Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm back from a little hiatus.

Hello, I am back from my little hiatus.  It was wonderful. I feel refreshed, I feel I got things done and I feel like I gave my heart and mind a little emotional break from all the sad stories I read every day on here.  Although, now I feel guilty because of how easy that sounded that I could just stay off my computer and be free from any emotional pain by choice, while the ones actually dealing with this pain are forced to live it each day forever and ever.  Sigh!  

I promised my husband I would stop "torturing" myself and would instead focus on the good in our lives, while praying and having compassion for those living through their pains and losses.  So I will post about my family today, my joys and my blessings. The ones that "TAKE MY BREATH AWAY" and give me continued reason to wake up each day and sing "Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory-Glory, children of the Lord". 

Me Post:

A little memo about myself and then tons of new post about my kiddos.  I know this is probably the longest post I have ever put together and I am proud of myself for how I did it.  (laughing) I am caught up today, Morgan is napping and I had time to get in all my post from this week.  When I don't post every single day, there is more to put in one post to catch everyone up.  You know what I mean jelly beans?

About Me:

1.  I went and had my full body exam of moles last week.  She found a suspicious mole on the left of my stomach and did a biopsy on it. I just got the call back yesterday saying that its not yet cancerous, but that the cells where changing under the microscope.  That means for now it is an A-Typical Mole, it has quality and signs of becoming cancer, but is not pre-cancer right now.  So, they want me to come back in next week so they can cut just a little more of the area out (wider and deeper) in hopes to get it all out now and not have it turn into cancer, and go through what I just went through with the cancer on my forehead.  Sigh!!  So that is good news and bad news.  I'm still blessed!!! 

2. I am starting a small bible study with one of my blogging friends, Daniella (click here for her blog), since I am not able to physically attend the women's bible study at my church on Wednesday, because they do not provide childcare. I was thinking that I will post either Wednesday nights or Thursday mornings a little summary from our study each week to let you be a part of it. 

If you are interested in a little weekly devotional, check back here each Wednesday or Thursday.  Or you can even click to the right of my page and join the "follow me" group.  This way you will automatically get updates when I post.  Please leave comments, thoughts and or questions you have. I promise to do my best with researching out the answers and providing you with the best possible response I can.  I am looking forward to this new study time.  It gives me a way to get in my weekly devotional with other women, not by myself and in return maybe provide someone else who needs a little boost each week the same. 

I will do this for about 6 weeks and see how it goes doing this via Internet, blogging and so on.  After the 6 weeks, we will revisit and see if its workable this way and worth continuing. So join in on the fun and lets see what God wants us to hear.  In the process we can make new friends and have a prayer group. Which means you post your prayer request in my comment box and I will post the list each week from the following week for the group to pray for. Love it!!! 

Okay enough about me, have fun reading this weeks "happenings" and please remember to leave a comment.  That's the fun, entertainment and adult interaction I get in my day.  

Morgan Post:
Pilates Momz and Babies

Today, I signed Morgan and me up for Pilates Momz Workout Class.  It is 6-weeks (once a week) class for $58.00.  I have been going to the gym now for the last two weeks and Morgan is doing okay in the childcare. However, I thought it would be fun to do a workout with her and so we are giving this a try.  How cute right? It is every Thursday, starting next Thursday, so we shall see how it goes.  I have never done Pilates either so this will be an all new experience all around for us. 

The Lion Keeper

One of Morgans favorite things is to pull the kitties fur off of them.  I feel bad for Milo, but he puts himself right next to her.  He his so patient and gentle with her.  Waits on me to rescue him and doesn't try to handle her by himself (thank goodness). 

Today I got this with the phone camera because as I was downloading other pics to the computer, this happens.  Look at Milo's face, poor guy.

I say if anything "Milo will be what will get Morgan to crawling".  Here kitty-kitty!! 

Ear Piercing

It seems I am one of "those" moms.  Yes, I took my daughter in to get her ears pierced after our photo shoot Wednesday afternoon. We did it, she did great and it was over with.

Until.... I couldn't let it go that her right earring was just a little too low and too far back from the left piercing.  I asked anyone I came in contact with if they could tell the difference, some could and some couldn't.  So I thought I would just sleep on it and try my hardest to get over it, so to not put her through that again.

I wake up, it still bothered me, so I took her back and the nurse looked at and saw what I was talking about. It was not a huge difference, but enough that it was going to keep bothering me.

