Saturday, January 31, 2009

Funny Story Time - Laughter Lives etc.

Not sure the rules on that Laughter Lives carnival, but my friend Danielle shared a couple of funny stories, including one about a spray tan experience she had.  It had me laughing out loud, that Mark had to ask me what was so funny.  I read him the story and he also get a giggle from it.  He has never had a spray tan before, so he didn't get just how funny Danielle's story was and why I was really cracking up.  Especially, the "tinkle" part of it.  

She reminded me of a similar story that happened to me while I was VERY pregnant.  For some of those that haven't followed my blog that far back.  I had a VERY hard and sick pregnancy the entire term of my pregnancy.  I was in and out of the E.R., I had vertigo from puking so much and hard. I lost weight, instead of gaining it my first few months because I was so sick. I have home nurses coming to my house, walking around with an IV pole, having stuff constantly fuel me to keep me from throwing up.  It was just awful.  AWFUL!!!

Being a model, comes with it's benefits when pregnant also, because you can shoot maternity stuff.  I booked the cover of Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, plus a 6 page spread that hit the stand May 2008, exactly one month after I had Morgan.  I was told for this spread I would be modeling maternity swimwear.  Wanting to look presentable and tan for the shoot I got the okay from the doctor to go and have the spay tan put on me.  I always use spray tan for my shoots, and I love them.  

The day arrived, it had been an okay week for pregnancy, for I had only thrown up 4 of the 7 days or something like that.  I get up and I seem to be doing okay. I head over to get my spray tan put on.  My spray tan is actually called "air brushing" tan.  The difference?  Airbrushing, you stand there and have a person spray your entire body, spray tan is a booth that you stand in and it just sprays all over at once.  I am not a big fan of them.  

When I get my airbrush tan, I typically wear a thong of sorts.  I am not allowed to have tan lines because of modeling, so I go in with as little as possible on.  This day was no different, except I stand there 7.5 months pregnant.  She begins spraying me and the spray is a chilled temp. It sort of takes you by surprise the first time it hits you.  As she is spraying I am starting to feel dizzy.  Dizzy enough I ask her to stop for a minute to let me catch my barrings. I realize that I am getting dizzier by the second and need to now sit down.  So she places a towel over the chair because I just had my first layer of spray put on and it was still wet and sticky.  She goes and brings me some juice and applesauce to take in.  I do and I wait about 5 minutes and we begin round two.  Right away I start feeling dizzy again and I decide I can't finish and I want to go home.  

This is not good.  I now do not have a full spray on and I didn't have time to let mine dry, so I am sticking to my clothes, to the seat of my car and trying to drive home.  The next thing I know is that I start to REALLY feel sick now (my usual morning during this pregnancy, but usually hits the moment I get out of bed). I have to pull over and get out of my car and start puking on the side of the road. As if that wasn't glamorous enough, when I puked during my pregnancy, I also peed my pants every single time.  Ugh, I told you it was awful.  So, here I am, 7 months pregnant, a fresh one-layer airbrush tan on, on the side of the road puking and now fully and totally peeing may pants.  I also begin to cry because ..... well who wouldn't be by now in my shoes.  Not one person stops to help me.  Not one!!! What's wrong with you people?

I finally get myself together, grab some baby wipes from my car and wipe my hands and mouth off.  I get in my car, sitting on my very soaked peed on pants and finish driving home.  I get home and at this point I am so mad.  I look in the mirror while taking my clothes off of me, to see that I now have white streaks down my face from my tears, a white ring around my mouth from puking and wiping it off with the wipe.  I have white spots all over my feet from the rebound of puke splashing to the ground and I have streaks down my legs from peeing on myself.  I just hopped in the shower and sat down and cried myself a huge pity party. Swearing to never, ever, ever put myself through this again.  

Yea, it all sounds funny and all now, but man was it a horrible experience.  Imagine this very pregnant girl, with a spray tan, puking and peeing on the side of the road, now looking like a human zebra with streaks down my face and legs.  Not cool! 

Oh the things we go through in life!  

Random Picture Challenge 4.0

We are taking the challenge by being forced to post a picture that we may not like, or that may be embarrassing to us or one of nothing much, but sits there in our file of pictures.  We were to find a picture in November 2007, and the 44th picture in that file. If you do not have 44 pictures, then you get the next picture closest to 44 in that file (39,37,28 etc.)  I only have 34 pictures in my November 2007 file, and this is the last picture in that file.  

This picture actually brings back different emotions.  It was the day I was told we were having a little girl, AFTER we were already told a couple a months or so BEFORE we were having a BOY!  On this day, I was in shock, in tears, laughing, happy and disappointed all in matter of seconds.  

I wanted another little boy.  I was told I was having a little boy. We told everyone we were having a boy. We already narrowed down the two names we liked for him.  I was ready for a little boy.  When I saw this on the screen I knew instantly without the tech having to tell me, he was a she.  After the shock set it and I finally reset my mind from boy stuff to girl took forever to decide on a girl name. To the point we changed Morgan's name from MacKenzie, the day she was born.  I had a hard time getting into all the pink stuff and girl names.  

Now that she is here, I am so thrilled and so in love and so happy to have my little Butterfly girl.  She is the cherry on top of makes our family complete.  This picture will always be very special to me, to our family forever and ever!!!  

Its kind of funny, I thought for sure I would have had a picture of Hunters birthday or from Thanksgiving as my phone, since his birthday is November 27th.  It was a nice surprise to have landed on this photo and quickly be reminded about the day I knew my little girl was growing inside my belly. 

Now for the RULES: 1. Stick to the Month, year & picture number selected for the week. If you do not have a 13th picture move back to the 12th, 11th, 10th, and so on until you do have a picture in that months folder. 2. Link back here when you put your post up on your blog so others can join in on the fun too! 3. sign up on Mister Linky, only once, and keep the name field short. 4. Have fun!

Friday, January 30, 2009


I am playing today!

Thanks Heather for Truth carnival. 

