Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Plan B (Nashville Part I)

Plan B is my reason for visiting Nashville TN.

There is a guy, his name is Pete Wilson. He is known as the "best pastor" in Nashville. Since he is the only pastor in Nashville that I know, I can't argue that rumor. He has a wife named Brandi. Brandi is known as the "best pastor wife" and since I have met her, I wouldn't doubt that she is the best pastors wife.

Both Pete and Brandi are two of the nicest people I have met.

Pete wrote a book 'Plan B' that is sold on Amazon. To help promote and give his readers a visual in what the book is about, he wanted a video promo of his book. Pete invited me out to play the visual role of that video.

When he emailed me, he asked me if I would be interested in helping make this video. He continued to explain that they couldn't pay me, but maybe I would pray about it and see if it was something I could give my time in and be a part of.

My first response to Pete via email was "No thank you, not interested."

That's all it said.

Can you imagine what his face or thoughts where reading that email? This guy doesn't know me at all. We have mutual friends in common in the pastor and pastor wives circle, but we have never personally met or been in communication prior to him stepping out and asking me to participate in this video.

I, of course, was totally kidding with him. I finally wrote the second email saying of course I would.

I didn't need to pray about it or think twice. I love giving my time to anything that involves my church or anything that is promoting Christianity and my God. I loved the idea about his book and thought it was a great thing to be apart of.

However, I did negotiate a little bit of a deal out of all of this for myself.

I guess you will just have to wait for that post.

Its fun stuff though so you will want to check back and see what I am talking about.

Well months went by since that conversation with Pete. This shoot wasn't supposed to take place until February of 2010. When all of the sudden during my busiest month of work and traveling with the modeling, Pete emails me to say that they really needed to shoot the video this month.

To make a long story short(er)....

After going back and forth a few text and emails, it appeared that it was not going to be possible for me to make my way out to Nashville due to conflicts in other commitments with work and travel.

However, God (being the master of all that he is) rearranged somethings in my schedule to make it possible. I am so thrilled that He did.

I made it to Nashville and was greeted by Pete at the airport. We stopped by Starbucks to kill a few minutes before heading over to the studio to begin filming. I don't drink coffee, but it was cold enough to enjoy a really hot cup of hot chocolate. Yum.

Soon after we headed to the studio to learn that the studios heater was not working, and it was like 20 degrees outside. Okay-okay, it was more in the 60's I guess, but for us Floridans that feels like below zero.

We begin filming while taking a few breaks in between to warm up by the oven in the kitchen.

No lie!

But we managed to get the video finished with (real) tears and (real) laughter along the way.

I can't wait to see the final product and read the book, Plan B.

In other news: Serious.Life Magazine & Me!

Most of you have heard of Serious.Life Magazine. Its pretty popular among all the bloggers out there.

I am so excited to say that I was personally invited by Brent Riggs, the owner and author of the magazine. We have become blogging friends over the last few months and he made me feel special by inviting me to write an article about digital photography.

This issue is all about digital photography. This magazine features some big time bloggers, and some professional photographers and as well as amateur photographers such as myself. Brent wanted to give digital photography advice to all his readers, no matter the skill level in which you are at.

What a brilliant idea.

I have a special article inside the magazine plus a small photo gallery to view. Please take a peek and see all the fun photography tips everyone is sharing in the magazine. Once you read this issue on digital photography you will be more motivated to go out and photograph some magical memories of your loved ones over this special Christmas holiday.


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