Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pregnancy News!!!

Is it me or is anyone else feeling the same thing? You know, afraid to get on your computer and type a post on your blog, afraid that something is being spread through the keyboard causing so many women to become pregnant?

Ahhhh.... not what you where thinking when read my post, eh?

I bet you thought I was going to say that I too am pregnant, right?







Whew, I feel better now getting that off my chest. I have been wanting to share this news for sometime now, but along with all the other blogging pregnant women out there, I was waiting for the right time. LOL.

Okay, Okay... enough of my silly talk.

No, not silly talk about not being pregnant. I really am NOT pregnant, and I always like to end it with "I have a great goalie, and the goalie hasn't been pulled." (TMI - sorry!)

But, I do find joy in my heart and am blissfully happy for all my pregnant friends, all my pregnant blog friends and all my pregnant blog peeps that I stalk. I mean this is no exaggeration either, about 5 blogs that I read, follow or stalk, ahem.... just announced their pregnancy news in the last 5 days. That is a pretty big number, I don't think I follow that many blogs, do I?

However, sadly, many of these soon to be new moms are people I have grown to really care for through their stories of losing a child. I am so thrilled that God is giving them these gifts of new joys, to ease some of the painful emotions they have been carrying since the loss of their precious child.

So, what is this post really about then you ask?

Well, nothing really.

I just wanted to confirm that I am NOT jumping on that bandwagon of pregnant women. I want to say congratulations to the four personal friends of mine that are expecting, two of them due on my wedding anniversary of February 11th. And the other many women in the blogging world..... to all of you expecting lady friends and strangers and sisters...... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Now, will you all do me a favor and if there is something being spread among the blog world that can some how magically make a women become pregnant, PLEASE do not send it my way. I am happily content with my family just the way it is. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I can see clearly now....

why God put a little girl in my life.....

(click on play button)
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: A little Girl

.....he knew exactly just how much joy she and all her girly ways would bring to my heart and our family.

Thank you God for this precious gift!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oink, Oink Flu! {H1N1}

I have to be honest.

Ever think to wonder why people say that when about to say something? In my experience when someone says "I have to be honest...." the next thing out of their mouth is probably something I am not going to like. Well, that isn't the case here so you can take a deep breath now.


Moving on.

I have to be honest.... I am really disappointed about this entire Balloon Boy Hoax. Not only am I disappointed, I had to admit to my husband that 'he was right' and that isn't an easy task sometimes.

Yes, we debated that day it all took place over the news of this little 6 year old boy possibly caught up in a helium home made balloon. He said "its so a hoax, probably looking for attention" and I argued "no, I believe him, did you see the way the dad was really upset and cried while holding his son? And I don't think if you were going to do a hoax, that you would choose your youngest 6 year old boy to be the one to pull it off for you and hide out for 5 hours. On top of that, if the little boy had fallen out or found dead, would that then be the only way they wouldn't be accused of it being a hoax. People these days!!!"

Sure enough, it was a HOAX!! Sigh. People these days!!!

Good news!

That is so not what this post is about. In fact, lets move on to something a little more interesting, like the SWINE FLU (a.ka. H1N1 Virus) or the other way around, but mostly known as the Swine.

Doesn't that sound FUN?

Well, I have to admit (again) that I didn't see this one coming AT ALL. Did I make that AT ALL part clear? Good.

We are a group of four in this home that rarely get sick, and if we get sick, its not bad sick, its just a minor annoyance kind of sick for a couple of days and its over. Hunter, my rock star kid, he has never ever missed a day of school since preschool days (third grade now) for being sick. Can you believe that? This kid {like his mama} would have had perfect attendance every year he has ever been in school, except for missing days for travel sports.

He misses about five days a year for travel hockey at most, but never for being sick.

Until this week.

Until this H1N1 = Swine Flu = Oink. Oink. Flu. = In My Home = In my KID!!!

But I didn't see it coming.

Hunter traveled to Detroit last weekend with his hockey team for a tournament. He came back from the weekend being himself, with having a little bit of a sore throat. He sounded like he was a little horse in his voice, which is common from playing in the tournament all weekend and yelling during the games.

On top of that he had complained about his back 'hurting' in couple of places. Again, I assume it is sore from the weekend in Detroit.

Then Wednesday morning he went to school. With in a couple of hours of being there the phone rang and its the school nurse. "Hunter is fine, he is here in my office with a headache, can I give him some Tylenol? she asked. I told her that she could, but that I also wanted her to make sure he drank some water. He has been a bit lazy lately with drinking proper amount of fluids {Ahem. Like his mama} and I assumed he was a bit dehydrated. The nurse agreed 100% and gave him the Tylenol, made him drink water and sent him on his way.

Hunter isn't a complainer either, so all of my know it all assumptions, sort of make me feel guilty.

The next thing I know, I am at the park with my little butterfly as we often do in the early evenings, and I get a call from Hunter's dad saying that Hunter says he doesn't feel good and can he drop him off to me (its his night with Hunter). He had tickets to the Panthers game and Hunter wasn't feeling well to go with him.

The next day, Thursday, Hunter was to attend a really nice and formal awards ceremony. As I mentioned a week ago here, Hunter's art project was chosen to receive a high honors award at this ceremony.

I was very excited about this and while I was out running around looking for him a nice shirt, tie and pants, his dad drops him off at the house with Mark.

By the time I got home, he was curled up in bed asleep. I feel his head and face, instantly I knew he had a fever. Got the thermometer and sure enough it was 102.7. I give him some Tylenol and a cool clothe to his forehead and let him go back to sleep.

The next morning after Mark leaves for work, Hunter crawls in bed with me and is on fire.

(in my bed)

I check his temp, it was 103.5. Okay, this is not good. He is missing his FIRST day of school for being sick. I know that some of the boys on his hockey team were also sick, and that a couple of the boys had siblings that had the H1N1 flu. However, I really didn't think that to be Hunter's case. However, something inside me said to not assume, get answers and off to the doctors we went. Not even have fed them breakfast, as the doctors office is down the street.

This is him as we wait on the doctor.


While waiting, Morgan is getting bored and playing around, when all the sudden she falls face flat on the floor and starts screaming. I knew she was hurt by the way she fell. I pick her up and blood starts to pour out of mouth onto my shirt where she is crying and burying her head in my neck. I try to get a better look as it almost appeared that her bottom teeth went through her bottom lip.


I guess if there was a place to fall and bust your lip, may as well do while sitting in the doctors office. (I have heard that before.... ??)

