies this week and both babies have been very ill.  Pray for those little angles!!!!  

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