Thursday, July 24, 2008

Basil Skin Cancer -

It's true.  I went and had a growing lump on my forehead looked at and when they did a biopsy on it, it came back as Basil Cell Carcinoma. It is the most common form of skin cancer.  I was supposed to go back and have it surgically removed, but soon found out I was pregnant and just ended up waiting and it ended up growing back really fast. So finally 3 months after having Morgan, I went back in today to have it looked at.  While there they happen to have a patient in the office with the same thing so they could show me the before and after photos and scar on her face from the Mohs Surgery. It was awful looking. It really scared me and I almost wanted to cry.  The good thing is that they say my cancer spot is much-much smaller than hers so my section and scar will me much smaller.  I know that is superficial to worry about it, but for what I do for work, it is important, and who wouldn't worry about any type of surgical procedure being done on their face. 

Anyways, while at my appointment my friend Val took this picture of me and my baby girl.  Everyone just thought HE was the cutest thing ever.  I guess the brown colors and her little hat threw them off.  Come on people girls wear brown too..... look at mommy!!!! LOL  She is just darling though isn't she? 

Round Two


More Photography Testing

Okay so I realize just how much I actually stink at photography right now. I am good at POV (point of view) and lighting (most of the time), but working with DOF (depth of field), aperture, f-stops....etc.  It is all just so confusing.  I figured out how to use the AV mode on my camera and adjust the f-stops for the background blur, but quickly realized that it doesn't automatically adjust the lighting for you as automatic mode does.  So unless you are in the perfect light, you have to manually adjust to the lighting on your camera and I just haven't gotten that far yet.

I have had a quite of few people asking me about this online course.  Well it is actually an online course of learning my way around my specific camera (EOS Canon Rebel XT Digital).  I think I am seriously going to take on a photography course in person. I love photography too much to not do so. 

Anyways, here are the most recent things I have done.... and yes the toads are real and where in my back yard. I know gross, BUT.... I needed to practice and they were the subjects available at the time.  (LAUGHING)

I want to be a good photographer.....  :(  Sigh!!!!!
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