It turns out she did put a hole in her lip on the inside of her mouth, therefore the blood we saw. The outside of the lip just had to dent marks, where here lip was flattened between her teeth and the floor. Thankfully it wasn't that bad and she soon got over it with a teething cookie I happened to have in my purse.

They ran three test on him; blood, throat and nose swab.

Doctor comes back in to say that test #3 for the H1N1 was positive. POSITIVE!!!

Hunter's poor face.

He looks over at me and I notice he has now turned pale and looks frightened, as his eyes well up with tears.

I wasn't expecting that either.

I asked him what was wrong and he asked "I have the Swine Flu?"

I said "yes honey, but why are you so upset about it?"

"People have died from the Swine Flu in Mexico, mom" he replied. Just in case I didn't watch the news or know of such deaths.

The doctor and I spent the next three minutes trying our best to explain to him exactly what the Swine H1N1 Flu was and meant, and assuring him he wasn't going to die.

I told him "honey, do you think if you were going to die that I would be sitting her not crying with you? I promise you are not going to die."

As I am being given instructions on what to do next. While, I am also told to go pick up the medication and to be prepared to search out a couple of places, because a lot of places are out, as this is the 5th positive case just this morning at this office.

As I drill him with all the questions as to what this meant to the rest of us, especially Morgan, as she was just there yesterday getting her 18 month shots. He being my friend and doctor said to try to avoid as much close contact with Hunter, but for the most part just see what happens, because although we caught it so early only on (thank the Lord), we still probably have already been subjected to it and it was already in our system if going to get there. Not much more to do and no need to get vaccinated at this point.

Off to the store I go with a sick lethargic boy and a fat lip toddler.

While driving, all the of the sudden a fever blister appears on my mouth out of no where.

You guessed it, I was expecting that either. Sheesh! I can't recall the last time I had one.

Now I am driving to my third stop looking for a place that could fill his prescription. Driving a lethargic boy, a fat lip toddler and now starring at my lip feeling the tingle of this quickly approaching fever blister.

Drop the medicine off, they say it will be about 1/2 an hour, so I decided to head to Chick-Fil-A to get this miserable and banged up bunch some food.

Go back to get the medicine, I pile up on all of these goodies......

$35.00 doctors co-pay
$99.00 medication
$45.00 other meds and supplies
=$179.00 Thursday morning......

Yeap, didn't expect that!!!

Home we go!

First thing I do is get Hunter in bed, set up his room with the trash can and puke bucket next to his bed. Get him comfortable with pillows under his back and under his legs. Hand sanitizer set up, and meds laid out.

I am not taking any chances.....

This is pretty much how the entire day Thursday went.

Once hubby got home, just to get a little fresh air ourselves, I took baby girl on a bike ride. Its not as easy to stay home and be cooped up when you have to be. Agree?

The Motrin started to help a great deal with the fever, but not completely.

Friday morning he was already looking a little better. Still running fever, but we were keeping it under control enough that he wanted to eat and could walk around a little.

I mostly made him stay in his room. We call it the "quarantine room". If I went in I wore a mask and sanitized my hands when leaving. If he came out he wore his mask etc.

I got him and baby girl down for a nap at the same time, while I was able to do some cleaning, laundry and sneak in a little nap myself.

By the afternoon he was a little more mobile as you can see here. Still complaining of a headache, although he is drinking his fluids like a champ.

But this was nap time for him.

Last night we all came together as a group and watched Chronicles of Narnia, had Chili's to go and popcorn during the movie.

(40 Toes and 4 Paws)

Today although still running a very low grade temp, he is a new kid. Well, a new kid from the norm over the last couple of days anyways. He has energy, he has an appetite and was playing with his sister a little bit (with mask on).

His dad came over to say hi, bringing everyone pizza. Thanks dad.

While also surprising Hunter with a "get well soon" gift of a huge Star Wars lego box. As if that wasn't awesome enough, he also hands Hunter a new hockey stick.

What's so cool about a new hockey stick?

I am glad you asked.

This isn't just any new hockey stick, it's the same kind and make of his favorite hockey player #88 from the Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Kane. Oh yea, now that's cool. It is to an eight, almost nine year old little hockey player boy anyways.

Needless to say that made his day and put a big smile on his face....

(stick yet to be cut and sized!)

(with a kids cool gel sticker on his head for headache - these are pretty cool)

(Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Kane)

While I am thinking.... "wait a minute, you drop him off, I nurse his Swine Flu and you get to be Disney dad and show up with goodies?" LOL!

I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

My baby was home with ME, being nursed exactly how I would want him to be nursed!!! Beside we all know babies/kids want their mommy when sick. Smart daddy he is.

And we got free pizza out of it and my son had a huge smile on his face.

Although, still running these low grade fevers, hopefully come tomorrow they are gone for 24-hours so he can return to school on Monday, while the rest of us stay on the healthy track and then get back to our real normal. So far so good.....

We have had some awesome prayer worriers and we have an amazing God who continues to just totally and abundantly bless this family, and sometimes I don't even feel that we are worthy enough for such grace and love. Boy am I thrilled that He is the one making the choices on all of that stuff and He is just rocking our world with all this grace and love. Thank you heavenly Father.

Now can we get back to talking about other things, like hairy legs or something? As if the President declaring a National Emergency for the H1N1 and announcing the death of a child in San Francisco wasn't enough.

PS: With the risk and other diagnoses on the hockey team, all games and practices were canceled for the boys till next Wednesday.

And although Hunter wasn't able to attend his award ceremony. Let me explain how special this award is. Several schools in the area participated, and from each school only 22 students from that entire school would be selected for this award. Hunter's art project labeled 'Patriotic' was selected by the Coconut Creek Government Center for this award, and as well will be displayed in the center for many months.

His art teacher accepted his award for him and sent us this digital picture of it. I don't have details yet as to what it was made out of, but I think its as patriotic as it can get and a fabulous job done by a third grade little boy. I am so proud of him.

Although, it would be a nice picture if Hunter was standing there in his nice shirt, tie and pants next to it. We will gladly take this digital image and a healthy boy just fine!!!

Get better big guy.

You are loved!!!

Now shoo-away SWINE FLU before we turn you into bacon.

Speaking of bacon....

Never mind, I won't tease you with the amazing breakfast honey made the family this morning.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things are getting hairy around here...

A conversation that went like this:

{Hubby is rubbing my leg with his foot....}

Me: You trying to get splinters?

Hubby: {chuckle}

{Hubby inches a little closer to me...}

Me: I don't think you really want to be that close to me right now.

Hubby: Why, you ripe? {chuckle}

Me: Yeap, I haven't showered all day.

Hubby: Why don't you see if you can go a whole week without showering?

Me: You dare me?