So, we took out the earrings, and we are going to give it a week or two and do them again.  This time I will mark the spot myself where it should be.  The doctor said that the right ear was marked just a little off and that he would move the earring in when he pierced it, and he did, but just not enough.  When you looked at the ear alone it looked great, but if you compared the two ears or looked at her from straight on, the right earring pointed at an angle and outward just a little much for my likings.  Take a look at the picture at large (click to zoom).  You can see better where the earring was, just how low it really was and at the green arrow where the earring should actually be and will be placed next time. 

All they had are the gold earrings to provide us, saying they are sterile and have special backings on them so the babies can't pull them out and choke on them.  After six weeks are so we can then change out the earrings to something better.  Can we say "diamonds" since that is her birthstone after all?  *winking*

Chasing Fireflies Catalog Photo Shoot

Wednesday, Morgan and I did our first 'mommy and daughter' modeling job.  We shot for Chasing Fireflies Catalog. A beautiful catalog of children's clothing and accessories.  Morgan and I modeled this really pretty green and white sling.  You know the cloth like ones that you can wrap the baby inside or they can sit up on your hip type sling (not baby Bjorn harness).  

Morgan was actually too big for it and she wasn't liking it so much, but they got the shot and they seemed pleased with both baby and mom.  I had this lady take some pictures of us, but she was the child wrangler, which means when they are shooting her job is to entertain and keep the baby looking up and toward camera, so she was not able to get actual shots of us with the sling.  But if you know this catalog and shop in it, let me know when you see us in there please.  Anyways, here are the shots we did get from our shoot.  We shot at this BEAUTIFUL museum called Vizcaya down in Coral Gables.  I have shot there before, but it has been so long. I forgot how amazingly beautiful it really is. I may have to make a trip down there to shoot some photography stuff.  

(click on image to zoom)

Photo Booth Fun 

This week we went to the City Hall at the Mall (hey that rhymed - hehe) to get Morgan's passport.  We are going on a family cruise in January to Mexico.  

While we were there we came across this photo booth and decided to surprise daddy with a card and some really cute pictures of his girls.  

Morgan thought it was pretty neat seeing herself up on the screen.  I love these shots. I have pictures I did like this with Hunter still.  

Morgan looked adorable in her passport photo. When we get it we will share.  

(click on photos to zoom)

PS:  While at the mall (a place I never go to unless I have to), I walked through Macy's, after all I did park in their parking lot.  They were having a great sale and so I did a little shopping for Morgan. Gosh, what adorable clothes they have there.  As I am checking out the lady tells me that if I open a Macy's card I would get an additional 40% off.  I took stuff from the clearance rack which was already marked down 25%, today they were having an additional sale of 30% off on top of that and then I would get an additional 40% off of that??? That would be 95% off of things by the time said and done.  

I am not one to have many credit cards. I once got myself in debt and it took me a few years to pay it off and clear up my credit, so my rule is that if I can't pay for it in cash then I don't need it.  All I have is a regular bank card and one visa just for points and emergency use. So I turned it down the and left. Well, it lingered on my mind all day, thinking of that additional 40% I could be saving today on the clothes I just purchased for Morgan.  And I ended up going back in the afternoon to get my Macy's card.  So in return, I got a welcome "to the Macy's family" greeting, a free umbrella and that additional 40% of her clothes.  It was worth it and I think I like Macy's stuff enough that I will follow the days the have sales so I can get great stuff for my kids for great prices.  Yea me!!! 

Let's Compare Today 

If you are one of my readers, you may remember THIS post in which I posted pictures of me, Mark when we were babies, to compare who Morgan looks more like.  In those pictures I posted in that blog, everyone agreed she looks more like daddy (and she still does).  However, I wanted to share something in which I find to be really neat.  Hunter looks very much like his dad, BUT... when he smiles he then looks more like me.  Well, same with Morgan now.  She looks (and is) every bit of her daddy (feet, brow, ears, head, booty), except for the three little things which are mine (eye, nose and mouth).  Think of it this way, draw a little circle around just those three items on Morgan and you see ME.  So when she smiles she looks a lot like mommy.  Don't you think?  Click on image to zoom if you are a new reader. 


Hunter Post:

He loves his baby sister 

When Hunter returned from his Boston trip last weekend, Morgan and I took him on a date to Ruby Tuesdays'.  Hunter was just as excited to see his sister.  They were having a little moment and conversation to themselves, and I only had my camera phone to capture it.  Look at that smile on Morgans face, she loves her big brother.  