The rules of the TRUTH post:
1. Tell 10 facts about yourself that are interesting or maybe just weird.
2. Tag 7 other bloggers that you think would have better stories than yours.
3. Tell the 7 others that you tagged them so they know in case they stopped reading your blog weeks ago because you have been forgetting to post.
4. Remember what is shared so you can use it in the future in large gatherings like weddings or kids' birthday parties.

I may go over the 10 facts, because I have been asked several questions from readers that I have yet had the chance to sit down and answer them.  So I will get two things done, with one stone.

1.  I was a major tomboy growing up.  Whatever the boys did I did.  That included when going over to my boy cousin's to play or sleepover, I would get to run around with no shirt on just like them.  After all there was absolutely no difference in what they had and I had under our shirts.  That finally changed when I paid for mine.  YIKES!! Truth does hurt! I was also once mistaken for a boy in the 1st or 2nd grade by the principle at school, due to my mullet hair cut and 4 top missing teeth.  She said when trying to get past me in the office "excuse me little boy." HA! 

2.  I have bunions and I hate them.  They make it very hard to enjoy a beautiful shoe.  I can't wear shoes with straps.  I do plan on removing these annoying suckers within in the next year or so.  Oh my I have flaws!

3.  I do not like horror movies, and like my friend Heather, I can not look out any window that is looking out into the dark.  Being afraid that some creepy face is going to jump out at me and scare me, and same reason as to why I hate shower curtains.  Besides the fact that they touch you and stick to your arms or legs when showering and that is just gross!!! 

4.  I have never tried or experienced with any drug.  In truth I was afraid to, not because of making my parents upset, but because my biolgical dad killed himself when I was 11 or 13 years old (drug related). He was heavily into drugs.  He was a musician and in a band. I was afraid that if I tried any kind of drug that I would lose control and become addicted as so many people do.  I just didn't want to take the risk and stayed away from them.

5.  Although the file of my biological dad says he killed himself.  His case file is still open as unsolved, because all his family believe that he was set up and murdered., Possibly due to being in debt for unpaid for drugs.  I wish they had the answers to be able to have peace on the truth in this matter.  I never knew him, but I have been to his grave and I forgave him for not being able to be the father he should have been for me and my half brother. However, because of his actions I was blessed with a wonderful and loving step-father, in which I call dad.' 

6.  I have never been on a diet in my entire life.  I am naturally skinny.  In fact, I am one of those ridiculously blessed genetically skinny people.  I have to eat to keep my weight on so to not get too skinny.  If you tell me I look skinny, its almost like telling a fat person they are fat. I don't like to be called skinny.  

7.  I also hate salads or just about any type of vegetables.  To have an idea of what my diet is like, just look at a kids menu at any place.  I know, ridiculous right?  I typically do not like to talk about this stuff because I have lost friends over this before.  Women tend to be way sensitive and judgemental over this subject.  I have learned that if you are going to be jealous or judgemental over the way my God has designed me, then you probably weren't much of a friend of mine to begin with.  The last question I want to be asked is "what is my secret for losing the baby weight so fast." I often find myself tiptoeing around my answer to not hurt their feelings, and say something along the line "oh I don't know, I am just busy running around so much I never stop to eat." Well, that isn't the real TRUTH.  This is about telling the truth.  I am blessed beyond words that I can eat anything in the world at my hearts desire and not have to lose sleep over it.  I don't do that though (eat whatever I want at my hearts desire).  I am not a big desert or sweet eating girl.  Occasionally, I will have a cheesecake or something.  At home I sometimes have honey buns or sugar cereal for a snack, but that is the most of that stuff I eat. I love eating bologna sandwiches.  I put mayo on just about anything that uses any type of bread to go with it.  Sorry girls, but its the truth!! 

8.  I use the Canon Rebel EOS XT Digital camera.  Other than that I can't tell you much more than that.  I can't answer your camera questions or give you photographing advice.  I hardly know much myself.  I think I just get lucky with a lot of my images.  I am self taught when it comes to my photographs.  I want to learn it, I look it up, I try it out and I learn then.  I do have an advantage because I have modeled for 13 years.  Allowing me to understand the importance of lighting, watching for shadows and being able to see things in a creative way through the lens.  I love POV's (different point of views). 

9.  I do work out sometimes, but not all the time, and surely not as often as I'd like to or should.  However, I stay busy, I am chasing and picking up a 20+ pound mobile baby 24/7  We ride our bikes a lot and Mark and I recently started going back to the gym together.  Well, we did once last week anyways.  LOL.... And we hope to maybe get in at least 3 times a week to the gym and run and bike the other days.  Let's just say that it didn't happen this we will try again next week.  Ugh!!!  I like to work out, I just hate working out at gyms. I don't like people eyeing up each other in the gyms, constantly sizing one another up.  It is the worst meat market place on the planet, aside from clubs. One day I hope to have our own private little gym at the house. 

10.  Several of you have asked about my marriage and I have failed to give you guys an update. Partly because I didn't want to speak too soon, and wanted to give my marriage a little time to show itself in healing and mending privately.  While also giving my husband the respect and privacy he also deserved in all of this. Although I like to be an open book, and I am as transparent as they come.  I didn't take into consideration that others just aren't like that with their lives.  It was not right of me with out asking my husband to share all that I did on my blog to many strangers we never met, and as well as exposing our marriage and my husband to people that he rather not have known.  Not that he has anything to hide, but simply to keep his matters private, protected and not deal with questions from everyone.  

Please know that I am very thankful for all of those that have been supportive and concerned during these hard times for us.  We have felt your prayers and are blessed to have so many people praying and caring for our marriage and or family unit.  Thank you.  

With that being said, Mark is back home. We are doing wonderful. We are learning to love and respect each other the right way, not our way.  As well as TRUSTING each other that we have our spouses best interest in mind and heart, with every choice we make. I am thankful that my marriage is not over and my family is together under one roof.  I am also blessed to have many of you share and tell me how my blog and situation helped you and yours.  I love knowing that so much good came out of hard times. 