Hubby: I double dog.... I triple dog dare you.

Me: Do you want to go a whole week without sex?

Hubby: NOOOOOO!!!

Me: Well, I guess I just won then!!!

Both: {Laughing out loud....}

So I guess its time to shower and shave my legs, before they are mistaken for two new pets in the home and my kitties get depressed over it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are you looking the other way?

I have felt the urgency to post about this for a few weeks now, but as anything else I just haven't gotten around to it.

I do wonder if I actually did get a "round-to-it" button if all my excuses would then disappear and I would instantly be the perfect human that could balance all things in the perfect timing? HA.

Anyways, the topic today is about our children. My children. Their children. Your children.

The way I see it, ALL children are OUR children, no matter if they have parents or not involved in their lives. If a child is being abused, neglected, abandoned, unloved, unspoken for and unprotected, WE (you and I) then become their parent, their voice, their love, their protection and their caregiver in some way or form. At least we should step up and do so.

Today, so many are just so quick to turn and look the other way. You will hear a parent speaking to a child in a tone or verbal way that they shouldn't and you will just ignore and keep moving.

Some of you will suspect abuse or neglect with a child near and around you, maybe even next door. Still you will turn the other cheek, close your curtains and close your mind and ears.

Well, surprise, I am NOT one of those people.

I could care less if you want to be my friend or not, based on what I believe or not. Ill speak up if it involves children that no one else is speaking up for.

I love ALL children, your children, their children....ALL children like my children. Although I am not super hero material and I can not personally, nor single handedly rescue and protect every single child fallen to victim, part of this ugly fallen world we live in. I do have the right, the power, the authority and the ability to STAND UP for children's sake and be THEIR VOICE.

Today we aren't talking about abuse or abandonment.

I am going to talk about something pretty lite, but if not brought to your attention now, can turn into something more and hurtful to your child down the road.

Its starts with computers, TV, cable, Internet......and now today the iPOD touch!!!!

Do your kids have an iPod touch?

Mine does.

Does your kid have an email address?

Mine does.

Does your kid have access to the Internet?

Mine does.

Then your kid, just as much as my kid, has access to the ugly side of the world, like PORN.

I think I shared this story about Hunter on my blog before, but I can't recall. Ill go back and look later.

The story in short was this:

He was at a friends house a couple of years ago. They were on the home computer without restrictions on it. After watching the Disney TV show 'Suite Life of Zack and Cody' where they heard the twins calling girls "hot" decided they too would google out 'hot girls' on the Internet.

Needless to say, I am sure we all know what started popping up on the screen right there in the very presence and innocence of my sons eyes. Not only where they PORN sites, or still porn images, mini VIDEO clips also popped up and automatically began to play and expose my then 6 year old boy. It was horrendous and my stomach turns every time I think about this. If that wasn't bad enough, it also popped up gay porn and my son had to see an image of a man giving another man a blow-job.

This not only bothered my son and me for sometime, it brought on one of the hardest conversations I had to ever have with my little boy, and he was only 6 years old then, now he is eight, soon to be nine next month.

If this happened almost 3 years ago with 6-year-old boys, do you think your kids older are any less clueless, really??? Let's say they are innocent, as my child also is and was, its not them, its what's out there that finds its way to your child. Imagine what our kids have access to on their TOY (iPods) which in truth is very much an ADULT toy more than a child's toy.

With Safari at the palms of their hands, iTune applications.... our kids are seeing, reading and listening to things that they shouldn't be, and YOU HAVE NO CLUE.

Either that.... you are just in denial.


If your child has an iPod, but you don't have an iPhone, I understand the you probably are honestly clueless about what is REALLY on these so called devices, we call "toys" for our children. But don't let that be an excuse. You should learn your child's device or toy before just handing it over to them because all their peers have one.

Just this morning (and it has happened before) and I will not mention any names, because I very much love the kids involved and the parents are my friends. I do not want to embarrass anyone at all here, I am only using this story, that is real, as an example of how easy this is for our kids.

My son and his friends email each other on their iPods. I personally think its cute and sweet.


However, there has been a couple of things emailed to my son from a friend that I (and their parents) felt were inappropriate, but at the same time, had we/they had no idea or clue that their kids either knew how to get access to such things on the Internet or iTune applications on their iPod.

Images and or links to images have been emailed to my son that shouldn't be passed around among kids of any age, but surely not third graders.

I have put ALL restrictions on my sons iPod to protect him. Not to be the mean, overprotecting parent. I CARE ABOUT HIM, his future and his innocence, no matter what level it may be on today. He is my son.

However, I also, and I truly from the bottom of my heart, care about YOUR child, his/her future and innocence too.

I want to bring awareness to YOU today, if your child has access to the Internet, iTunes songs or applications if it be computer, cell phones or iPods, don't be in denial. Don't "assume" your kids are so clueless about how their iPods or cell phones work. Even if your child really hasn't gotten that far and is that innocent and clueless about those things, pretend that h/she isn't that clueless and stay ahead of the game and take actions NOW to protect your children. Protect your children from accidentally exposing their own eyes, or having already exposed children accidentally or intentionally exposing your child.

The number one rule for we the parents should apply to every home and child is this.... YOU ARE THE ADULT, the CHILD IS THE CHILD, until they are 18 and living on their own, you make the rules and call the shots.

It is your responsibility to stay one-step-ahead of the game and look out for your children. Don't wait until its too late, and then blame it on iPod, or another kid for your child's exposure to something inappropriate. Its all about PREVENTION. You have the ability to help prevent and protect your child....which in effect will protect my child, their child and many children around the globe.

As your child's care provider, advocate and parent....they rely on you for this kind of protection and love. Don't assume anything about your child simply GET INVOLVED and FIND OUT the truth about your child.

Explore their rooms while they are at school. Read their note pads or journals. Have their password to emails, cell phones, iPods and computers. If your child tries to pull that you are invading their privacy, you say its YOUR privacy while under your roof and on your phone/Internet bill. If your child tries to lock you out by changing the password you had access to, that should be a HUGE RED FLAG. What are they hiding? If your child changes the password, trying to lock you out...take the damn phone away, that iPod, that computer and YOU give your child some TUFF LOVE and take action.

It is all part of parenting, and it is not fun. You will feel guilty, you will feel nosey. You will feel like you are invading your child's privacy....BECAUSE YOU ARE. You are and you have the right to do so because he/she is the child and you are the parent, and if you love your child enough you will get involved and get to know your child on the inside, not the surface they let you see and want you to believe.

Innocent your child may be....but don't be in such denial yourself and be your lack of, allow your child, my child or their child fall victim to such crap out there.

