Friday, May 1, 2009

The Results!

I thought instead of just telling you about our plans of going shopping Wednesday, that I would let you be a part of our girls day out through pictures.  It ended up being a really fun day for me and Morgan.  She really is my little friend.  She has really come into her own lately.  She has a sense of humor that can make anyone laugh.  

Everywhere we went, it seems as though we were always dancing, talking, laughing or saying thank you to a compliment that I SHE would receive by anyone she passed by.  It would always be one of these:

Wow, she has amazing eyes.

Oh, she is just too much, so beautiful and such blue eyes.

I just want to take her home with me.

She is too cute for words.

Wow, look at those eyes.  

I can't stop looking at her, she should be in MOVIES or a model, she is beautiful. HA! If they only knew about my little movie star.  For new readers see THIS post if you are confused. 

And after each compliment, I would whisper in Morgan's ears,  "you are beautiful baby girl."  And smart, and talented, and funny and bright.   Then she'd melt my heart with her arms wrapped around my neck as she pulls me in tight for a hug, and a most delicious kiss on my check.  I LOVE IT. 

Okay, got off track, back to our shopping girls day out. 

I thought I would share our day with pictures instead of a bunch of words to read.  So here we go:

This is our attempt at a self portrait.  This is as good as it got.  Morgan wasn't looking at the camera once, so I then picked the better one of myself, and still that isn't say much.  O'well. 

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This is baby girl showing off and standing up freely on her own.  It happened pretty fast, so its the only shot I got.  I told you she is SO close to walking.

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She is heading out the front door, ready to go.  Look at how long her hair is getting, and FAST!

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We stopped at mom's favorite burrito place, Moe's, for her Joey Jr.  See THIS post if confused.  While at Moe's, Morgan ate her first tuna sandwich that mommy packed for her, and she loved it.  (Sorry, no photo for this one).

Then our first stop was Babies R Us.  It started out like this.

<span class=

Then when we needed to stretch our legs, it turned into this.  

<span class=

Then our little eyes would see things and we wondered off like this. 

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We spent probably an hour or two inside Babies R Us.  We browsed, we purchased and we played.  We got shoes, we got safety items for around the house.  We got pj's because we desperately needed some new ones.  We ate snacks.  We talked with other little friends. 

However, we were not successful at finding her little doll and stroller.  So then what?  Well, we did what any two smart girls would do in such a situation.  We headed to the next place, Toys R Us.  Duh! 

The goal was to quickly run in and look for the doll and stroller in Toys R Us, and then get out of there.  

But NOOOO!!!!

Instead, we ran into one of Hunter's friends and mom I know.  We chatted for a few before off to look for the doll and stroller.

Then we still could not find the doll and stroller.  We kept searching and looking, but then stumbled upon some books.  We stopped to check them out, and of course,  we decided we could always use books, so we picked out two.  

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Then we started off looking for the doll and stroller (again), but we came across this and that... and then TEDDY BEARS!! 

This girl was like a child in a candy store when she saw all the different teddy's.   I handed her one.  She hugged it and kissed it.  

Then she reached out and expressed she wanted that one instead.  So mommy gets her that one, to see which she likes best.  She smiles and hugs BOTH teddy's.  

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Then she sees a bigger one.  She points, and I hand it to her.  She hugged all 3 Teddy's.  By this time I realize... this is a girl after my own heart.  She see's all these lonely teddy's just needing love and a home.  She welcomes them all and says "I'll take care of you." 

So, I thought I would take away a couple of teddy's letting her have one while we walk around the store.  Oh no!!!! That wasn't HER plan.  Needless to say we walked around with a buggy full of teddy's. 

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Then for our third attempt of searching for our doll and stroller, because we mommy was on a mission to find one.  We then stumbled upon an isle full of Bakugans.  Or was it that we some how ended up taking a detour because mommy got curious to see if they had anything interesting for the big man? 

Which ever it was, we ended up getting a couple of things for big brother.  Mommy was very excited about that because she found a Bakugan that she knew that Hunter didn't already have.  

Now that's it... now lets go find that doll and stroller and get out of here already.  


Finally, we find the isle and there IT is.  THE BOX.  The box that held the stroller.  The EXACT stroller she was playing with at the baseball game last weekend. The stroller that began our entire mission out today to begin with.   As I grab it, because I notice it's the only left.  I place it in the buggy to have read 'doll not included'.  What?? But? But? But, the image on the box has a stroller and a doll.  The girl at the park had a stroller and a doll.  Grrr!  