Look at that....I did 10! So here are some questions I have been asked and Ill answer now.
Q and A's 

1. What camera do I use?  Canon Rebel EOS XT - That's seriously all I know about it. 
2. What lens do you have and use? I use different types of lens, it depends on what I am shooting. 
3. What is your favorite lens?  This is my new favorite one for shooting people. 
4. What settings do you most use when shooting? I have only been really focusing on photography for less than a year now.  Before that it was automatic point and click.  Now I am exploring with my white balance, IOS numbers, My F-stops and I use the AV mode.  In truth, I need to go look up again, what exactly does AV mean. I just know that is the mode to use when I want to blur my background. See I really am clueless about my camera. 

Okay it means "aperture priority mode" AV! 

5. How are you and Mark? Great, thanks! 
6.  Are you the Misty Rice, from HD Net's travel show "Get Out!"? Um, yes, that would be me.  I know they have been showing my shows a lot lately.  Every day to be exact and so some of you are either just putting the two together, or seeing the shows for the first time.  My roommate Lindsay still host the show and it has been mentioned I may go back for a few guest episodes, which would be a blast.  I just can't travel as much now that I have two babies and a husband.  It was a great show to host and I miss so much about it, but I am thankful for where I am now in life and the experiences and world travels I got to do while I did host Get Out!. 
7. What is your secret to slim down so fast after having babies? 
8.  Do you have a strict diet? Yes, a lot of carbs, protein, little sweets, no veggies and no salads.  Meat and potato girl. 
9.  What is your workout secrets? Chasing two kids, playing in any sport activity I can, if it be beach volleyball, softball, biking, swimming, hip-hop etc. 
10.  Is that picture of Morgan with the seagull a photo shop image? No. That picture of Morgan with the seagull is a real image I captured while in Marco Island. In truth I do not know how to cut out and paste images onto one another in photoshop to make such an image as that with the seagull.  I only tweak lighting and colors of my images. I do not distort or completely change them.  Why do that? 
11. What programs do you use most when doing digital imaging? I have only been using the small editing program on my MAC, but lately I have been exploring with layers in photoshop. I have NOT edit anything in my photoshop program yet. I do not know how, and haven't yet tried.  Like I said, I keep all my images as close to the original as possible.  
12. How can I get a blog makeover?  I use Blogs By Danielle.  However if you like the basic ones I have done and are more interested in that, I can help for a very small price and or donation to m charities.  If you want to talk more about blog makeovers, email me.  

Well, I hope that answers everyone questions I can think of off the top of my head.  If I missed anyone or any questions, send it again please and I will do my best to respond. 

Thanks for asking, and letting me play in the TRUTH carnival today.  Now that you got to know a little A LOT about me today, let me get to know a little about YOU.  I am suppose to pick 7 others to play the game so I will list 7 names, but in truth, I like for anyone that was up to play along.  

Have fun telling the raw TRUTH!!

You're up --


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Through The Years My Beautiful Boy

Dear Hunter -

I wanted to write this letter to you on your birthday this past November, but time keeps us very busy these days,  running you around to your hockey games, practices, birthday parties, baseball and taking care of your sister.  

I can't believe that you are 8-years old, Boo. You are amazingly smart, witty, athletic, sensitive, loving, strong and the best big brother ever, and son anyone could ask for.  I say that with my heart and soul.

I am, me, today, because of you, Hunter.  You made me the women I have become.  You came in to my life with out warning, and surprised me in ways that I could never explain, but will never forget.  You changed my view on life, people, God and myself.  You were my first real love.  I thought I knew love, but I really had no clue, until the day I met you face to face.  I remember that day like none other, November 27th!

November 27th, was a typical sunny day in Florida.  I had my weekly doctors appointment that morning to see how my growing boy was doing.  Only to find out that you would be making your presence known to all the world this day.  I was not happy about it, because I was scared, I was not mentally ready, my mom was not in town yet....this wasn't the "plan", my plan! You and God, out voted me and had your own agenda, in which we would all submit to and follow.

Although, I was ready for you at the house.  I had just finished your room the day before and sat down and wrote you a 3 page letter on November 26th, telling you how ready I was for you to be here.  I guess you heard my thoughts and off to the hospital I go to be induced. I was leaking amino fluids, doing so could cause an infection to get inside your protected world and cause you to become very sick.  Taking no risk, my induction has begun and the contraction are kicking in.  I wanted to do everything naturally, no medications or anything.  

About 6 hours into everything, I was in a lot of pain and they broke my water.  O'boy..... I thought I was in pain before, I was now OFFICIALLY in pain.  Contractions were kicking my butt, I am wanting my mom to hurry up and get here from Dallas, as she caught the first flight out that she could.  The doctor finally came in and saw the pain I was in and told me, as my friend, to take the epidural.  Explaining to me that I was not getting any type of 'mother of the year' award for putting myself through unnecessary pain.  I again submitted to his request and took the epidural.  Ahhhh!!! That's much better.

I could actually lay there breathing and watch the monitors when the contractions where coming and remember it all.  I was hungry and thirsty, but was only allowed to have a pop-cycle. Things are moving along, I am dilating and effacing. You will be here soon. 

I have been in labor for 9 hours now, but my cervix wasn't wanting to soften.  The doctor came in for yet another glamorous check up on me, and tells me that I need to be open minded for a c-section if my cervix didn't fully soften.  They didn't want to put you baby under any stress and would do what was needed, when needed.  

At last my mom walks in the doors, with a bunch of tears and kisses.  Yea, my mommy was here!!! I was not going through this with out her.  The doctor and nurses fill her in on the status and then leave the room.  My mom whispers in my ear to practice pushing slowly, not too much, just enough to help the cervix to soften.  I can't feel anything waste down, I just lay there and concentrate on some practice pushing for maybe 2-3 minutes. The nurse comes in and all of the sudden I hear her say "uh I see the crown, lets get the doctor in here now." I look around and I see hustle and bustle, nurses moving things, lights being turned on, blankets being lifted off my feet and legs.  Doctor walks in and gives me one last exam and says "alright we are ready to go." 

