Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Little Gangsta & Fairy Butterfly

I think I may have out did myself this time.  I LOVE these shots I got of Morgan this morning.  Although it is COLD out this morning in Florida, she was a trooper and a beautiful little fairy.  The lighting was so nice on her.  

I also played around with some different photoshop fun.  As always just click on the collage to see in zoom mode.  

I figured I would take these now and share because we know it will be impossible to get any "nice" shots on Halloween night. 

Here is my Little Gangsta!  These pictures were actually taken by his dad at a Halloween party they attended last weekend, thus the red eye that I was not able to fix.  You know, I just didn't want these to reflect on "MY" photography skills. *wink-wink*
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