Morgan just got her first baby doll for her birthday and she LOVES it.  Check out this picture from the evening of her birthday party.  Thanks, Aunt Val! 

<span class=

Then as I take a turn around the isle, I see a different type of walker toy.  Its a walker that can also turn into a little sit and ride toy.  That's cool, I thought.  It has options.  She may like this better than a boring doll stroller?

As I take a few more steps.

Oh wait, look at this one.  It plays music and stuff, with lots of colors, etc.  This one is way more entertaining.  

Oh, what's that over there?

Oh, wait a minute, now this one is a grocery cart.  It teaches foods, colors, numbers, music and songs.  This one is really exciting.  

So how do I choose? 

I go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth... looking and reading each box carefully over, hoping that one of them will have something amazing that pops off the box and tells me "THIS IS THE ONE". 

Unfortunately, that didn't happen.  So, what does a girl do in this situation?  We text daddy of course, and tell him our options and ask his opinion.  Probably not the best idea.  Daddy's first thought, which is the cheapest?  Isn't that every mans first question when the wife and daughter are out shopping? 

Lucky for us, we were shopping on a gift card so we had options to choose which one we wanted today.  Luck girl. 

We ended up leaving with the grocery cart.  This way, she can learn about foods, colors, numbers etc.  She can put her own baby in the cart and push it around.  She loves it, and already she is getting more and more confident in her steps as she pushes it around the house.  

And of course, I know you are all wondering what happened with the teddy bear situation?  

What does this next picture say?  

I slowly and quietly while we walked around the store dropped off one teddy at a time.  As she held on to two of them very tightly (death grip). When I let her out to roam the floors while I debated which 'walking' toy to get her, she crawled with one teddy in her hand.  

When we got to the check out counter, I decided to pay for all our items and then at the very last minute I was going to take that last teddy from her and leave.  

It was time.  

I took it from her and all *BLANK* broke loose.  She began to cry so loud and her little face looked so pathetic devastated, it broke my heart.  Here it is,  she had been so well behaved for hours in both stores all day.  She asked for nothing.  She didn't whine, or fuss or complain.  And it never occurred to me that although all this shopping was for HER, she never got her opinion in there.  She was never asked really what SHE wanted. After all she is just a little baby, she doesn't know what she wants. Right? 

Or does she? 


So, I felt a bit guilty, asked the cashier how much was teddy and gave in and got it for her.

Besides, my logical thinking to justify the purchase, was that she needs multiple teddy's anyways. Because, if she is attached to only one and it is ever broken or lost, we are in big trouble.  

You see, I am a pretty smart girl, even though I am blond.  I was once told to learned by others mistakes.  So, I do and I have.  I have learned by a few of my other friends experiences with lost blankies, teddy's and favorite toys etc.  Its not fun and can be very tragic for a young child and their parents, when dealing with such child and loss.  

I figured, Ill try to have back ups, have her rotate them each night in bed.  And be familiar with a few teddy's to always have a backup.  See how smart, I think I am?  LOL! 

Besides.... look how sweet she looked sleeping and holding her new teddy on the way home.

<span class=

And this is her with her new shopping cart.

<span class=

At the end of a very busy day, before off to bed and telling daddy about her day.  She gave this whole shopping thing a THUMBS UP! That a girl! 

<span class=

The next morning, while eating carrots, I asked her again what she thought about her shopping day yesterday.  In return I got two THUMBS UP!  

<span class=

Well, okay, so she really didn't give thumbs up to the asked question.  But she did just learn to do that for the first time in that picture with her daddy.  It was so cute, I had to get her to do it again, so I could text it to granny.  Out of know where I got two thumbs up.  This girl is smart I tell you.  And I just love her to pieces.  

Now are you up for shopping, or like me or you exhausted just reading about all that shopping and rather go to sleep now?  Personally, I am not a huge shopping fan.  Never have been.  However, about twice a year I get a little itch and I will go shopping,  then its out of my system.  I enjoy shopping for my kids more than myself anyways.  

There you have it.  Our girls day out and shopping extravaganza in words and in pictures!!! 

Now, before she wakes up from her morning nap. I better get the beds made up and eat something myself.  We have a fun night of dinner and bowling to look forward to tonight.  Can anyone say Benihana's???  MmMmMm!!!! 

<span class=

Have a blessed weekend!

**P.S.  Pictures all taken by iPhone or Sony point and click**  

I hope that is okay?  Okay, that I didn't use my big camera, and get really 
nice fancy pictures of our day.  HA! 

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