Twelve hours from start to finish, 3 pushes later, November 27th, 2008; Hunter Dylan Brackett is born at 11:16 PM, weighing 6 lbs 8 0z, 18.5 long.  Perfect and healthy in every way!  I am forever changed and have met my first soul mate. Although I didn't picture him to be so tiny, slimy and warm all bundled up on my chest. *smiling* I would make a promise that day to be the best mother you could ever need or want.  

Oh just thinking back on that very moment makes my heart flutter and tears come to surface of my eyes.  I have been so blessed with you.  You have never been seriously sick or injured.  Although, there have been trips to the ER for stitches here and there, broken bones and just to be safe kind of runs.  For the most part you have been one healthy and active child.  You are so outgoing, friendly and have no fear in you.  I think you get that from me.  You have not only been my son, but my little buddy over the years.  Teaching me things, as I teach you things.  Sometimes beating me in board games (I wont mention the last two Yahtzee games you won).  You are so advanced in all areas of school with reading, math, spelling and many others.  You have many friends and get along with just about anyone.  You are definitely an alpha-male though.  You like to lead, take charge and have a very creative imagination.  I love it all. 

Although, it wasn't always easy and you may even remember some of the hard times we have been through.  Going through life with you by my side has made this life on earth a wonderful journey and experience.  I wouldn't change anything.  I have so many dreams for you in life.  I love watching you grow and explore.  Your mind is always ahead of the rest of you.  Asking me amazing questions, and some questions that I have to look up before I can give you the answer because I myself, didn't have the knowledge or answer to them. 

I have watched you cry, laugh, love and learn over the last 8 years.  Watching you transform into the teen and young man you will one day be.  It's sad, because I am losing my baby, but joyful, because I am witnessing your life unfold before my eyes.  Your feet now have roughness to them, your breath now smells foul first thing in the mornings, you fight with such passion that I can sometimes want to put duct-tape over your mouth,  leaving it there until you graduate from college.  You want to expand your wings and be independent, but still have this very tender child side to you. You want me to tickle your back before you fall to sleep, while not even thinking about getting into bed with out blanky or dots. It will be a sad day when you finally decide to put blanky and dots aside, to never be slept with again.  

Hunter, I hope that when you think of me and the years you have shared with me on this earth, that you also find yourself just as blessed and thankful.  We make a great mother and son team.  You are my first born, my first son and my first true love.  Without you, I am not me.  Thank you for your unconditional love.  Thank you for not caring what I look like when I wake in the mornings, or that I stink at spelling and math.  Although, you may tease me about that when you are a teen, but for now, I am thankful.  HA! 

Thank you for all the memories you have given me to always treasure away in my heart of memories. They are gifts that you will never realize you have given to me.  I miss so much about you as a walking toddler.  The way you said certain words, or the high pitch that followed every letter of the alphabet when saying them.  How you would say lellow, instead of yellow, or that you would with such seriousness in your face hold your hands out and say "is it", when you wanted to ask "where is it?" when playing hide-n-seek of your toys. 

Although, I miss all of that very much.  I am truly enjoying the you, you are today.  The boy that is still a boy. Still full of wonder.  Still loves to play with his cars and transformers and Bakugan.  Still loves to snuggle with me at nights before bed.  I know I am often busy with the baby, home, Mark and your sports stuff, but I am never too busy for a hug or kiss from you.  I am trying to capture it all and take it all in.  Slow down and don't be in such a hurry little man.  

I love you baby boy, and thank you for all 8 wonderful years you have shared with me.  I am honored to have been chosen to be in YOUR plan, your mother and that I am blessed to call you son of mine. 

Beautiful, beautiful boy..... I am so excited to see what God has planned in your life for the next 8 years, and then the next 8 years after that and that and that.  

I love you Hunter Dylan! 

Do you ever wonder?

What both child and cat are thinking at moments like this?


Cherish Every Moment....

Just sharing out loud.

No, I am not pregnant, but for some reason I do find myself feeling a bit emotional.  Probably PMSing, but I wouldn't know since I do not have my monthly any longer due to the Mirena IUD. However, I do still feel the symptoms, but do not fully keep track of when these symptoms will or should appear each month.

However..... before reading blogs this morning that pulled at my heart strings and brought tears down my face.  I had already been feeling a bit emotionally conflicted about something that happened to me May of 2007.  Mark and I had sat down and prayed together that God bless us with a child of our own.  It was granted right away.  We were thrilled, excited, surprised so soon and thankful.  We were so ecstatic that we told everyone right away.  My doctors appointment was scheduled for the following week.  This pregnancy was planned to the "T" that I even kept track of my ovulation dates per month. We really wanted this baby. 

Unfortunately, and fortunately, God has another plan for us.  I have shared this story before in October 15th, when remember all babies lost, month. The day before my doctors appointment I started to bleed.  When I called him, he seem optimistic on the phone that it could mean nothing, to come in and let him see.  Well, as the day went on, the bleeding got worse and I knew I was losing our baby.  In fact I am pretty sure I even saw the product of what was my baby after it left my body.  I was sad, but wasn't in tears just yet, but felt very, very sad and disappointed.  

I went to the doctor the next day and it was confirmed.  I was no longer pregnant and it appeared that my body was cleansing itself.  I was told that I needed to come in for blood test the following week to see if my numbers were going down.  Once they were back down to zero, we would be able to try again for that baby we prayed for.  