How to turn on restrictions on your child's iPod touch.

1. Find the icon on your child's device called "Settings"

2. Scroll down and tap on "General"

3. Scroll down and tap "Restrictions"

4. Tap on "Enable Restrictions" a new page will pop up and ask for you to enter a digit password. Enter a code that ONLY you will know and have access to, not your kids.

5. Then go down the list and turn on by sliding the little bar on next to each item you want to be restricted for your kids.

I turn on restrictions to the following for my child and this is why:

A. Safari - Its the Internet Browser (I need to not say more)

B. YouTube - (enough said there)

C. iTunes - (because there are songs, album images and over 85,000 apps that the apple commercials boast on, that are accessed through iTunes).

D. Installing of Apps - (some parents leave this on, saying and allowing their kids to browse the apps and install what apps they wants as long as its FREE). This totally still gives your child FULL access to browse and view inappropriate apps, because all apps give you a little "taste" a little preview, a little sneak peek if you will.

And that is how porn addiction for children and adults can easily get started, by simply having it there to tempt you/them, giving you a little "taste" just a little "peek" and just a little example of what lies behind that little 'tap' that says buy, free and download at the top right corner when browsing that app.

Our little girls and guys have access to things like:

Sexy Screen Wash Lite - Its a FREE app and it is hot sexy half naked girls washing a clear window, which looks like your screen in sexual provocative and pornographic ways such as this image below.

Your child types in sexy or hot, or just simply browses a category as innocent as "GAMES" and then all of the sudden they have Sexy Truth or Dare, Spice it up, iStripe phone, Sexy Time, Hot girls, amateur models and many, many, many more at this dispense. All viewable and accessible to their fingers and eyes. Did I mention those are all FREE apps they can download?

Sure, maybe you are thinking, "my child doesn't have my iTunes password, he/she can't download any apps with out asking me first. True. But the doesn't stop their access to unlimited amounts of browsing of those applications and some of the "previews" are enough to not even need to "download" them.

Don't be in denial, don't be lazy, don't turn away.... step up and

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Balance of 1.2 mile

To some 1.2 miles is nothing but a little warm up mile before you take off and run about 6 other miles to get your heart rate going. For others, the thought of even walking that mile, can seem a bit overwhelming because it just isn't' your thing.

However, I do not speak about running or walking. I simply speak about driving 1.2 miles. Now. everyone can agree in whole, that isn't far at all. In fact, 99.9 % of you probably drive more than that daily to your jobs and back, times 25 miles.

However, this 1.2 mile to me and many stay-at-home moms, with a baby under 5 years old, or with multiple kids, is a very tough 1.2 mile to take on.

We as moms will look at that 1.2 mile drive and we will heavily weigh out our options and see which wins, staying at home, or loading up and taking on that 1.2 mile down the road, if it be to the gym, to a friends home or doctors appointment.

If its the doctors we all will most likely drive that 1.2 miles, just get it out of the way. After all, we have to or we may be considered neglectful moms to our offspring.

If it is the gym, hmmm, then there is a little hesitation, a little groan and moaning, and even a little flip a coin kind of attitude to either go or stay home. After all, its our choice, although we may hate the way we look later.



All of this isn't because stay-at-home-moms are lazy.

Its quite the opposite.

Today, I drove 1.2 miles down the road to visit my BFF, Lisa. When I had originally moved into this home that I was so blessed to get as a single mom with just my son. Lisa and I giggled in gratitude and in fun that we were now living 1.2 miles away from each other. We spoke about the walks we would do to and from each others home. We even made up our half way point to meet in the middle to go on walks, or even bikes rides one day we we both got bikes. That 1.2 mile seemed like the closest 1.2 miles any two BFF's could wish to live from one another. In fact, any closer you may as well put my home on top of hers, it was the perfect little set up....

So we thought.

Never did we imagine a few years later, that we would both have new babies in our lives. Well we did imagine it, but we didn't know what the future held for either of us. We already had our older kids (my 1, her 2). They were in school, out of diapers and independent children now, our lives then were very flexible, easy and stress free for the most part.

Fast forward to about 29 months ago, I was pregnant. Lisa found out she too was expecting and was probably only a couple of weeks behind me. How excited we both were to think that we were going to be pregnant together, living 1.2 miles apart and raising kids together again.

Lisa, sadly, miscarried at 13 weeks. It was a very hard day for all of us. After seeing the babies heart beating on the sonogram, and carrying him/her to the 3 month mark, to have lost that little one, was very emotional.

That 1.2 miles was so easy for me to hop in my car, go hang out with Lisa and spend hours chatting with her, reading our favorite magazines together and talking life. It was perfect.

She'd sometimes show up at my door, and before I knew it, we were hanging out on my couch for an hour catching up until one or both of us had to go pick up the kids from school.

As I continued my extremely difficult pregnancy to full term. Lisa later found out she was expecting again. Only this time our little ones would be about 14 months apart.

Fast forward more.

Today, Lisa now has a very sweet and handsome little man named Zane. You may remember the pictures I posted of his birth on my blog? As I photographed his birth, cut his cord and was one to give him his first kiss (after daddy of course) on his sweet little face and hands.

While I now have my princess.

We both are just two stay-at-home-moms, living 1.2 miles apart.....

It sounds blissful doesn't it?

Well, not exactly... here is the reality.

That 1.2 miles is a very LONG ways to almost any stay-at-home mother. The time, effort and detail it takes to load up one child, let alone multiple children to go anywhere for any period of time, is a very exhausting task.

Some days are not as bad as others, and to save our sanity, we must take on the force of getting ourselves out of the house with the children. However, most of the time we as moms opt to just stay put and only leaving when we have to, if that get dinner or pick up older siblings at school or doctor appointments.

Here is why...

For me to drive 1.2 miles down the road to hang with my BFF and her little man Zane, I have to get Morgan fed, pack her snacks, wipes, change of clothes, sippy cup, and get myself out of pj's, eat and get in the car. Already that has taken a good 20 minutes or so. Then I drive that 1.2 miles and arrive at my BFF's house. She is in the middle of feeding her little one, while I am running around and chasing my active toddler. She is trying to hear what I am saying from the other room. She now has to change Z's diaper and put him down for his morning nap. I sit out and wait on her, trying to keep my little one quiet and entertained. By the time she gets Z down for his nap, I now have to go change Morgan's dirty diaper. As we both sit down on the couch and try to breath and catch up, 20 seconds I am hopping off the couch running across the room to get my daughter off the 7th step of the stairs.

