Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Paris Hilton and Red Sox's Pitcher Clay Buchholz

So, now that I have your attention.  Look what I found!  Hunter's very first modeling comp card. Look how adorable he is. Hunter and Alex have been friends since they were about 8 months old, and now they are both 8 & 9 years of age.  We took these pictures of them running around on the beach, just letting them have fun with paint. I took the picture of Hunter and I with the seagulls with my camera on tripod way back when. And speaking, to answer some of your questions about the picture of Morgan with seagulls. That is an actual picture. I don't even know how to photo shop things in pictures like that.  I will have to share another picture of Morgan with the seagulls to show you what I mean.

Anyways, I had to share this Hunter comp card, I found.  And how ironic, for we hardly get to see Alex anymore.  Her dad happen to send an email yesterday, asking if they could have Hunter over for a playdate.  With that email he sent me a picture of Paris Hilton and Alex to show me how big she has gotten.  I can't get over how grown up Alex looks now.  

In the next picture you have Hunter on the phone with Boston Red Sox Pitcher, Clay Buchholz.  He is dating my old roommate and good friend Lindsay Clubine, who hosted, HD Nets Get Out show with me, and she still does host it. She is also #26 briefcase model, on Deal or No Deal.  You can google them for more info.  Anyways, she called me up while in Texas, I guess where Clay is from, as well as I am. To wish me a happy birthday. All the while I was picking up Hunter from school, she surprised Hunter with putting Clay on the phone to talk to him.  Hunter is a big Red Sox fan and just made his travel baseball team tryouts.  So, this was a fun time for him.  Clay and Lindsay will be here in Florida in February, because Clay has spring training camp here.  He is going to let Hunter come and meet a lot of his favorite players and see them in training.   Pretty cool stuff for an 8 year old boy.  

Look at those little kids, growing all up, taking pictures with celebrities and talking on the phone with them.  I want to be a kid, again!!! 

All Hunter could say before and after that conversation is "Im going to die! I'm going to die!"  


Tongue Alphabet

Morgan is my "tongue" baby.  I can't recall Hunter having his tongue out of his mouth ALL THE TIME, as Morgan does.  I mean this child sometimes won't even break a smile for me, so all I can get is a tongue picture.  She sort of has always done this, but now that she has her two bottom teeth poking around under her tongue, she can't seem to stop.  So as I am organizing and going through pictures, I realize I had a tongue shot for every letter of the alphabet.  So here you go.  

This center picture of Morgan, with that big bright smile.  This was the picture, captured with my little camera. Her very first time to sit herself up. She looks so proud, doesn't she. And she should be! 

She is HUGE!!

Hunter loves to feed his sister.  These two picture puts it into perspective just how BIG baby girl really is.  I am telling you people, she is a big girl.  TALL, like her daddy.  When people see her they assume she is months older than she is, and she is wearing clothes many months older than she is.  Does this sort of give you an idea?  

In the first picture a couple of months old, he can hold her with his arm.  In the second picture taken with the cell phone camera, while in Marco Island at 8 months old. She barely fits in his lap.  

Twinkies -

My Buddy and Me!

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