Friday, February 27, 2009

My First Newborn Session -

Well, I guess I really can't call it my first session, considering it wasn't even a session.  D & L (David and Lisa), asked if I could come over today and shoot a quick head shot that they could show on the big screens in church this weekend, announcing little Zane.  Of course I can, are you guys kidding me?  However, when I say it was quick.... I mean it was QUICK.  I had exactly 15 minutes or less to shoot the little man, because my son left his baseball gear in my car, and he had a game to be at way down in Miami Lakes.  So I got to the Hughes home about 5:15 and was out of there by 5:40 PM, but he was fed and burped during this time and I sort of just danced around him and shot when I could.  

I know some may be blurry.... and I know in time I will be able to do SO much better with my photos once I learn photoshop, but for now this the all I can do with the editing program I do use on my computer and as well as

The 'goal' was to try to get him with his eyes open.  At least we accomplished that part of it, right? He looks like a little old man, doesn't he?  So precious he is! As a little peek as to what will be in the slide show once I figure out how to save it on my computer, a birth photo of Zane.

Photo Fun & Blog Roll

She remembers ME..... she is saying "MAMA" (again)!!!

*Blog Roll* 

So many have asked me how to get the moving 'blog roll' that I have on the bottom right of my blog.  If you want it, email me today and I will send you the codes for it!!!  Go to the contact me tab at the top!!

It's Open!!!!

I am so excited about this.  I have no clue about etsy, but from what I am learning about it, it's popular and a wonderful place making and selling things for beautiful causes.  The Mac's (Cora's parents/family) have been working hard to create and make things for Cora's little shop on the site to raise money for her playground.  Cora's is a legacy!!! 

I took an image from The Mac's blog, because not only are they crafty and creative,  I really love the stuff I have seen so far and wanted to share it with all of you.  Head over to Cora's Shop! 

Chicago Pictures - Finally!!!

I finally made it to one of Hunter's out of state travel hockey games, Chicago!!!  I had never been and it was the last tournament and game of the season, so there were many reason's to make this trip.  Morgan and I packed and headed to Chicago with the Jr. Panther's.  Morgan, instantly became the team mascot.  The boys (and parents) loved having a baby aboard, and Morgan got tons of attention.  

The first game Friday night after we arrived was a pretty ugly game.  The Panther's lost by a whopping 14-1, Hunter shooting the only goal.  The boys, should not have lost by so much, but they were tired after a long travel day and just weren't ready to play.

Saturday we had 2 games and a skills competition.  Needless to say it was a LONG day of hockey.  Morgan and I officially became 'rink rats' this day.  The Panthers tied both of their games of the day.   The first tie game Hunter shot the 1st goal of the game and the last goal, in the last 22 seconds of the game.  

Saturday night a few players and parents headed into downtown Chicago to have dinner at the famous steakhouse, Gibson's. 

Sunday the players played their last game of the weekend and what an intense game it was.  They WON, after taking us into 2 overtimes and a shootout, winning their first game of the weekend and their last game of the season!!!! It was a great game to watch and drew in a huge crowd during the overtime and shootout games.  You don't get to see many of those at tournaments. 

Anyways, I have to say as tired as I was from all the travel, games and cold weather.  Both Morgan and Hunter were awesome the entire weekend.  Poor little Butterfly, she was either in a stroller or being held for all hours of the day at the rink because it was too dirty to let her crawl around.  She was such a trooper.  Hunter played his best hockey of the year and made me proud!!! 

Here are the pictures as I promised!!!  See aren't you proud of me?  I am finally getting caught up here with this stuff!!!! 

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