Now its time for Morgan's nap, but I try to hold off for as long as possible so I can visit with my friend just a few more minutes, for crying out loud. Morgan is fussy and its clearly her nap time, and I must go. Besides, I do only have a specific window frame to get Morgan down for her nap, so she gets in her full 2 hour nap. So, I then load the bag, the bottle, the snacks, cell phone, sunglasses, keys .... all that I drug into Lisa's house, all back out to the car. All to drive that 1.2 miles down the street back home, to put Morgan down for her nap. I then grab a bite to eat myself, make the beds (if I wasn't able to before I left), take a quick shower, clean up her toys across the house, clean up the breakfast dishes, take out the trash, feed the cats and pay a bill or two online.

Then she wakes.

I change her diaper, I make her lunch, in which feeding a baby or toddler at any age isn't a quick task. Now its time to get her in the car to race the clock of the the pick-up line at school. If I am not there on time, I have to then park my car, get baby out, walk in school (looking like the slob I am at the moment) and sign my kid out, just to walk back to the car, put baby back in her car seat, which is often not always the quickest of things either and drive home.

Get home, get son a snack, review his homework, sign slips, get Morgan out of things, clean up her mess for the 83rd time of the day. Check the mail. Start thinking and or getting dinner started.

Hubby walks in.

Now we set up dinner, we try to catch up on each others day as I am answering Hunters 100th question of the night, and Mark is getting Morgan out of the toilet in our bathroom.

We feed the family. I get kids in bed, while he cleans up the toys for the 84th time that day, and cleans dishes from dinner.

I walk out of the kids rooms spending at least 15-20 minutes with each kid. Husband is now on computer finishing up some work, while I take time to catch up on email and just wind myself down.

I'm wiped, completely and totally exhausted and want nothing more than to hit the pillow.

In February Zane will (choke) turn one year old.

As I sat here tonight thinking ..... and after speaking with Lisa about it.

It's not the 1.2 miles that matters or makes or breaks anything. If Lisa and I lived 15 miles apart, I would drive it to see her and spend time catching up with her.

Its the schedules, the never ending amount of "stuff" that it takes to load up a child to go anywhere.... its getting to that place and it being MORE work and less enjoyable, than if you had just stayed home. Its work for her to come here, me to go there. Sometimes you just have to meet in the middle, if it be a park or lunch some place.... even then it's MORE work, time consuming and exhausting.

Simply put, its a hassle.

Not that my friend, my BFF, isn't worth the hassle, nor am I to her. We both know that isn't it.

No matter if you are swimming at the community pool, at the park, at her house, at my house or eating out. Those moments, those times, although needed to stay sane sometimes, are also the same things to avoid to stay sane at other times.

Baby raising is a lot of hard work. Its none stop. Never ending.

At the park, pool, house or lunch, you aren't really getting to enjoy your child, your company or yourself. You are time pressed for your schedule for this or that, you are chasing your own child around and before you know it, its just not worth it all so much.

Being a stay at home mom is like this....

Your wake up time is your 1.2 mile warm up mile of the day.... that's probably the first 3 minutes you have your eyes open in bed or make it to the bathroom to do your morning pee.

After that.....

Its like the Chipmunks after drinking their first latte from Starbucks...... its bouncing off the walls none-stop motion, if its mentally, emotionally or physically.

Yet, sort of like men and women say about each other "you can't live with them, and you can't live with out them."

We stay-at-home moms, can't live with those 1.2 mile days and we can't live without them at times.

When those days do come (far and very few) that one or both of us makes that 1.2 mile.... its SO worth it.

Like I said, Zane will be 1 year old in February. I think I can count maybe a total of five (5) times, in which Lisa or I have actually done the work to make that 1.2 mile..... and that is so very little in number.

However, the good thing about this.... she is my BFF and when we do get to have a moment or an afternoon like those few days, its like we never are apart. We get it, we understand it and although the "talk" before having Morgan or Zane sounded so fabulous and so Housewives like a couple of years ago in theory. In reality, that 1.2 mile, or those five far and few days out of the year we actually meet up is like training for a triathlon.

Its really hard work!!!

So to all my friends, especially mommy friends, just know that I love you and I hope you understand me, as I understand you. Being a mom is a a FULL-TIME, double shift, under paid and never ending career/job. Although, I don't see you as much as I like to, I am still always here for you. I still miss you, love you and care deeply about you.

You girls are my sisters. I'll do anything for YOU.

But this girl isn't training for a walk, a run, a marathon or a triathlon. I am simply a devoted mother and wife to my kids and husband. My time is stretched, my days are often long or too short.

And truth be said, most of the days.... almost all of the days....

I rather flip a double-headed coin when choosing that 1.2 mile to ANY place, or staying home.

But tonight, I am glade it wasn't a double-headed coin. Instead it was a night I got to go visit Lisa at her house, along with some other friends. Then after giving a hubby a couple of hours alone at home watching his Yankees, I dropped the kids off to him and I had dinner with two other girlfriends. That was probably the 2nd or 3rd time I have gotten to do that since Morgan was born 18 months ago.

Tonight was about balance.

If it be weekly, monthly, or many months out, find a balance that works for you and your friends. Although, this balancing rope isnt' nearly as balanced as I saw it in my mind a couple of years ago, it works for me and my friends, just the same.

And boy when days or nights like today do happen. Unplanned, not rushed and totally spontaneous... it is so beautifully refreshing to go back home just to get back to the daily grind tomorrow.

So thanks girlfriends for a fun evening. Lets not wait another 8 months before we do this again, okay?

Love you girls.

For a little fun, a blog I read, baby Jonah. His mom wrote this post:

You know you are a stay-at-home when: Click Here.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Interesting Sweet Story

A Texas guy named Kelly Hildebrandt and a Florida girl named Kelly
Hildebrandt. You read correct, same exact names.

They meet on facebook and are married and living in Orlando.

Meet the cute and very ugly, Kelly & Kelly Hildebrandt.

I think it s a cute story and they make a handsome looking couple.

Sent from really cool iPhone.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kool Kat

Do you have a too cool for anything, Kool Kat?

I do.

He is about 4 ft something tall, with a little body of an 21 year old young adult. I tell you, my 8 year old, soon to be nine has muscles and defined in all the right places already. Sometimes he will be playing with his sister with only his pj bottoms on and I am like, "the kid has abs, what the heck?"

Not only do I see him physically changing right before my very eyes and morphing into the this teenage looking body that God has indeed blessed him with. I am also watching him grow into the young boy and adult that God has planned for him to be.

He is trying very hard over the last few weeks to be responsible. Being responsible as in helping around the house, doing chores, waking himself up in the mornings with his own alarm clock. Other things like choosing healthy foods over bad foods.

