Friday, August 29, 2008

How to Clip Your Baby's Nails

Buy a good-quality infant grooming set. Make sure your set includes infant-sized nail clippers and blunt edged scissors, as well as infant nail files.
Clip nails when your baby is in deep sleep when you can clip safely without your little one squirming around.
Depress the fingernail away from the skin. Apply slight pressure on the skin under the fingernail making the nail stick out.
Trim the nail in one motion along the curve of the finger. Cutting the nail straight across or with three short clips may leave sharp edges.
Check your baby's nails two to three times a week. Toe nails do not grow as quickly and need to be clipped maybe once a week, but your infant's fingernails will grow fast and need frequent clipping.

I also have learned that if I take her outside while she sits her the sling (harness), that a few things take place:

1.  She is entertained by the outside surroundings.  Morgan loves to be outside.

2.  The light is much brighter and I can clearly see her nails.  I also use the baby clippers with the magnifying glass attached to it. It really helps!!!

3.  I can walk around slowly and talk to her, relaxing her while I trim her nails. If your baby is like Morgan and a light sleeper, then clipping while she sleeps only wakes her up and makes for a cranky sleepy baby.  

I also learned to file her nails in the "buffing" motion after I trim them, just to add a little softness to those sharp edges or little corners you miss.  Use the soft side of an adult nail file such as the one in the picture.  

Happy Nail Trimming -

Sometimes I just miss the simple days:

Hanging out with my girls and doing a bunch of nothing!!!! 

This was at our 10-year High School Reunion (2 years ago October) 

Today's Quote 

You are my friend when you can guard my failure, challenge my thought and celebrate my success.
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