It all seemed easy enough.  A little too easy, but to distract my attention away from what had just happened to me, I focused on what needed to be done next.  I go back in the following week and my numbers went down, but only a little.  Not as much as they should have, but was told to not worry, they would go down.  I go back in the following week and still the same thing, my number were going down very slowing.  The pregnancy test kept saying I was pregnant.  My body wasn't letting go of all the remains and so they mentioned that I would possibly be needing an D&C surgery to clean out the uterus, so that my body wouldn't think I was still pregnant, and my numbers could go down and try again.  This was very frustrating, it was causing me to continue to be very emotional about it all. My body was bleeding a lot for several weeks and I was hormonally wacko in nicer terms.  

I went to see a doctor that lived closer to me that some friends had referred because my doctor lived about an hour south of where we were now living.  He suggested that I be given a shot of some kind that will help my body to let go of what it believes is a pregnancy, or baby.  He said he gave it to his wife when she experienced this situation.  It was safe and less "dramatic" than have surgery done to my body.  I agree to take his advice and I am given two shots of fluid into each side of my bum cheeks.  (Nice visual, hu?) Sorry! 

I am told to go back in every 2 days to the LapCorp to have my blood tested.  My numbers still would not go back down to zero, they would rise a little, drop a little and it was becoming a very long precess.  My body wasn't letting go.  I had to go in and have the shots one more time as a last resort before surgery.  Finally, after almost 2 months worth of needles, blood test, sadness and loss.  It was over.  

I remember the last day I got the last shot, I met Mark for lunch and as I am sitting there, tired from all the poking my body endured for last 2 months.  I just started crying.  Trying to keep it covered so people sitting around having their lunch, didn't look at my husband as if he was the one making me cry.  We held hands and he tried to comfort be as best as he could.  Reality set it, that I lost our first baby.  

August 12th, I took a test and it was 'pregnant', because I used the Clear Blue response that says you are pregnant or not pregnant. I wasn't taking any risk with those test with lines and plus signs, I wanted to clearly have my answer.  This time we got excited, but a little reserved.  We didn't share with anyone but maybe a very few close inner circle group of friends and family.  We kept it quiet until that 3 months had passed and we were safe.  However, it was easy to hide considering how sick I was the ENTIRE 3-months, and the ENTIRE pregnancy term.  Wow, was that a rough pregnancy.  

Come April 14th, 2008, our baby girl Morgan Paige.  What a beautiful day that was and will always be to this family.  We had our prayers answered and we were gifted by God a child, His gift.  Thank you, God, for our gift from you, our two beautiful healthy children.  

However, there comes a time here and there, not as much as it use to, but they still appear.  That I will wonder about that little baby we had lost.  Was it a boy? Was it a girl? Twins? (Okay, maybe that's reaching..... with the twin thing. HA!) I still feel sad and wonder about that angel and what had happened to lose s/he. Along with that sadness, I have joy.  Joy, because had I not experienced that loss, I then wouldn't have my little girl here today and boy do I LOVE her.  

She is crawling, pulling herself up, starting to explore with more adult type of solid foods.  She is breaking in more teeth, saying a few different words, waving hi and bye, and really starting to communicate and express herself.  I'm so in love with her and so thankful to have her here with us today, but wanted to take a moment and let my other angel know that s/he is not forgotten. 


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What does God know about YOU?

What Does God Know about You? (Part 1)
by Rick Warren

Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account. Hebrews 4:13 (NIV)

*** *** *** ***

One night I was standing in front of the refrigerator. I’d gotten out of bed to make a midnight refrigerator raid even though I was on a diet. And I stood there with the refrigerator door open, thinking, “Just one bite ….”

You know how it goes. You get into a debate with yourself: “Go ahead; it won’t hurt this one time.” “No, I’m on this diet.”

It’s in moments like these that Satan feeds us a devilish excuse, “No one will ever know.”

You may not be standing in front of the refrigerator. You may be at work, or filling out your income tax form, or some place your parents wouldn’t want you to be. But you go ahead and do something questionable because we all can get caught in the false belief that “no one will ever know.”

But God already knows!

The Bible says nothing in creation is hidden from God (Psalm 147:5) and that God knows everything about you (Psalm 139). This means there’s no question God cannot answer, no problem that confuses him. He’s never surprised. He’s never shocked. He never says, “Oh, really?!” God knows everything; it’s something theologians call the omniscience of God.

The fact that God knows everything about you is good news, not bad, and today we will look at two of five specific areas where knowing this will make a difference in your life.

God know your faults and failures. I find it uncomfortable to realize I don’t have any secrets from God, because there are things about me I’d rather God not know. But the Bible says, “My sins, O God, are not hidden from you; you know how foolish I have been” (Psalm 69:5 GNT).

So we’re foolish when we do something wrong and then try to sneak it past God, to stuff it in a closet and lock the door. God knows what’s behind the locked door (Proverbs 5:21).

Everything you think, everything you see, everything you do, everything you feel, God knows all about it. He already knows all you’ve done wrong and he still loves you!

You’re not fooling God when you keep your sins hidden (1 John 1:8). He’s not shocked by your sin; and when you admit it to him, it doesn’t ever, will never, change the way he feels about you. He loves you unconditionally, and that means you don’t have to fake it, you don’t have to pretend.

God knows your feelings and frustrations. Some of you think, “Nobody knows what I’m going through, nobody feels the pain I’m experiencing.” God knows. He knows your feelings and frustrations. He’s seen the crisis in your soul. There’s no hurt that goes unnoticed by God. Psalm 56:8 says, “You know how troubled I am; you have kept a record of my tears” (GNT).

Often when we’re hurting, we feel very isolated and lonely. Maybe there’s been a death in the family, a divorce, maybe we’ve gotten fired, and we start to think, “Nobody understands the way I feel; nobody feels the pain.”

But God knows, and “The Lord is like a father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who fear him” (Psalm 103:13 NLT).

God not only sees, he cares. He knows the causes, the reasons, the things that brought you to this point. He understands because he made you, and he sees the hurt in your heart like nobody else can.

Because God knows our frustrations and despair, we can give those feelings to him: “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about what happens to you” (1 Peter 5:7 NLT). Cast them all permanently on God, once and for all. Don’t take them back. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

But.... someone has to do it, right?