As I mentioned on Twitter the other day, I had a parent/teacher conference this last Monday with his teacher. Before I go into detail about what she had to say about Hunter, let me just boast a second here about her.

For now we will call her Mrs. L.

Mrs. L. was meant to be a teacher and boy am I ever thankful she is Hunter's third grade teacher. This lady and young mom herself really enjoys her job, really cares about the well being and knowledge of the children in her classroom. I have met with her on a few different occasions and each time I can truly see her passion for teaching and growing her students to be the best kids they can be. You don't find many teacher that have that much passion for really caring as much about their students as this teacher does. I admire that quality in her.

It was probably one of the best teacher/parent meetings I have ever had. Not that any of the meetings in the past were negative, nothing like that. There was just something different over all about the way this teacher spoke about Hunter. There has only been one other teacher I felt "got Hunter" and that was his kindergarten teacher Mrs. D.

Mrs. L. expressed how Hunter was such a wonderful student. That she has no issues of any kind out of him. He is always the first to volunteer to help her or his peers out. He is friendly to everyone, and seems to be a magnet for drawing in everyone else around him. He does well in leadership, he is sensitive to looking out for those maybe a little weaker (defending anyone getting picked on). She always calls on Hunter to use as an example in class.

As for his academics go, he is well advanced in every subject. He loves to do his work, and really gives 100% at all he does. His handwriting is so neat and (mommy word) cute.

I told Mrs. L. that I often feel like I am a neglectful mom because Hunter never seems to want or ask my help with his homework. She said it is because he really doesn't need help, but that they are looking into more homework that will be more challenging to those children (like Hunter) who are ahead and learn fast, so that they continue to learn and not get bored with their work.

As of this week, Hunter was chosen as Citizen of the Week (or is month is 3rd grade?). Not sure. Either way, he came home with the great news today. He loves getting this award.

Also, I received a letter from the school to inform us that Hunter did a "Patriotic Art Project" and his art project had been chosen to be displayed in an Art Show, sponsored by the city of Coconut Creek. There will also be an award ceremony for friends, parents and students to attend on Oct. 22nd.

Pretty cool stuff right?

To keep the good news going here.....

Last night, Hunter had one of his best playing games in hockey as of yet. He was on fire last night, helping his teams take the victory of 7 to 1, shooting one goal, several assist. Although, he did come home with a bit of an attitude, as he had shot four goals, with only making one of them in. He is way hard on himself sometimes.

He leaves tomorrow for his first out of state tournament this season, to Detroit. Please pray the team has safe travels, a good tournament with no injuries and safe return home. Thank you.

Around the house....

Hunter over the last few weeks has been working so hard being responsible. I love it. He wakes himself up with his own alarm clock. He gets up without any complaints, gets himself dressed with the uniform of the day laid out the night before. He makes up his bed, packs his bag, has me sign whatever I need to sign. I then make his lunch, snack and breakfast. He eats, brushes his teeth, feeds and waters the cats. Takes out any recycles there are in the bucket.

Although not always perfect, and still a boy with a temper, mouth and attitude.... I see the difference in him this year. I see him growing up, maturing, trying and changing. Behind all that good stuff, that frustrating stuff.....he is to me one 'KOOL-KAT!'

When with the boys he holds his own. Would also be considered a alpha-male. Leader. Strong. Funny. Athletic. ALL BOY!

Around the girls, he is tender, sweet, shy, easy going and romantic. Yes, believe it or not he is already a romantic at heart.

As a big brother. THE BEST ONE EVER..... He adore his sister. Protects her. Loves her. Plays with her. Teaches her. And as any big brother would....he annoys her, teases her, wrestles her. But at the end of the day...they both look at each other with that love only they could have for each other, lean in and kiss goodnight. I love that he cares and adores his sister so much, he even allows her to kiss him with wet slobbery kisses, and just wipes his mouth when she is done kissing him. He doesn't run, say gross or avoid her. He totally and unconditionally loves his little sister.

Now my eyes are tearing up....

Although I don't get to post many photos of him on here these days...its because of this.

He ducks and hides from my camera all the time. He is just too cool for photos....

After all he is a Kool-Kat!

Praying for the Cripe Family

Click on Button Below

The bible tells us to "Bear ye one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ."

Post copied and pasted from Lynnette at Dancing on Barefeet blog.

UPDATES: (Will go here)

I'm asking you to bear the burden of a family in need. I met Danielle Cripe when I first started my blog over a year ago. Danielle shared with me that she had been diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer in October of 2007. She is married and has two children. Her 7 year old daughter Arwen is a child with many special needs as well. I introduced my readers to Danielle through Getting to know YOU earlier this year, and she was also the recipient for Baby Be Blessed Dolls - Give a Blessing.

Danielle was recently told that the doctors don't expect her to be here to celebrate Christmas. Her health has taken a turn for the worse, and as you can imagine, her heart is very heavy for her family.

Can I ask you to do a few things for me and for Danielle?
1. Would you commit to praying with me for this family?
2. Would you please grab this button and add it to your side bar?
3. Would you go one step further and create a blog post telling your followers about this precious family and ask them to pray for the Cripe family and to spread word on their blog as well?

I've also created a Paypal button if anybody would like to give to this family. As with any medical needs, there are many expenses. Danielle and Arwen aren't the only ones with medical needs either. Rick (her hubby) has type I diabetes and Sebastian has Cystic Kidney Disease. The money would be used for whatever needs they have - I won't be asking them what they are using it for so if you can't donate without a follow up list, please just commit to helping in other ways. I just want to help lighten the burden and financial support always helps. I will update this page with reports on donations so you can see how they are being blessed. (The paypal donation button was set up in my own account with a donation report for the Cripe Family - I will be sending them checks). *Note - This will not be tax deductible.

For Sending Gifts/Cards/Financial Gifts etc.

Cripe Family
PO Box 884
Columbia City IN 46725


UPDATES: Caring Bridge Page


Cripe Family Needs/Wishes (She made this list for me):

Our wish list: (Most of these are for locals, but I've bolded the things that you can help with if you are not local).

1. Occasional prepared meal, we aren't really picky, just no tuna or ham please. Pork is a flammatory to the system.
2. Help with housework
3. Gas cards or gift cards for groceries or food places or even a visa prepaid card to be used most places, this would help tremendously with us going back and forth to doctor's appointment, Cleveland Clinic, therapy appointments, etc.
4. Occasional sitter for the kids, mainly Sebastian as Arwen has a hard time with communication and unless you know her it would be more stressful than good for me in the long run, I think that is the best way to explain it, those who have special needs kiddos probably know/understand what I'm talking about
5. Maybe coming by to visit (please no sickness exposure though)
6. Coming to our house and keep the kids occupied while I get some rest
7. Cards, pictures, little things for the kids
8. Memories written out for the kids to read later in life
9. Play dates for the kids
10. Music, books, inspirational quotes, magazines for the kids
11. Prayers, good thoughts, love

Anything else you may think of, it is hard for me to think right now or on the spot. Whatever your heart leads you do for us is so appreciated.

