Monday, July 7, 2008

4th Trimester is over!!!

I'm 3 Months Old 

Well they say that the first 3 months of a babies life is considered to be the 4th trimester.  As of today Morgan is 3 months old, so I guess I can now introduce to you my new baby girl.  

We will be going in for her 3 month appointment and for her other 2 shots she was to have gotten at the 2 month appointment. 

She currently weighs about 14 lbs and something. She is 23 1/2 long and is very healthy.  

Morgan is learning so much every day.  She is such a strong little girl.  She has been holding her head up for many weeks now and loves to sit up and face outward when you hold her.  She is eager to grow and be independent already.  She normally hates tummy time, but recently when placed her in front of the mirror on her boppy pillow (on tummy), she would coo and smile at herself.  I think it just gives her the distraction she needs to not focus so much on tummy and holding her head.  

Recently what I have noticed in her is that she is really trying hard to figure out and control her arms and hands.  I have to say that I guess I didn't pay that close of attention with little things like this with Hunter.  I really noticed while watching Morgan in her swing the other day and on her playmat or just about anywhere.  She is learning to get her hands and arms to move where she wants them.  She is figuring out how to extend them when she wants to touch something.  With out having full control right now, her arms still jerk and quickly swing back at her almost hitting herself in the face.  At one point she reached out and got her hand on the subject she was reaching for, and she had it there long enough that she was opening and closing her fingers in a quick motion, trying to figure out how to grab the toy. I was so proud of her and amazed as I watched her learning how to do something. 

She has not learned to roll over or anything yet, but she has on a couple of times wiggled herself off her playmat by pushing herself backwards with her feet. She just loves attention and she will talk to you and giggle, and be ware when she smiles at you it lights up the room.  I love, love, love her smile.  I can be having a bad day, exhausted from a long day, even frustrated at her at times....and the moment she smiles, all of those emotions are melted away.  I think she has this figured out too, because she will be fussing about something and I am frustrated with her, all of the sudden we will star at each other and before you know it, she has both of us smiling and giggling.  It is the best. 

We are sort of starting to get on a regular sleeping and eating schedule (with some flex).  Meaning for the most part she is pretty regular with her sleeping times and feeding times, but on occasion she will mess it up.  In the last week or two I am finally able to get her down to take naps.  As before she would have days where she would sleep 15-20 minutes here and there all day long.  The other days where she would take a 1-3 hour nap.  For me it was exhausting because I am still getting up with her in the nights, then unable to try and catch a little nap with her during the day because I wouldn't know what kind of napping day it would be.  So was never able to catch up on sleep. 

She still wakes up twice during the nights, giving me 5 hours at the most of solid sleep time.  I want more, but no complaints with this either.  Morgan sleeps in her swaddle, in her bassinet during the nights.  At he 4:00 am feeding I will typically let her arms out of her swaddle, feed her and let her sleep next to me for the next few hours, because after the 4:00 am feeding, it goes back to the every 2 hour schedule.  Often when she is in bed with me, I also let her get in a little tummy sleep time, as well when she naps.  This has only been over the last few weeks, as before we swaddled her even during nap time just so her arms wouldn't jump, scaring her and waking her.  She really seems to enjoy sleeping her her tummy even more now.  She gets that from mommy, I love to sleep on my tummy. 

I was just saying to myself and then to Hunter last night while at Rain Forest Cafe at the mall, that I was nervous that she may already be starting to teeth.  She has learned how to put her hands in her mouth and she tried to eat her entire fist to the point she gags herself sometimes.  Additionally she is drooling like a waterfall. Which is a sign of teething.  Hunter got his first tooth at 4 months old, so Morgan may follow that the same.  I don't want her to have her first tooth yet.  I am pretty confident she is my last little offspring, and I want to enjoy every baby phase as long as possible. 

Oh and recently she has gotten herself in that stage where she wiggles in constant distraction when eating.  So as you try to feed her a bottle she wiggles her head around and can't sit still.  Yea that's fun! HA! She is also getting to where she will fight to not go to sleep. It's too funny to watch sometimes, she will fight and fight to not close her eyes.  

Anyways, I am sure I could write all day long about my little butterfly.  She is lovely. I am so, so, thankful I have my little girl.  I can't imagine life with out her now. 

I love you baby girl!!!!

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