It's all in a days work for me, people! The love and hate relationship I have with my modeling career.  I shot for 'Frontgate' last Friday, thus the last day I blogged I believe, was Thursday.  I have been non-stop busy since and just now getting a quick moment to post and go to bed, because I had another exhausting photo-shoot for 'Brookstone' today.  That's another story! 

I thought to sort of give those that ask and like this kind of info, a little inside look of a day of a model.  A tough life, but someone has to do it, or you wouldn't have your photos and catalogs to look at.  

I love my work when there is work to be doing.  When it is slow, you can go a bit stir crazy, but like anything else, modeling has it's "season's." Now that the holidays have come and gone, the modeling season here in Miami should start to pick up, although there are no certainties because of the economy.  Our line of work and business is affected liked anything else.  Although we may not officially "get laid off" our jobs, it can most deffiantally have the same stress and hardship as someone who has lost a job, because if work doesn't come in you do not have a job, if you do not have jobs, then you do not get paid... you get the idea.  So, lets hope for a good season so I can continue to work. 

One huge thing I love about my job is that it's always different, its not in an office and I can make what a lot of people can make in one to two weeks at a full-time job in one day.  I hate the fact that we don't get paid for our jobs for 90-days or more.  You have to learn to be very discipline with your fiances because it takes a long time to get paid, you are not guaranteed work or a certain amount of income and work a week or month or year.  Its a HUGE risk, but a great one if you do have work.   It allows for me to bring in extra income to my home during the season, and yet still be a stay-at-home full-time mom to my kids, a wife and homemaker. There are so many 'loves' for this industry.

However I do have some 'hate' and when I say 'hates' I am not whining.... I am simply letting out some playful venting.  So have some humor and fun with me! 

Here we go! 

A 5:00 Am wake-up call! (HATE EARLY MORNINGS)
This is a picture I took leaving my neighborhood at 5:30 AM.
You can see the moon and that it is still very dark outside. 

Here you can see that I need to get gas for my 2-HOUR drive up to Vero Beach,
while it is 52-degrees here in Florida.  That is COLD for us Floridan's, okay!

And did I mention the theme for this shoot is "Splash?" 
Yea, I am supposed to be in bikini's all day in a pool on floats --
It's 52-degrees out folks!! UGH!  (A HATE!!!) 

So I stop and get gas!

Finally you can see a little light making its way in the sky. 

As most people do I stop on the way at a Starbucks... oh wait, no I don't drink coffee.
But if I did, I would be a cool person and stop at Starbucks for some hot coffee.  


I am driving along waiting to see something that was open to grab a bite to eat.  
Krispy Kreme would be just fine.... 
(oops did I just admit that, when I am about to shoot bikini's) Not Me! 

Oh but is a healthy place for breakfast I see as I approach Vero Beach....


Nice!!!! I love Sonic, but we don't have them in Fort Lauderdale where I live.  
I grew up with Sonics in Texas and love them. 

I'll have the #11 with egg, cheese, potato please, with a rootbeer and tator tots! 
Awesome!!! Hey man, that's my version of healthy (yikes, did I just say that also?)

Okay so it has taken me 2 hours now to get to Vero Beach.  
Well in truth is should have taken me 2-hours to get to Vero Beach,
but when you drive like me and also ride the tail of not 1, not 2, not 3...
but 4 patrol cars at 90+ mph......
Lets just say you make pretty good time at that rate.  Enough time to stop at Sonic for a breakfast burrito nice healthy and warm breakfast! 
Well the warm part of it, anyways! 

Finally, getting close to my destination, admiring the sun beaming on the water -
through my bug infested windshield. 

I arrive for my 7:00 AM call time. (HATE EARLY CALL TIMES)

Getting my camera out to take some shots of my day as a model....
I take my test shot of my beautiful camera bag my honey got me for my birthday last month.

Now it's time to come alive.

The call to the beautifying chair for hair and make-up!  (LOVE IT!!)

I know how great this looks, believe me its pretty dang sweet and all...
but let me remind you, it is 52-DEGREES outside there, and I am about to be in 
a bikini and a pool.  The two do not mix well in my book. 

The first shot is me sitting in those pool made bean-bags.
That is the photographer looking at the screen, getting it all ready for me.

It takes A LOT of gear, props, supplies, people and trucks to bring
in all necessary items for one shoot.

Here you have the photographer, make-up artist and photographer assistant
getting the shot ready.  *NOTE* they are wearing jackets and not looking warm at all. 

This is the photographer and I, capturing each other in action.  He needed me
to sit in my spot for a lighting test, so I had my camera in hand and did what I do best, 
and got a shot from a 'models' point of view.  So it's really like looking through my eyes, as a model. You always have an audience watching you do your work! (A HATE AND LOVE)

This is the stylist getting the wardrobe ready. 

Note how little there is hanging on the wardrobe rack.

This is the next shot.... POOL TIME!!  Ugh!!
My "model boyfriend/husband" working with me today, is VERY smart..
he decides to go run for 15 minutes before having to get into 
a NON-heated pool at 40-50 something degrees, cold FREEZING.

The water was so cold people, that it was hard to breath, made your feet ache and 
by the time the numbing set it, it felt like a million ants all over your body
stinging all at once.  It was %#*&$* COLD!!! Do you get the picture now? 

Stylist and make-up artist were very good to us, standing by with robes and towels.

This is me doing a walking shot onto a mat next to some nice water sandals,
hidden behind the plant in this shot the make-up artist took for me.

Yea... although I am smiling (part of my job here today).... I am MISERABLE!!! THANKFUL!!! 
I can't breath, my body is trembling, and stinging and throbbing. While trying to sit 
on a water chair, keep my balance, keep my eyes open and smiling, 
 with a million reflectors shining on me,
while looking warm and relaxed. Not trembling and teeth chattering.  While not getting my hair wet or falling over....all in freezing cold water, in freezing cold weather, all at 8:30 AM 
in the morning!!!  