Our kids know that I am sick and that I may go up to Jesus soon. They have NOT been told of the latest call from the doctor 2 weeks ago. They will not be told, it does them no good to know this information. I am limited to what I will discuss in front of the kids.


Family and Diagnosis Info: (Put together by Danielle)

Rick and I have been married for 12 years.

Arwen is 7 years old

Interests: anything to do with cars- hot wheels and car magazines especially, dollhouse dolls, baby dolls, water, music, magazines, books, Bear in the Big Blue House

Sebastian is 5 years old

Interests: superhero- xmen, Spiderman, batman, TMNT; dinosaurs, Scooby doo, building sets, art, play dough, PBS, kids magazines, books, movies

Financially we have been drained as most with such medical expenses. Although most of the Cleveland Clinic appointments are paid for, there are still the co-pays, gas- it is a 4.5 hour drive each way, lodging expenses even if we stay at the Ronald McDonald House, food. We are currently trying to get Arwen an augmentive communication device and a special medical stroller. We also have many expenses home therapy wise, and special conferences, all out of pocket. I try to work with basic learning for an hour a day with Arwen. I am currently on many supplements that insurance does not pay for. Also I am doing some other alternative therapies (massage, iridology, juicing, cleansing, aromatherapy) that insurance does not pay for. We are still paying on testing that has been done in the last 2 years.


Hello, we are the Cripe family, Rick, Danielle, Arwen, and Sebastian. We have been on an interesting journey these last several years. I often joke our 'normal' basic days are what most would consider a bad day! With the love and support of family and friends and even strangers, and the power of prayer we are all still standing. Arwen has special needs, she has developmental delays, apraxia, sensory integration disorder, and suffers with a variety of seizures. She was recently diagnosed with Mowat-Wilson Syndrome. I, Danielle was diagnosed with Stage IV Liver cancer with mets in October of 2007. At this time I was given 6-9 months to live. After two years, while I can't say I'm anyway near remission or cancer free, I am still here on Earth. I believe God isn't finished with me here on earth yet. My kids and family are the reason I fight so hard each and every day. Rick has been dealing with Type I Juvenile Diabetes for 36 years. He is in very good health considering having diabetes for so long and has had minimal complications. Sebastian is our spirited, tender hearted, ornery, super hero fighting, spunky 5 yr old son. He was born with cystic kidney disease. By the grace of God he has not had any complications or reoccurrence since he was one. To continue to read our story please visit the Caringbridge site. Although our journey has been difficult, overwhelming, and exhausting I can honestly say I wouldn’t change the way thing occurred. Everything happens in its own time. God is our great practioner and only HE knows the details, the life road map for us. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. God Bless..

Arwen’s diagnosis:

*Mowat-Wilson Syndrome (MWS), Mosiacism (diagnosed August 2009)

*developmental delays-mostly, non verbal, walked on own 25 mths old

*apraxia (leaves the first letter off word, knows what wants to say just cannot get the words from her brain to her mouth)

*Seizures/epilepsy- daily falling and eye flutters, staring/absent, one sided- usually Right side and sometimes paralysis for an hour afterwards, grand mal

*Sensory integration disorder

* Microcephaly: small head circumference.

Prognosis: cannot be determined with a syndrome, it is not a disease, it is a genetic disorder. She may or may not grow out of the seizures. With MWS most are non verbal. Arwen is very bright and understands what is being said and knows what she wants to say but cannot get the words out through her mouth. Arwen is currently in speech and occupational therapy at school, in a lifeskills class, receives private speech therapy, on medication therapy for her seizures. Being treated locally for her seizures and going to Cleveland Clinic for extra seizure support, MWS, Mosiacism, behavior, and augmentive communication.

Arwen is a strong, loving, caring, courageous, tender hearted, social butterfly, our miracle girl, ornery, stubborn, spirited, little 7 yr old girl.. She also happens to have developmental delays, seizures, apraxia, and sensory integration disorder. She was diagnosed with Mowat- Wilson Syndrome and Mosiacism in August 2009. She does have some autistic characteristics but the doctors state she doesn't have autism. Arwen suffers with staring/silent, falling, eye flutters, spasms, and grand mal seizures. Through the years Arwen has had multiple blood tests, genetic testing, sedated MRI of brain, EEG, hearing tests, and has seen many specialist. None of which have pointed us to why and what would be her best therapy. In June of 2009 we took our journey to Cleveland Clinic. It was while we were there in August we saw a geneticist who did multiple bloodwork tests and discovered Arwen has Mowat- Wilson Syndrome and Mosiacism. Her second chromosome is only partially there. The second chromosome helps with brain development, milestones, seizures, speech. Arwen has been seen by the Epilepsy Center at Cleveland, along with a pediatric neurologist, behavioral/psychologist, geneticist, ophthalmologist. With the blood results leading to a diagnosis of Mowat Wilson Syndrome, Mosiacism, and Variety of type of seizures/epilepsy. We will be heading back to Cleveland Clinic the last week of October. This appointment will be to discuss the new diagnosis and do some baseline testing for her heart, kidney, hearing as these can be affected with MWS. We will also be seeing Augmentive Communication specialist and Behavioral Specialist. The epilepsy specialist believes her seizures are secondary to her developmental delays. Arwen is also on a new drug combination for her seizures, Lamectial and Depakote. Arwen has been started on Risperdal for behavior. She also takes nutritional supplements. Arwen currently attends a typical elementary school and attends a life skills class, she interacts with her 'typical' peers daily. She is in occupational therapy and speech therapy. Arwen uses some speech, sign language, pictures, points or just goes and gets what she wants, and will be starting to use a voice board to communicate. She tends to leave the first letter off a word (apraxia), so daddy would be "addy" or 'ead' is for read. With her being unable to communicate easily, we are going to try an augmentive communication device. This is a box with numerous pictures and has sound. This will allow Arwen to push on the picture and tell anyone what she is needing, wanting, or just plain ole communicating to others. We are very excited to try to start using this. We are currently awaiting to find out what insurance will pay for. These devices are very expensive, we are hoping to get a device that can grow with Arwen as she gets older. Watching her do something new and see the sparkle in her eyes with happiness with herself makes my heart smile and I am so proud of Arwen. We are truly blessed to have her as our daughter, she has taught us so much in her short 7 years of life. God is our great practioner and HE is holding Arwen in the palm of his hands. He knows what Arwen's future holds.


