Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Marley and Me Film (PART 2)

Me, Morgan, Jennifer and Owen

Marley (Clyde), Morgan and Me 

Morgan and Prestine 

Well as you all know we were on the set of Marley and Me last week, in which Morgan was to play the role of Jennifer Aniston's and Owen Wilson's newborn (one of them) in the movie.  As it turned out they never got around to using her last week.

Well we were called back to shoot today and she was the only baby used all day today.  She plays the couples first born in the movie, which is a boy they named Patrick.  Yes she was the prettiest girl/boy you have ever seen.  LOL 

She will be the baby in the scene in which they first introduce the baby to the pet dog "Marley".  She did great all day and didn't cry (or wake up) during the whole 4 hours of shooting.  
Jennifer and Owen were VERY nice to both Morgan and me.  Jennifer was a doll and a pleasure to meet.  She did wonderful with Morgan and will make a good mommy one day herself.  Mr. Owen was a gentlemen and if I had t guess I would say he is ready to be a daddy himself.  He just cooed over Morgan on the set and kept looking at her, fixing her hat and was a lot of fun to meet and watch.  

I enjoyed being on set (as I always do). I love the energy on those things and getting to sit behind the directors chair and watch it all and hang out on the set and socialize with Jen and Owen doesn't make for a bad day.

Marley (the dog) was just precious.  He was a beautiful 2 year old lab and full of energy.  
So my little superstar was in fact a little STAR today.  She has no idea, but she is in her first film at only 3 weeks old, she was held, rocked, kissed and loved on by Jennifer Aniston (how many babies can say that?). LOL  It was just a fun day all together. 

Oh and the other little baby they brought to the set just incase Morgan was as good as she was, was born on the exact same day as Morgan, only a half hour later.  How cool is that?

Anyways.... check out the cool pics of the cast for "Marley and Me"!!!

Hunter got braces ----

My little man got braces yesterday.  Yes, he got braces at this age!!! The dentist believe he will only need them for about 4 to 6 months tops and then will never need them again.  He thinks they are cool and I think he looks adorable.

Morgan's exciting and fun filled weekend -

This weekend was a fun filled weekend for little Morgan.  She attended her first birthday party and the lucky little butterfly got to meet Elmo.  Although she has no clue who Elmo is, she will, and when she does she will say "hey I have a picture with Elmo".  As you can tell in her expression in this photo with milk running down her face, just how interested she was in this party and or Elmo.  Mommy and daddy had more fun at a 1 year olds birthday party than she did I think.

Also this weekend we tried out her first attempt in the carry sling-a-ma-thingy.  Although in the picture she looks totally content, she in fact didn't last long in it when at bubba's baseball game.  Maybe it was too hot or just simply not comfy so we will try again another day.  

While we are at it Morgan's friend Kyana (daughter of Azuka and Carolyn) who basically has stocked Morgan up on her 20 pair of shoe collection and 90% of her awesome wardrobe.  They also gave Morgan this play-mat.  At first she screamed when I put her on it and then the next time she was checking it all out and seemed to actually dig it. Thanks Kyana!!!


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