Just another angle and shot...with the silver reflector blinding us  
giving us that nice shine of light.

This is our next pool shot.  They are holding the floats trying to get the 
shot set up so when we get in, we only have to stay in as short amount of time 
as possible, which typically would be 15-20 minutes, if the sun and clouds were nice.

Once you got in and the numbness kicked it, it was still painfully cold, 
but I could start catching my breath and tolerating it.
What made it hard, was getting out of the pool, getting warm and then having
to do all of that over again for the next shot.

It really seemed to get harder each shot of the day, to get back into that pool with a smile on my face.

By the end of my shoot day at 3:00 pm, I am over it! I want to go home.

We wrap it up, call it a day and pack it back up for what should be a 2 hour drive back home...
but if you are Misty..... 

Setting the GPS to take me back home.

A pretty cool shot in my rearview mirror leaving Vero Beach, Fl. 

.....and if you are Misty..... you are not always lucky to get behind 
4 patrol cars going 90 mph, but instead are like all the other normal people out there, 
and are stuck in this traffic.  Taking me 3-very tired, sleepy and slow hours to get home.
But I made it home to my family....and then my second shift begins...
and I don't need to share what that entails, for all you mommy and daddy's know 
exactly what I am talking about. The most rewarding, but most exhausting 
part of our WORK days.

This house we shot at was beautiful, and there was this, sitting on top of the bar
and so I took a picture of it.  Thought it was cute. 

All in a days work and for a $___.__???  

I'll never tell! 

PS:  Funny thing is... I was going to do another one for today's shoot for Brookstone, but 
they had me doing the EXACT same things and items (float, rafts, misters and chase chairs), so it would have been a little too repeative. Although, not as cold both weather and pool today, it was still pretty cool.

What are the chances, that I would book two jobs, two very nice catalogs, in one weeks time, in the coldest temps in Florida 35+ degrees, which is cold for here. And shoot the exact same things for both? In my 13 year career...that's the first! 

But thank you GOD, for my career, these jobs, my job, my pay check.... THANK YOU!  But, next time can we not pick the same week to tease all those global warming believers to do bikini shots in 52 degree water?  *winking*  

And God says:  "but, Misty, someone has to do it!" 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scarf this, ladies -

Recently, I have read a lot of stories, blogs, vidoes of sorts, all hyping up the fashion trend of wearing scarves and how to wear them.  This week has been its coldest in South Florida, that I can recall in a few years.  It always gets chilly in January and February, but out of my 12 years of living here, it has only gotten into the high 30's and low 40's a few times.  With that being said, it has been on of those weeks here in South Florida, giving the girls the opportunity to show off their own little scarf wearing ways.  

I, being included in that "girls" category was wearing my brown scarf this morning, in which at one point Morgan kept pulling it off of me.  I finally gave it to her and she was holding it, dragging it, rolling in it.  I of course saw a model at her best and grab the camera.  We decided we would show you the scarf wearing ways of Butterfly.  She was having fun and being a little ham, can you tell? 

And when all said and done, she thought this was the best way to use mommy's soft and warm, brown scarf.  

Just because I love them so much!

This was the first picture of them getting ready to get on the big "Navigator of the Sea" cruise ship.  Aren't they just beautiful?  

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I do know God's Truth through Creation -

We Know God’s Truth through Creation
by Rick Warren

But the basic reality of God is plain enough. Open your eyes and there it is! Romans 1:19 (MSG)

*** *** *** ***

About 35 years ago, I was at a camp in the mountains. Alone in a room, I prayed, “God, if there is a God, I’m open. If you’re real, I want to know you’re real. And, Jesus Christ, if you can change my life, if there is a purpose for my life, I want to know it.”

You know what happened? I didn’t get goose bumps. I didn’t cry. No bright lights shown down. Nothing like that.

Yet, still, it was the turning point in my life – because I was no longer biasing myself against God. I wanted to know the truth, even if it was inconvenient.

Truth can be discovered, but first we have to have an attitude of openness that says, “I want the truth more than anything else.” Once you choose that attitude, you can discover the truth. How?

First, through creation.

We learn a lot about God, a lot about truth, just by looking at nature. This is why science is so important. It helps us understand God and his universe.

For instance, by knowing that there are 60,000 varieties of beetles, we learn God likes variety. By seeing a volcano, a tidal wave, or an earthquake, we learn God is powerful. From the delicately balanced ecosystem, we can observe God is incredibly organized.

The Bible says, “The basic reality of God is plain enough. Open your eyes and there it is! By taking a long and thoughtful look at what God has created, people have always been able to see what their eyes as such can’t see: eternal power, for instance, and the mystery of his divine being. So nobody has a good excuse” (Romans 1:19-20 MSG).

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why do you get Goose Bumps, Mommy?

You know you wanted to know this answer, so here you go!  :)   Actually, Hunter asked me this tonight so I had to google it for him and this is what we found.  I thought I would entertain the rest of you to get your mind off of that last post I shared today, and get your brain cells tingling with this info!  

PS:  Whatever you do, do not google search "goose bumps" and then click on images with your child standing right next to you.  Thankfully, I did not do that! Geez!!! 

It’s that time of year again-when the weather turns cold and we like to snuggle in front of a fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa. But, have you ever noticed that when it is cold outside sometimes the hairs on your arms stand up and you get little bumps all over. But then when you go inside the little bumps dissappear. These little bumps are called goose bumps…but do you know what is actually happening with your body when you get these bumps?

When you’re cold, your arrector muscles pull your hair up, and your blood vessels and ducts to your sweat glands get small to conserve heat. Millions of years ago, humans probably had more hair on their bodies then they do now, so their hair standing on end acted as insulation. We don’t have enough hair on our bodies to keep us warm anymore, but the little muscles at the end of each hair are still 

Laughter Lives!

Laughter LivesThis post is part of "Laughter Lives! Tuesday" on the Riggs Family Blog. Check our their blog to read everyone else's "Laughter Lives!" posts.