Hunter Updates

A few other updates this week about Hunter:    

1.  We attended his Safari Book Fair Wednesday Morning at school.

2.  Hunter got gum all over his hockey uniform travel jacket and I used "peanut butter" to get it all off. I am very proud of my home remedy that worked.

3.  Hunter, all of the sudden seems to be allergic to peanuts or strawberries.  His face broke out in hives/rash not long after having a strawberry smoothie and a bar with peanuts in it yesterday.  Dad took him to the doctor they gave him some Benadryl and the emergency shot stick.  So now I have to take him (again) to be tested for these things. Again, today the nurse called me to say that Hunter was in her office with some welts on his face (same way it started yesterday). This morning for breakfast he has a strawberry yogurt bar.  She gave him Bedadryl and it subsided. 

4.  Last, but not least, we had teacher/parent conference yesterday and Hunter received a wonderful report from his teacher. The best report he has ever received in fact.  She said he was respectful, he is a leader, he is friends with everyone and he is advanced in all subjects and loves his math.  As well, does really well with reading out loud to his classmates.  God Job Hunter!!   

Animal Project 

Hunter had his first "project" due at school today. He had to make his project about an animal.  The idea was to use a shoebox or a poster-board to make its habitat, being as creative as possible, while listing on index cards these three (3) facts:  1) The group it belongs to 2) What it eats and 3) Where it lives.  Then on another location you were to list three (3) other cool facts about your animal.

So, he chose to do his project on "Cheetahs".  We recently watched a DVD called "Duma" about a really cool Cheetah.  So we researched the facts on Cheetah's, he drew up his idea on another sheet of paper and then we took the crafts we purchased and put our creative minds to work.  This is the final project.  I think it looks really cool.

If you look closely (click on picture to zoom), you can see that we used feathers for the tree leaves.  We uses Africa beads on the tree bark, we used fuzzy wires on the tree and to make frames around the index cards.  We printed out and glued on some really cool images of Cheetahs.  We used gold glue on the sun, made clouds out of fuzzy wires and made land and grass out of material.  Hunter then drew, colored and pasted on these Africa birds he made up.  Take a look!!! 

I just got the word after picking up Hunter that the teacher chose his project to hang up in the class for display.  Pretty cool, Hunter!!!!

Sports Clips Hair Cut

We recently tried out this place that my husband went to recently for a hair cut called, Sports Clips.  

Hunter enjoyed the sport theme and they did a great job on the hair cut.  

For men they can pay $22.00 for a V.I.P. session, which included, a hot towel on the face, a neck and shoulder massage and shampoo.  Well, yea for everyone but the good looking men that walk in there. They gave the little "additionals" to my husband for free when he went alone in there.  
A bit tacky don't you think?  Ugh - Women!!!! 

O'well...I'll go back for Hunter's cut anyways. 

Election 2008

At Hunters school they are teaching the kids about the elections and why voting is important.  They even made the kids their own voters registration card and voting booths.  So cute!  Tomorrow, Saturday, Hunter is going down with us to put in our votes, and he has to get a voters sticker/stamp to put on his voters card and return to school.  Even though I am not into politics at all..... my vote starts with "Pro-Life".  

Hunter recently read a sign that said "Abortion kills a baby in 24 seconds." That's awful.  He looks at his sister with such a sad face and said "I know who I vote for." Morgan is putting her vote in too. 

Flag Football 2008

It's that time of year again, new flag-football pics of Hunter.  Mark is coaching again too. 

At one point during this weeks game, Hunter was handed the ball and on his way to run for a touch down when they get a whistle blown.  Hunter forgot to put his flags back on and caused the play to be stopped.

He was embarrassed and upset about it, thus the picture of Mark sitting next to him, trying to cheer him up.

Pokemon Ball

Poke'mon - 

Hunter still loves his Pokemon, second after his Bakugan toys.  If you have boys I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about. If not, you can google it this time if you really want to know more.  (winking)

I am always fascinated by Hunters creative mind and his artist skills.  He really is good.  Tuesday morning while he was eating cereal before school, as he finished he was all excited and called me into the kitchen.  When I arrived, he quickly pointed out to me that the shadow on his milk sitting in the blow looked like a Pokemon Ball.  Sure enough I look and it did.  I was so surprised by Hunter's artistic mind (because only I would see something like that in a bowl of milk) that we had to get a picture of it.  Pretty cool? I am sure for some it will be like looking at an ultrasound image and not have a clue as to what you are looking at or for.  

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