Thursday, November 20, 2008

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Thought I would start this post off with my handsome man, since a lot of the post after will be Butterfly.  And it isn't because I enjoy taking more pictures of Morgan, but simply because he isn't home all day with me and so Morgan is mommy's 'ginny pig' for photo taking.

Hunter turns 8 years old next Thursday on Thanksgiving Day (27th). I can't believe it.  We are having his Live Outdoor Laser Battle Field Game Birthday Party, this Saturday.  Its going to be fun and I will have tons more pics to share.

This picture is to show you that my handsome boy had his braces taken off.  Isn't he so cute!!

My friend Carolyn, who is the owner and maker of "It's a 10" hair products, recently purchased this really cute beach house up in Boca.  They did some amazing remodeling in the home and just have turned it into the perfect little beach house.  We went there this weekend (the girls) and had a really fun time.  Although that was the day we really got our cold front, we took the girls for a walk to the beach, it was a fun time.  Then after that we took a ride over the Mizner Park and ate at Max's Grille.  It was such a treat to spend the day with just the girls, go to the beac, beach house and then finish it off with some delicious food for lunch.   

By the way, if you have never tried out her hair product, YOU MUST!  This stuff works wonders, smells fabulous and to be really honest here.... IT WORKS, simple as that!!!  

It has been mentioned by some really cool famous people in their interviews who swear by it, and you have many big name company's that want to buy her out and take over her product.  This stuff is becoming BIG TIME!! So try it out if you haven't and I'd love to hear your feed back and spread the word over to my friend.  

A wordless picture!!!  But look at her tooth! 

Just some cute little pictures of baby girl not really feeling that good, so doesn't really want to give mommy a smile, but after awhile couldn't really hold back that serious face for too long.  

This little outfit was from Aunt Whitney and Uncle Brian.  She got so many compliments in it.

Thanks Uncle Bri and Aunt Whit!!! 

Okay, I like making the little collage things, but I am not liking how small they appear on the post.  Ugh!!  Now sure what to do that about.  

Well in the collage below you have a few different days and situations with baby butterfly.  

1. First Pictures she actually started out her day feeling pretty good. I got some smiles out of her. Then as the day went on she started to feel really bad. She became cranky and ran fever.  But I like this shot because you can really see her bottom tooth.  Click image to zoom!

2. This was the day before when she really began to feel bad, but the fever had yet to kick in.  She wanted to sleep a lot and I thought she looked adorable sleeping with her arm up by her head.

3. Third picture is baby girl after just waking up, on our way to take big brother to school.  If you really look close, you can see that she doesn't feel good at all and her hair...her hair, looks as though she took a bite out of a lamp wire (as daddy said it).  Pretty funny stuff! 

4.  We were going out to run some errands, getting things for big brothers birthday party coming up this Saturday.  To end up taking her to the doctor because she wouldn't eat for almost 7 hours. When I got her to the doctors she had 101.9 temp, on top of the Tylenol I had already given her.  Doctor says she has a virus and to not be surprised if she breaks out in any type of rash in the next day or so.  I finally got her to eat some last night, and she ran fever most of the night, but today being day #3, she has broken the fever and seems to be in a much better mood.  No rash yet!!! 

Resolve Anger Quickly -

Not doing an extra devotional, although I guess it wouldn't matter if I did.  I just felt that this was short, brief, to the point and very powerful in it's meaning.  I know I am guilty of not remembering this very stuff myself.  I need help and prayer to make me a better person at forgiving faster and not staying angry.  Maybe, someone else like me needs to read this today too!!! 

If you are angry, be sure that it is not out of wounded pride or bad temper. Never go to bed angry – don’t give the devil that sort of foothold. Ephesians 4:26-27 (PH)

*** *** *** ***

It’s okay to be angry, but anger becomes wrong when it’s not resolved quickly. The apostle Paul teaches, if you become angry, do not let your anger lead you into sin and do not stay angry all day.

The Phillips translation says, “Never go to bed angry.” That would keep a few of us up all night! If you said, “In our marriage, we’ll never go to bed angry,” you might work toward resolving problems a lot faster.

When anger is not dealt with quickly, it can turn to resentment and, then into bitterness. Bitterness is always sin; resentment is always sin; those emotions are always wrong.

But that doesn’t mean anger is always wrong. When you care about people, sometimes anger is the correct response. I get angry when I see people blowing their lives on things that don’t matter. I get angry when I see people walking right into the middle of something they know is wrong.

Regardless, we’re to resolve our anger quickly, or else we’re giving the devil a chance push us into bitterness and resentment.

By: Rick Warren (winking to those of you, that matters to! LOL) 

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