Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me, Monday! (Important Reminder!)

Okay, in effort to get more things done during my days, and make my summer days with my kids as fun as possible, and with getting in real quality time, I will be writing most of my post at nights before bed. 

I guess I really don't need to express that, because my post will still post in the AM, which doesn't change anything up for you guys.  


Anyways, I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Today is Monday, duh! And I typically like to play in the blog carnival, NOT ME, MONDAY!   

It's MckMama's way of allowing all of us real mothers to let go and forget all about those things that we "normally" wouldn't do, but then do, because of lack of whatever (tiredness, exhaustion, frustration, desperation etc). 

It allows all of us to be reminded that we are NORMAL mother's and are not alone in not being perfect mothers.  

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably read about me having to take little Butterfly to the doctor last week for her ear.  She is my walking wobbling toddler now, and into EVERYTHING.  She is the cutest thing I have ever seen, besides Hunter when he was this age, walking around the house.  

She knows her way around this house and could probably walk it with her eyes closed. If there is a door open, she WILL find it.  She loves going into my room or her brothers room most.  She saw that mommy left the door opened to my room, as quickly and as fast as her little legs would let her, took off.  

I had just walked back into the kitchen, when all of the sudden I hear a bump and a scream.  I knew it before even seeing anything, that this was the real deal cry.  Not that whining cry from a little boom or bump.  As I walk in there I see blood coming from her ear.  It's not that bright in my room because the light if off and so I quickly run her into my bathroom so I can see why her ear is bleeding. 

She was walking, and I assume she went to lean in mommy's bench at the end of the bed with her left hand, and missed it. Causing her to fall, just catching the bench on her left ear, causing the earring to rip upward in her earlobe.  At first I thought the back of the earring was jammed inside her earlobe.  I remember saying quietly to myself "oh no! oh no!" But then I turned the light in the room on and saw the back to the earring on the floor. 

So I grab some antibacterial foam to clean the ear, taking the earring out.  Trying to get a better look at the ear to see how deep the cut was and if she would need glue or stitches.  However with a screaming child fighting you, its not that easy.  To be safe I loaded her up in the car and we drove down the street to her doctors office.  As the nurse is telling us that we may want to go to the ER to be safe because they do not do glue or stitches in the office.  I instead insist the doctor look at it first, because I wasn't prepared to go sit in the ER lobby for hours, pay $200 and then be told she didn't even need either glue or stitches.  

The doctor comes and and takes a look, and by that time from me cleaning her ear and pushing her cut back together before getting there.  The blood was already starting to dry up, the lines of the cut matched up and the doctor applauded me, saying I did the right thing and that it looks like it wants to heal up on it's on without any help.  She said to leave out the earring for a few days, clean it with peroxide and put  Bacitracin Ointment on it three times a day.  After a few days, to then put in an earring but one with a hook, not a back.  This way we don't mess up the ear piercing hole and the hook will keep it open, while also not touching the cut of her ear, allowing for it to continue to close up and heal.  

Sheez.... now that I cleared all that up. Let me get to the Not Me, Monday part.

Friday, I thought I would take Morgan to the mall to eat lunch at Rainforest Cafe, and stop at Clairs for some cheep little girl loop/hook earrings for her ear.  Before leaving the house that day, I didn't change Morgan's dirty diaper, and place it in a green plastic diaper trash bag, half tie and it toss it into the hallway to place in the diaper pale we keep in the laundry room.  Only to hear a few minutes later, plastic nose coming from the other side of the house, while I was in the living room, to go look and to find my 14 month old daughter had gotten the plastic bag opened, her dirty diaper out on the floor and had the dirty poopy wipes in one hand and her other hand in the dirty diaper, and just as I turned the corner, I didn't scream "NOOOOO!!!"  as I ran and grabbed that hand just a second before it made its way into her mouth.  Ugh!!! 

Saturday morning, Mark and I attended a Life.Money.Hope seminar at our church, that was hosted (via video) by Dave Ramsey.  It was great and I do plan on sharing something on my blog over the next few days that we learned and are going to put to use in our home, that I think may be of some use for some of you as well.  So look out for that.

