Friday, February 6, 2009

Its a Giant Anteater -

Okay folks Jennifer "JustBeeKoz" and Tim "Fort Thompson" where super close, BUT the one person that got it totally right is Blogger "TutuBliss".  Congratulations friend!  Yes, a Giant Anteater.  I didn't realize there were two different anteaters, but apparently there are (is?), for they had them at the Palm Beach Zoo.  However, what I found really fascinating are the designs on one of their legs.  

I was told that this is to confuse their predators, so that they go after their feet thinking its their head, instead of attacking their real heads.  Isn't that crazy?  Not only that, I slightly cropped the image to have you focus on the leg in the image, so you could see how it appears to be a face of some animal.  I love that.  

Here is another image I got online, the next two below that are the original image I took at the zoo and then the cropped one I had in the post.  

Cropped One I posted
Original Photo 
Okay.... so I said I had a surprise for you..... I wanted to wait to see who would win so I could fit the prize toward that person.  I have an idea for you so give me a couple of days and I will be in touch with you.  Thanks for playing and by the way I love TutuBliss' blog.  Please head over and say hi and check her out.  Great job girl! 

PS:  I had a great time photographing the Father-Daughter School Dance tonight.  It was a challenge for me, my hand cramped like you wouldn't believe and I actually found myself starting to get tears in my eyes when they played the slow songs for the dads and daughters to dance to.  To see the daddy's holding their daughters and the daughters hugging, laughing or laying their heads on their daddy's shoulder..... too sweet for words.  And to know that Mark and Morgan will be doing this all too soon. That is why we must cherish every moment.

Well, I am tired and I have a photoshoot tomorrow, on floats in the freezing cold tomorrow, in another freezing pool, for Frontage (again)...... but what is God probably saying to me again????......

"But someone has to do it, Misty!" -God

Yes, God, I know.... And I am very thankful for this career, job and new day.  

Good Night Everyone!!

Oh one more thing..... the two babies to the top left of my blog had surgeries and both seem to be do well.  However, on Cora's blog, I read that another family had a 14-year old that also had the same surgery today, and he did not make it.  It breaks my heart deeply, please pray for these babies and this family that just lost a child at 14 years old today.  I can't even imagine that kind of heartache.  

God Bless. 
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