Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday....

Its a Not Me, Monday (again).  

I so did not get up cranky for my photo shoot early last Saturday morning, because I knew they were going to put me in a swimsuit, in a freezing (non-heated) pool, in 60 degree weather.  And while that was not me, also running late going a little above the speed limit.  It was not me in the Black SUV on I75 South, pulled over by a very cranky female cop.  Where I did not receive a speeding ticket, in which she did not lie on the ticket at say I was doing WAY over the speed the verbally told me she "clocked" me at.  So I will not be taking this to court and fighting, and I did not call my brother (which all my brothers are cops) to first call him a "PIG", and then tell on this cranky female cop and then ask him for advice on how to handle a falsified ticket that I did not receive. 
(not an actual photo, got it off web)
I did not show up 20 minutes late to my job, I am almost always on time and professional and would never appear any differently. 

As I then did not get blown away when I walked out to the pool in which I would soon be in, to see this view looking right back at me.  

And I did not have to stand outside in the cold, wind and sprinkles ALL DAY long, because they did not have any indoor place for us to hang out in during the day.  So I was not freezing, snuggled in my robe in 60 degree weather for exactly 8 hours this day.  

This client did not tell my agent that I would be sitting on a huge raft, and would therefor not be in the water when she called to ask why they would not heat the pool for me on such a cold day. To then not A) have a huge raft in the first place, B) have me on top of it and out of the water.... but instead did not have me standing in it next to a small little foam float, waist deep, for almost an hour, until the shot was finished. Does that look like a huge raft folks? And does that look like I am in the water, not out of the water??? Hmmmm..... 
I did not ask the nice make-up artist to shoot me in the pool so I can post on my blog another day in my shoes feet! As well so I could not have proof of what the clients lied to my agent about and had me doing this day. And I did not hear the props lady say to me, "I heard the client on the phone with your agent, and when they got off of it, they started laughing and said, yea tell the model to take x-amount of dollars off her pay and then we will consider heating the pool for her."  Not nice!!! 

I did not admire all the wind surfers I got to watch all day long, flipping and jumping out of the water like they were dolphins or something.  I did not wish I was out doing that instead of sitting pretty in front of the camera.  And the win-surfers also did not try to fly as close as possible to us to see what or who was in all the spot lights by that huge house and pool, to only look funny when they messed up and had kite and themselves all submerge in the water.  Because then they had to swim/walk back to the starting base. 

I did not admire this HUGE home, and wonder why in the heck would the owners have such an amazing home and property.  To not take care of the exterior part of the home, letting it rot away, but kept the inside (from what I could see in windows) very well kept and beautiful? I am not confused by this at all. 
And on my way home I did not get that voice in my head, God saying "see Misty, someone had to do it!" While I then did not smile up at him and thank him for another beautiful day of work, and a little pleading to not get another speeding ticket on the way home.  Because that was not me that got the ticket in the first place. NOT ME!!! 
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