Danielle’s diagnosis:

Stage IV Cholangiocarcinoma with total involvement of liver, with metastasis to outer stomach wall, RLL (right lower lobe) lung, spine, and lymph node involvement diagnosed in October of 2007. Given 6-9 months to live at this time.

I am mainly using alternative medicine for treatment as conventional medicine didn't have a lot to offer. Chemotherapy only had a 5% chance of helping. I choose not to receive chemo due the side effects possibility and with only a 5% chance of working the benefits did not out weigh the risks. I have had some radiation. I use supplements, diet, tai chi, spiritual work, prayer, steroids, pain management, and have seen many specialist both in western and eastern medicine. On a daily basis I deal with numbness, electrical impulses, sometimes feels like bugs crawling, in my hands, arms, legs, and face, itching, pain, nausea/vomiting, pain, colitis, extreme headaches, and extreme fatigue. I am currently in hospice care. I’ve been battling with recurrent pneumonia and anemia bouts recently. I have been given many ‘death sentences’, the most recent was two weeks ago. I have been told that I will probably not be alive by Christmas. This was based on new tumors found, bloodwork, and how I am currently feeling. The reason I am still here is GOD. He isn't finished with me here on earth. I have grown a lot in the past 2 years and proud to say I'm a better person because of cancer. Yes, it sucks to be honest, but sometimes the best gifts come in the ugliest of packages. I am so grateful for every day I have here with my family and friends.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A little Morgan day....

Today we slept in till 9:00 AM, then mommy had to go in and wake up sleeping beauty, as she had her first official swim lesson at 10:30 AM.

Video of Morgan being awakened by mommy this morning.

do you hear that? No music to pause! I did that for all of you.

Video of Morgan dancing and being all smiles, with her little bikini top and surfer shorts, before heading to the pool.

Video of Morgan taking one of her first dip and swim under water.

She did fantastic. Although if she saw me around she would cry and want mommy, so I hid behind things like a tree, a towel and an umbrella, just so I could peek and watch her.

After her lesson was over, we stayed at the pool for about another hour and I practiced the same thing with her, swimming to the wall, reaching for the wall and kicking her feet. She started to think it was fun and wanted to do it over and over again, underwater and everything.
Although it wasn't fun watching her cry in the pool or wanting me, while not being able to go comfort her. I had to give her some tuff love, if this means it will save her life.

A little funny side note: I have never heard my little girl toot or burp so much in her life, as she did after her swim lesson. WOW!! Move over Jessica Simpson, Morgan may have you beaten. LOL!!

Baby girl came home and watched a little Elmo and had a bite to eat. Now she is down for a nap and its time for mommy to get the laundry finished, jump in the shower and get ready for Hunter's hockey game tonight.

Speaking of my little man.... although deserves a post all on it's own, and I will give him his own post, but had to share this now.


You will just have to wait, its too cool and too exciting to not give it or him it's own post. So stay tuned!!!

Enjoy your day.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dog Lover, here are some Dog HERO stories: Enjoy!

*Pause my music to the left please before watching videos!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

His Will Wednesday / Plus a Devotion

Prayer Request:

1. Mark's grandmother is in the hospital. Please pray for her health.

2. A friend from church, his grandmother went to the hospital yesterday also. Please pray for her.

3. Please continue to pray for Jonah, Kate, Lauren, Ryan and a few other anonymous people on my mind. God knows their needs, so just pray that God provide those needs to them.

4. As always, I always ask for big prayers for our children. Children of sickness, abuse, neglect, abandonment and unloved. They are loved. They are not forgotten. They matter. Be a voice for a child today in some way and if you can't be a voice, then pray for them.

5. Please pray for my blog friend Stacy, as today would have been her son's Isaac's first birthday. Pray as they continue to walk this journey in their lives.

Please leave your prayer request in the comments.

Today, I also added a little devotional by Rick Warren. I know one person specifically that may read this today and it be exactly what that person needed to hear. As well, it may be exactly what YOU needed to hear or be reminded.

Healing Choices: A Mind for Repentance

by Rick Warren

"Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think" (Romans 12:2 NLT).

Imagine riding in a speedboat on a lake with an automatic pilot set to go east. If you decide to reverse and head west, you have two possible ways to change the boat's direction. One way is to grab the steering wheel and physically force it to head in the opposite direction from where the autopilot is programmed to go.

By sheer willpower you could overcome the autopilot, but you would feel constant resistance. Your arms would eventually tire of the stress, you'd let go of the steering wheel, and the boat would instantly head back east, the way it was internally programmed.

This is what happens when you try to change you life with willpower: You say, "I'll force myself to eat less . . . exercise more . . . quit being disorganized and late."

Yes, willpower can produce short-term change, but it creates constant internal stress because you haven't dealt with the root cause. The change doesn't feel natural, so eventually you give up and quickly revert to your old habits and hang-ups.

There is a better and easier way: Change your autopilot--the way you think. The Bible says, "Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think" (Romans 12:2 NLT).

The New Testament calls this mental shift repentance, which in Greek literally means "to change your mind." You repent whenever you change the way you think by adopting how God thinks--about yourself, sin, God, other people, life, your future, and everything else. You take on Christ's outlook and perspective.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I've got a feeling...... EPIC!!!


Before you go any further, Ill save you the time and ask that you pause my music player

right here to the left....
before proceeding on, as there are two videos attached to watch.

You're Welcome.

I know you all have been wondering what all this EPIC and DANCING talk is about. As I promised, I said I would post the video and the secret. The reason I had to wait is because we wanted it to be a surprise for the 6 services over the weekend.


Today may be my shortest and most brief post EVER-UH!!! Ha!

So, the first video is us practicing. Never mind that blonde in front row with errors. Not sure who that is. *Cough-Cough*

Actually, Ill give myself a little excuse, this was the first time I actually practiced down on the floor with the group. Most of the time I was up on stage directing and teaching, with Noelle and Britney.


Of course the second video.... I got off count (again). But it was the 5th one we had done and I think exhaustion kicked in. As I did NOT mess up in the other services, but the one person that recorded this cool version of the final show down, caught my error. O'well... it about having fun, right?

I haven't danced "in line" with cheerleading or dance of any kind since school. I am not going to tell you how many year ago that was, but lets just say if you knew, you would understand why I am a little rusty. HA!


Rehearsal Video:

(video fuzzy and poor quality because recorded with cell phone)

The Final Show!

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