Monday, August 31, 2009

Dukes, Dawg and Kuhhh!!

Dear little Ms. Morgan Paige.

My baby love, my girl. I have had the urge to write you for the last few days, and it was going to remain an urge until I finally got to it. There is so much I want to remember about you right now today, and share with you along the way.

You are 16 1/2 month old, weighing 25 lbs and still 100 percentile in height. There is no getting around it baby girl, you are probably going to be tall, wait you are tall. That's okay, I am already reading over your agents contract and writing letters to Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum telling them they can soon resign for there is a new beauty about to take over. :)

Baby love, my butterfly.....

You are one happy, cheerful, funny, busy, smart, sweet, fun and loving little angel. You really are so happy all the time. You love people. You love your books. Out of all the toys you have you reach for your books, babies and teddy...your three favorite things.

Your vocabulary is expanding by the day. Just tonight before bed we showed daddy how to give "dukes" and he about fell out of his chair and loved it. You make the cutest little fist. Daddy says "its a good solid fist too, not a little fist you'd think a baby would make." For the last 15 minutes before off to bed, you would run back-and-forth between daddy and me with your tight squeezed little fist to give us "dukes" and you would also say "doooks.' So cute.

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sound you make when reading the story of Jonah and the Whale, and the part where the storm and lightening takes place. Every time we say the word lightening you make the sound "khhh." You truly are so smart.

Or the when going over other animals in the animal book, every time you flip the page and we get to the killer whale, you automatically make the "poof" sound of the water and air spouting out of the whales blowhole and it sounds like "p'hhh".

You now make the sounds of a dog, duck, cat, cow, panther, elephant, lightening, killer whale and moms growl when her ear and throat itches. Its pretty amazing how quickly you are learning and picking up things these days. You love to learn and want to learn.

When reading the word books and letting you point to all the animals or objects that you want us to say their names, you get in this pattern and in place of asking "whats that?" it comes out as a constant "dahhh" (as in what a sheep would sound like but with a D). Daddy and I will just look at each other and want to die laughing, but we hold it in and just love you up that much more.

You just started 'my baby can read videos' and you are in a trance when watching it. I can't wait to see you by your 2nd birthday and how much more you will know and be able to do. I should record it (and now I will) each month to show the difference.

Our little girl. Our little princess in the house. One loved butterfly.

You, my baby girl, have completely and totally stole my world and heart. Whatever was left from your brother and daddy, you have gotten it. You make my heart flutter daily. You make me happy and proud. You bring in such an amazing breath of fresh air to this family and home, that you complete our family chain. I am so content and so in love with your daddy, your brother and you that if this is where our family chain stops.... ITS PERFECT TO ME IN EVERY WAY.

Your smile, your chuckle and giggles. Your wild ever fast growing head of hair. Oh, how I could seriously eat you up one little nibble at a time.

You can tell us where your eyes, nose, ears, head, hair, toes and teeth are. You say eyes and nose pretty well, but the best is "dog" and sounds like 'dawg.' Daddy walks around say dog like you he loves it so much. Every time you touch your ears, you can't do it without making the sound of a monkey. See what I mean? I can just eat you up. Love you baby girl.

You love to run now, and are learning to climb on things. You have now even tried to climb out of the crib a couple of times, stretching out those long legs of your over the rail.

You have never fought your sleep times, nap or bed. In fact you have always willingly let me rock you and put you to bed for naps and bed so far. I love that by the way, so in case I forget to tell you later, THANK YOU. It made nights go smooth in our home. I feed you a bottle, rock you and put you to bed. Then go to bubba's room and tickle his back and then off to bed with daddy myself.

You are a great eater. You don't complain about anything. You love attention and being social, but when you want you are just as happy and content off on your own reading your books and talking to your babies. You are one loving mommy to your babies. You give them hugs, kisses and pat their backs. You tell them where their eyes and nose are too.

When we sing the clean up song, you love to help pick up your toys and bring them to mom to put away. Such a good little helper. You LOVE music in general. Anytime you hear a beat you start dancing and bouncing. You also try snapping your fingers, which is pretty darn cute too.

You also love to wear bracelets and things around your neck. Often you walk around with medals of your brothers like long oversize necklaces. If its round and looks like a bracelet, it will be a bracelet on you. You seem like such a girly girl in a sense, but yet you are so strong too. I just love it all, and everything about you.

You love feeding the baby ducks every day and running around in the sun and grass. You aren't afraid of anything, and that includes really big, deep pools, for you just run or walk right of into them with out thinking twice.

I often find myself staring at you. Just admiring you, adoring you and in love with you. It's so true. When you are teen and should we go through a ruff patch, I will love reading back on this and remind myself how you make me feel this very moment.

You are special little girl. I am not just saying that as your mom either. I sense it. I see it. I pray about it every night while I rock you. We talk to God about his special plans in your life. I thank Him so much for you being here in my arms each night, as I cry and hurt for the parents that have lost their own little girls or boys. Oh, how thankful I am butterfly to be so blessed and honored to be the mommy of you and your brother. You both make life that much more beautiful and worth the fight for.

Daddy and I were talking this weekend on the way home from church. I made the comment how I love the "team" God put together for us. Daddy is the head coach, mom the assistant coach, you and your brother the players. GOD our team manager. I love that he chose the four of us to share this life on earth together as a team, as a FAMILY. I thank HIM for that every day.

I could go on and on and on... and I may, I may not stop here. I love you so much and it just pours off my heart and my words. I love talking about you. Showing you off. I love holding, smelling, kissing and snuggling you.

You are my sunshine on any cloudy day. You and your brother have such love for each other it glows. You love him chasing you around and he is SO good to you and with you. You truly do have the best big brother ever. I love watching him with you and you with him. You adore him and says the sweetest things about you. I can't wait to see your relationship with each other continue to grow in years to come.

Baby girl, thank you for giving us some of the best belly laughs we have ever had and for the unconditional love and trust you have in us all. Thank you for being our little girl, our princess our butterfly.

Love you so so so so much...

Love, Mom

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