Although, we did stay awake during the seminar, considering we were up ever couple hours the night before with Morgan.  Yea, she woke up five times Friday night, and I was up for all of them, but one.  Dave Ramsey was entertaining and had such a fun way speaking, it kept us awake, laughing and intrigued.  

However, once we got home, it was not me, daddy and butterfly that all crashed out for an afternoon nap.  

While Saturday night, I went to a friends house with baby girl and then to the beach for a couple of hours after a huge rain storm came through.  My friends daughter ended up coming over for a sleepover with us.  I put Morgan down, and not even an hour had gone by.  I quickly saw Friday night, happening all over again Saturday night.  In attempt to try and get more sleep and allow everyone in the house to get more sleep that we did Friday night, I certainly did not climb into Morgan's crib and lay with her.  Letting her sleep on my chest, while drooling down my shoulder.  While that only lasted about 30 minutes before she was up screaming again.  I didn't break down and run to the kitchen get her some Tylenol to give her.  

*In which she slept the entire night afterwards. 

Sunday, it turned out to be such a beautiful day.  We hung out in the house most of the day in our pj's.  Nice! Then later that day we went to the pool for about an hour, in which I took many pictures of my beautiful girl in her ...... well you will just have to wait and see when I post her pictures.  After the pool we attended the 6:00 PM service at church and then went home to grill some chicken on the grill, with black beans and bake potatoes on the side. 

It was a bit of a crazy, hectic weekend, that ended on a positive note, a sunny day and a nice warm dinner and a full nights sleep.  

Do you have anything, that you normally wouldn't want to admit to?  Well, make a Not Me, Monday post and let it all out as if it you didn't do it.  Not only is it fun, but it is therapeutic. Then laugh at yourself and the situation as you read back over it.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a blessed Monday to start off your week ahead.  

God Bless.

PS:  Ladies this is your reminder, Father's Day is next weekend. You can thank me later for that reminder.  LOL! 

I am struggling this year with ideas, and I am pretty creative normally when it comes to this stuff. However, if you are like us and the rest of the world right now, money is tight.  Do any of you have any of your creative juices flowing for how to give dad a great day to remember, without breaking the bank?   I have a couple of things in mind, but not sure if "that's it".  You know, its gotta hit me a feel like "that's it."  I would love to hear any ideas or suggestions you have, that maybe me and some others out here also struggling for ideas can use.

You didn't think that I would leave you a post without a picture did you?  I try to not do that at least.  

These pictures are taking with my iPhone.  At the beach I ran into some of my old beach volleyball buddies.  They gave Morgan a couple of balls to play with, you know, getting her started early, considering she may be six feet tall.  She absolutely loved the beach, the ocean water and being outside.  A girl truly after my own heart. 

**AND I RESIZED THEM WITH HTML CODING, NOT PHOTOBUCKET, YEA!!!** Although, probably not the best in quality of photos to use to resize on here, but what better time to try something new than now, right?  

That is also Aston, my friends daughter that came and spent the night with us.  She left the next day for church camp.  I want to go back to church camp, I miss those days.  

And no it's not me that now got the "itch" again to play beach volleyball, and isn't thinking of scratching that itch this week one day or two.  Hmmm..... Ill keep you posted on this itch and scratch thing.  

Oh, and I so didn't let my daughter french kiss me for about 7 straight minutes last night while trying to rock her to sleep for bed.  In which she in return didn't think it was the funniest thing ever having my tongue and hers wiggle and tickles each others.  

I know it sounds a bit gross, and trust me, it sort of is...but when its her and her slobber, and her yummy smelly breath, its never THAT gross.  Even knowing she tried to taste her own poop from that diaper the day before.  

(So sorry for the sloppy typing today, but I have a fussy girl that won't let up this morning and as I mentioned earlier, I will no longer post during the day.  I will work on them at nights when the kids are in bed.) Only 5 1/2 days left and Hunter is back home.  Whoot! Whoot! 

Which reminds me.... I didn't accomplish one single thing on my list.  LOL  O'well! 

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