"Eeewww, Mommy....."  By:  Misty

My son Hunter, now 8 years old, is always saying something funny.  This kid has a vocabulary of a 5th grader and can often just blow me away with the things he says or comes up with.

However, Ill never forget when he was 4 years old and even younger, some of the things that he said, and while saying them at moments that make you want to crawl under the nearest rock as possible.  Now, although this is suppose to make people laugh, I am ultimately going to embarrass myself at the same time. I don't think I have shared this story with many.  If so it has been a very, very selected and trusted few.  Now I am going to share it with the world. Why, am I doing this?  Because I like a good, tears rolling down your face, you think you may pee your pants kind of laugh.  Man, that kind of laugh just feels so good on the soul, mind and body.


So here you go, you get one of those kind of laughs at my expense today, thanks to my clever and oh so smart little boy brutally honest 2-year old at the time.  

Taking a deep breath and trying to convince myself to stop typing this story, for what I am about to say is just not that funny if you were standing in my shoes this day.  

I am a model here in Miami Florida.  No, that isn't the funny part! Geez!  During my single day years as a single mom, I would often have to take my son to my shoots with me for my family all live in Texas.  He was accustom to being on sets since he was a week old for that is all he knew between his dad and I both being in the industry.  Well, technically since he was a fetus, because he was on the very first cover of Pregnancy Magazine back in 2000, while 7 1/2 months pregnant. 

Being a typical day in our lives, we had a photo shoot to be at early in the morning (6:00AM).  I'll keep the client and shoot information disclosed for now. Here we are at the shoot, everything going fine like it should.  First thing we do is grab juice or bite to eat with whatever they have to serve the crew, until I am called into hair and make-up.  I shoot, we are finished and its time to wrap it up and head home. 

After gathering up all the toys, snacks and wardrobe items that we brought with us, we head out the door.  While waiting by the elevator for our turn, I am standing there with my hands full, my 2 year old little boy and my friends daughter Zoe, whom I brought with me to help entertain Hunter during the shoot.  Then here comes the grip guy, the stylist and the photographer all waiting on the same very slow elevator to arrive.  Everyone is standing pretty quit for it has been a long days shoot.  I'm sure everyone was lost in their own minds of what they needed to get to next, once they left this place.  I at some point said to Hunter, again, my 2 year old toddler to come and stand next to mommy.  Trying to get him out of the way of all the gear and equipment that surrounded him.  

As he moves closer to me and leans his head up against my stomach, while I carry about 20 things in my two hands, he quickly steps away from me, grabs his nose with his finger and thumb and says to me, "eeww mommy stinky right there, ewww," I thought I was going to faint as I realized I was witnessing what everyone else was also witnessing at that very moment, my son pointing at me in a place he shouldn't be pointing, all while holding his nose and saying "eeww, mommy stinking there, ewww mommy." 

My vision became so blurred that I can't even recall what anyone else around me was thinking or doing.  I felt the blood rush to my head and by the time I got on to the elevator and into my car to drive home, I can't recall anything.  Its all a blur.  I was horrified and so out of my comfort zone, I just sat in the car on the way home in shock.  Yes, this just happened to me, a model that tries to present herself a certain way, while often getting to live in the fantasy world by pretending to be whatever I am needed to be for the job if it be print, TV or film.  That day, I was no longer Misty Rice, the model/actress.  I was quickly humbled and reminded that I was simply a hard working mom, a single mom of a beautiful, but yet brutally honest and amazing little boy!!  He keeps me in check, keeps my head balanced and I love him for all of it. Yes, even at moments when I wish I had a huge roll of duct-tape to place over his mouth and leave it there till he is out of college. 

You see, I bet you are now laughing, or peeing your pants by now at my expense.  I feel all those raw emotions coming back at me now, as if it just happened yesterday.  I want to crawl back under that rock.  

I guess I better explain why my very brutally honest 2-year-old said such a thing, at so the wrong time.  I hope this part of the story isn't a little TMI (too much information), but I feel after such a horrifying experience, I have the right to explain myself (after I stop crying and laughing while typing here).  Okay, breath Misty, breath! 

People, I simply had infection from my (IUD) okay!  I went to the doctor, got rid of the probably and I assure you my son has never said that again.  Laughing!!!!!!  Now quickly forget that I just shared this story with you, and hurry over to Riggs Family Blog and share your Laughter Lives story.  I need something other than myself to be laughing at here.  

PS:  You may never bring this story up to me again. *LOL*  My Blog, My Story and My Rule...unless of course its Riggs asking me to post it in their Serious.Life Magazine.  I may have to then change my name and identity, but it will all be worth it, if I got you to laughing till you peed your pants. 

Hunter when he was only 2 years old.  

Monday, January 19, 2009

And another one....

FYI: I am SO loving this blog stuff.  I love creating and designing blogs for my friends.  If one of my friends does not have their own blog, they will once I have had 5 minutes with them.  LOL (Kidding--sort of!)

Let me introduce you to my friend Carolyn and her daughter Kyana.  I have actually mentioned them a couple of times on my blog.  Once with a picture of us and our girls having a girls day at her Boca Beach House, and another time when I gave her a shout out for her marvelous hair product 'Its A 10'.  

She had asked me a while back to help her get a blog going and also do some digital scrapbooking for her, but with time and holidays, we both are just now getting around to it.  So she called me up yesterday and today we decided to do an impromptu  photoshoot of Kyana.  So I went to her beautiful home and we danced, giggled, chased and snapped some really pretty images of little Ms. Kyana.  

I took the images and designed her header in my photoshop (yea, me!!!). Used a background from The Cutest Blog On The Block, because I have yet to make my very own custom background yet, but getting the itch to do that.  We added a slideshow at the bottom, some music and her first post and wah-la, she now has her own blog.  

Take a peek at it and leave her a comment, welcoming her to the world of blogging love.  Click here to visit Carolyn's blog. 


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