Monday, October 27, 2008

The 'Prince and The Pauper' on DVD in Blockbuster

Okay, so I can't post about Morgan's little movie without talking about Hunter's.  I have noticed that each time Hunter hears someone talking to me about Morgan's movie, he tells me to tell them about his. I can imagine him reading this post and then asking me "did you post about my movie too?"  LOL  I can now say "but of course I did honey!". 

Again, if you are new to this blog, Hunter and I both were in the movie "The Prince and The Pauper" starring Disney's twins of Suite Life of Zak and Cody (Cole and Dylan Sprouse). It is in Blockbuster on DVD now.  Click HERE for the movie details and trailer.

In this movie Hunter plays Tom Canty when he was a little boy.  In the movie you see Tom saying "I miss you guys" and you see a fake family picture with Hunter and I in it.  I play Tom's dead mother.  They used this picture of Hunter and I,  showing it throughout the movie.  In one scene Tom has a dream when he was younger dancing for his family (that's me cheering him on the couch) and that is Hunter as Tom (dancing in the green and white shirt).  

It was such a great experience for Hunter because Hunter is such a huge fan of the twins.  They were cool with Hunter, they signed a poster to Hunter, which is now hanging in his room for display and as well as took pictures with Hunter and played football with him in the parking lot.  So if you haven't gotten a chance to watch it take a peek.  Your kids will enjoy the movie in itself! 

Marley and Me movie coming this Christmas

Click to view! 

If you have been a blog follower of mine, you may remember me talking and showing off pictures of Morgan in the arms of Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, filming the upcoming movie "Marley and Me"? 

I can't believe it is finally almost here.  Mark and I went on a date Friday night to watch "Fireproof".  What a great movie and I highly recommend anyone struggling in their marriage, or any married couple for that matter to watch this Christian based movie. 

As we were walking into our movie, this huge display for the "Marley and Me" movie hits us in the face.  I just got all giggly at the thought that my little princess is going to be in such a cool movie and millions around the world will get a glimpse at her when she was only a tiny 2-weeks of age.  Awwwww!!! Makes me want to cry! 

Click HERE for the movie trailer!  It looks like a really fun movie for the entire family. Although Morgan is not in the trailer, the scene in which you see Jennifer in a wheel chair holding a little baby girl in pink.  We were right there on set waiting for Morgan's turn, but the other baby was so quiet that they got the shot and did not use Morgan that day. The following week when we were called back to shoot another scene.  Morgan plays a little boy named Patrick.  Her scene will be the first child Jennifer has (a little boy Patrick), and the very first moment they arrive home and introduce Marley (the dog) to Patrick the baby (Morgan). The dog starts sniffling all around on Morgan and if they show the one scene where Marley actually tries to take a little nip of Morgans foot.  

I hope everyone gets out to see it!!

Trick or Treat

This past Friday we took Morgan, Payton and Hunter with some friends to the Coral Springs Gymnasium, for what was supposed to be a "haunted house".  However, when we arrived it was filled with bounce houses, activities for the kids and what we will call "haunted rooms".  One haunted room was just the right amount of scariness for Payton and the other little Kylie who are both 4 years old, but the boys were just too cool for either haunted house, so instead they went around and hid in the haunted rooms and would jump out and scare people as they walked through.  

The kids ended up having a blast.  Morgan wore her Halloween colors of orange and black, and she also wore shoes.  Too cute! FYI:  Her shirt says "" that a friend got for her. It was a late night for the little princess, she fought hard to not fall asleep and was pretty darn cranky by the time we went to get pizza afterwards before heading home.  But, for the most part she was a big trooper and she wasn't even the slightest bit of scared walking through those haunted rooms.  In fact she said hi to a few creatures.  Oh the innocents of not knowing what is scary or not.  Got to love it.

Obviously, I got more pictures of Morgan, she is the only one that would actually stay still or pose for the camera.  Well, sort of, after all she couldn't go very far strapped on to her daddy in the harness.  Hunter, I couldn't get to stop for a picture. The picture above is in the parking lot before getting inside the place.  Boys will be boys!!!!  It was a fun time. 

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