Saturday, February 14, 2009

I got a new ?

A pet? 

No, no..... actually, this is a post dated post.  I am in Chicago with Hunter and Morgan, FREEZING!!! (so I assume anyways, since I am not technically there yet)  We are here on Valentines Day for Hunter's hockey tournament. I have never been to Chicago, and I can't tell you much about it yet, since I am writing this post on Wednesday the 11th.  LOL

However, I wanted to experience a weekend on the road with Hunter and his hockey team.  I thought Chicago would be a place to go and support the boys.  

This means, Hunter and Morgan or my Valentines and that daddy is home with the kitty's. Little does he know, I have hidden a little Valentines gift for him to find...... and this post is going to help me with giving him hints to find his treasure gift.  So here we go...... 

Hint #1: 
This is a place in the house we both often race to get to. 
Hint #2: 
We often use to look in at this and see nothing. 
Hint #3: 
Now we often look in and see an amazing someone.
Hint #4:
We often change items on this.
Hint #5:
Shilo is often found in it or under it.... 
So where does 'X' mark the spot of your hidden treasure???

Happy Valentines Day Honey!

We miss you and we will see you late tomorrow night.

Misty and Morgan

PS:  This is Morgan's new little jail house  play area.  She is so mobile and when I am need to keep her located in one safe place, this is it.  She seems to enjoy it for the most part.  We try to not put her in there that much, so when she does go in there it doesn't feel like a place of entrapment to her in a negative sense.  I don't want her to feel like an animal, always pinned up or this is a place of punishment. So we are making it a fun time for her.  I am actually getting anther gate that will have a better door to open on it, so I can leave it open for her to go in and out of it on her own, and then can close the door when I need to keep her safe in one place while I do what I need to do in the house, when home alone.  I don't think I can take a picture of her and she not look too cute for words. 

*Okay.... if you looked in the first place to only be confused because nothing was there. It's because I picked the spot before picking the gift.  So now the next hint is this:

Its a room with lots of Bakugans in it.  

Its in a place that can often be a stinky place for little boys.  (other than the bathroom)

Its a place where kids will often hide.

Its a place where when I met you, the only room in your house that was a disaster, while the rest of your house was clean.  

If you can't figure it out by now...... IM me and I will tell you.  

Happy Hunting!!!! 
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