Friday, March 13, 2009

Can you guess where we are going tonight???

Okay, okay.... if you can't guess then I'll just come out and tell you.... (smiling)

Yes, we are going to Ft. Myers Florida today to sit behind home plate of the Red Sox/Yankee's game.  As you can tell by the first photo, what Morgan thinks about her brother being a Red Sox fan.  

They had a little bit of exchange in words (or not so many words)
Then the fight was on, the paws where out and the ....
Dukes where flying...
And the giggles and laughs were rolling...

Then a little make up time and brother/sister lovin and smoochen
Our little Yankee cheerleader ....
Oh my goodness does she ever look like 'me' here.  WOW! 
Yes, Hunter is a HUGE Red Sox Fan...
Hubby is a Yankee's fan.

When asked Morgan what she thought of the Red Sox...
I guess that answers the question...
Making her own cheer pyramid...
Holding a sand dial, counting down the hour(s) before we get on the road.
This dress I purchased before she was born. Its a size 12 M, in which Morgan will be next month.  How perfect is the timing that we get to attend a Yankee game for her to wear this dress?

This last picture says:

Red Sox or Yankees.... no matter what,
nothing will ever truly come between us! 

PS: I will be explaining later why there wasn't a post yesterday.  Other than Michelle (Circle of Life) who can guess why or what could have been going on to cause me to miss a post??

Hint:  6 Inches!!!

Oh and me???? 

I am neither a true Yankee fan or Red Sox fan, although I feel I know both teams fairly well.  I just love BASEBALL! But, if I were to root for a team, it would be Yankees probably, but tonight, I have been demanded to root for the Red Sox.

This is the tricky part....

We are friends with Joe Girardi, the Yankees coach.  The one that got us our tickets for tonights game.  Thanks Joe and Kim!!! We love you guys! 

Also, my good friend and old roommate, Lindsay is dating the Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz.

  She is in town with him and so I get to see her tonight.  She is hooking Hunter-Bunter up BIG TIME~~

Clay and Lindsay are surprising Hunter with a ball signed by the Red Sox, while also taking him in after the game to meet the Red Sox players.  

Hunters 3 top he can't wait to meet:

Clay Bucholz - Pitcher
Jason Bay - Outfielder
David Ortiz - Man behind the bat! 

And no, I will NOT be singing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" in the 7th inning of this game... or ever again probably!!  (Laughing)
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