Monday, May 18, 2009

Sigh!!! (Not Me, Monday!)

In truth, until yesterday evening, I wasn't going to have a Not Me, Monday! post.  I know you would have been as disappointed as me (not!).  So, as nature would have it, a Not Me, Post! came painfully to me. 


Boy, did we have a busy weekend.  Then again, don't we always seem to have busy weekends? 

For me, it was a movie marathon weekend, unplanned.  As I said in my previous post, honey brought home two movies Friday night, and we watched both of them that night.  Then, Saturday I went out to dinner and to the movies with some girlfriends, and we watched 'Ghost of Girlfriends Past.'  

It was alright.  I am a big fan of romantic comedies.  I adore Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner.  


But, through all the silly stuff of the movie, it did have some really sweet true meanings of what love is about.  Jennifer, looks different, but still pretty as always.  Matthew is his usual character, the jerk that always knows how to turn it on right in time, to win over your heart, and he is just so cute, you can't say no.  You ladies know what I mean?  

If you are looking to see it, I think it can surely be one of those movies that can wait to arrive on DVD.  Just one's opinion.   It was fun hanging out with some girls for once.  It is amazing what a few little hours of girl time can do for a women, mother and wife.  

Oh, and while watching previews at the movies, I know the next movie I want to see.  It's called "My Sisters Keeper". Yes, it's going to be a tear jerker.  It's about a family and their daughter is sick with cancer.  It looks really good though. 

Sunday, was busy as well. We went to church, heard a rock'n message.  Then headed up North to Hunter's double-header game, and then stopped by some friends house for an hour, before heading home.  Baby girl was a trooper, having barely gotten in a single nap, she didn't fuss at all.  She did fall asleep on the way home, and she was so tired that she kept waking up last night, so today we will get her back on her schedule. 


Last night. 

Yes, last night or early evening should I say, because there was still some light out.  I was hanging with Morgan and I opened the back door to the patio to let her see out, while she was propped up on my hip.  When all of the sudden, I noticed these two pigeons mating on the fence.  It was a funny site to see and being the picture nerd photographer I am, I sit Morgan down and start running toward my camera.  When all of the sudden I totally and completely wiped out.  When I say 'wiped out', I mean WIPED OUT!  As Mark would say, I was "handle over teapot" or something like that.  Or is that "ass over tea kettle?" 

It all happened so fast, it almost took me a second to realize what the heck just happened to me.  Why was I laying on my butt in the middle of my kitchen floor, in pain? I laid there for a second trying to decide if I wanted to cry and or needed to go to the hospital.

Where was Mark, you ask? 


My honey, was um... he was um..... in a meeting? LOL!  He was busy, let's just say.  

So, I lie on the floor alone, with Morgan looking at me.  I try to get up and my arm and my left knee are hurting, but keeping the focus as any real photographer would. I go for the camera, limping back to the back door.  Only to see that the birds where finished and gone.  Sounds familiar sometimes doesn't it ladies?  HA!! No, it was not me that just said that.  

You know we have to tease the boys now and then.  

Oh yea, it so was NOT ME that did any of that.  I made it all up.  

Now, I am reminded also, why I tell the kids "no running" in the house!!!  Geez!! 

So, because I missed the pigeon matting photo opportunity.  I had to google it, and the first image that came up, looked exactly like I was trying to photograph. Just incase you need the 'visual' part of the story, like me.  HA!


Oh, and remember THIS post?  

Well, its out.  So, if you receive FRONTGATE catalogs and their summer catalog called SPLASH.  My photos are in them from those shoots I mentioned on here back in February. 

Check them out. 

Thats me on the orange chair, picture is actually inside the magazine.  


What about your hair, Misty?  Today, was the day you had to have your mind made up.  

Yea, I know. 

But, I still don't have it made up.

However, I think I am going to leave it be for now.  I like it.  My BFF (ex agent of many years) also says to keep it, for it will be more flexible with the modeling stuff.  She is SO SMART.  LOL!  And then yesterday out of no where, honey says "I think I really like your hair like this."  


Okay, ladies, you know when your man says any form of compliment like that, the BIG RED STOP SIGN appears in your head and you take a mental note....."honey really likes this cut".  And we store it there for however long....telling ourselves to not mess with it.

Honey is always saying he loves my hair no matter what, as long as I don't die it black, shave it off or cut it as short as Sharon Stones. He isn't all that picky, I guess.  HA! So, when I can get an actually "I think I really like your hair like this" kind of comment from him, I take it.  

Thanks for all the votes..... 

Its funny, because 3 of my girlfriends this weekend all cut their hair SHORT.  I still have the itch, and I still may, but it just isn't going to happen today.  

Besides, I still haven't had the chance to try the curled look.  I want to see what that looks like on me.  

So the hair is staying like this for now.  


PS:  It is not me, that is totally limping around like a goober today.  Sigh! 
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