Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oops, I did it again!

I took some amazing and beautiful pictures of 'Butterfly' again.  Isn't she lovely? These shots were taken in a matter of 5 minutes tops. I got her dressed to go on our bike ride, while daddy did his run.  She looked so adorable sitting there waiting on us to head out the door.  The camera was right there, so I couldn't resist. I quickly grabbed it, snapped a few and ran out the door.  Came back home and I wowed myself..... or maybe that beautiful face is what really "wowed" me. 

Morgan just learned to sit herself up this week.  Which means we have reached 3 major milestones in a matter of a week.  

1.  Morgan learned to sit up all by herself from laying down to up.  And while she had done this, she has learned to do it while in a half split.  My future cheerleader, dancer or something girl!!! 

2.  She is learning to crawl.  Today, she crawled straight to me without giving up or laying herself down.

3.  She is nibbling on teething cookies, and doing a really good job with them.  This is her first REAL solid food, outside of the jar foods.  She is a natural at using her back gums and gnawing at the cookies and breaking down any pieces in her mouth before swallowing.  

Way to go Butterfly!

Where is Hunter?

Yea, I know, I haven't posted about him since Christmas.  I miss him A LOT.  His dad and I rotate holidays, so he gets the second half of winter recess. Hunter has been with his dad since the day after Christmas.  I get him back in my arm and home on Monday after school and then we are back on the normal schedule.  While with his dad, they traveled to Estero, Florida for a hockey tournament.  They went undefeated and won the championship. The Jr. Panthers Mites first tournament win.  Hunter scored 3 goals and his dad was kind enough to text me a picture of my proud boy holding the winning cup. 

Way to go Boo! 


As you know I am really into my photography these days.  I'm even enjoying more and more scrap-blogging.  I have a surprise make-over coming to a couple of my sites in the next week here so come and check out the new and amazing changes.  You can also click to the right on this post and become a follower of my blog.  If you don't blog, leave a comment with your email address (will not be posted, only I will see it) and I will make sure you get email updates of my blog(s).  Thanks for the support and love.  

Now, back to this iheartfaces stuff.  What is iheartfaces?  Well, I am glad you ask, and let me tell you.  It is a new website that is going to make its debut on January 12th, the day we return from our family reunion cruise trip. In welcoming their new website and members, followers, fans or whatever you want to be called.  They are having a little give away.  I would tell you the give away details, but then I would have to kill you, fear as my motivation.  Afraid that you would run over and sign up and that would mean one more person I would be up against in winning.  *winking* 

Okay, just maybe I will give away their info at the bottom of this post.  Its more fun that way! 

What do you win if you do go over there and visit their site?  Great question! 

You win a personalized banner for your photography, and it will be posted on their web site for an entire week giving you and your photography much love and attention.  Ahem, EXPOSURE!!!  

I will have my two surprise makeovers up and ready by then, and I hope I win so it gives me a chance to show them along with my photography off.   I am really hoping to take my love for photography to the next level this 2009 year and already I have a client list building up that I am very much thankful for and in truth amazed.  I have a feeling that God is telling me something and that my photography although fun for me and a passion of mine more and more now, it going to be use for much bigger things down the road.  Not sure exactly what that is yet, and I could be wrong, but I guess we ALL will just need to wait and see. Until, I hope you enjoy viewing my photos, and watching my work grow as I much as I am enjoying learning about it and taking them.  

Anyways, part of the "gig" to win here is to post about their web page to get the word out about them, you know that "exposure" word.  And for all you photographers out there, I think it will be a great site to learn, share and enjoy, so go check it out.  

Click iheartfaces for all the details!!!!  

PS: Swing by and see how my photography is growing with each moment I capture.  
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