Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday..... (love/hate relationship with my MAC)

Plain and simple.....

I did not try to organize my photos on my computer this weekend (MAC), and some how find that they have been lost and deleted.  I did not cry and get really upset for all the many, many, many photos I had not yet backed-up.  I did not get cranky at my husband, because he did not tell me several times to do such things like backup my photos on to the hard drive.  I did not waste most of my Saturday evening dealing with recovering the little amount of photos I could.  I was not heartbroken to see that ALL the pictures I had not yet saved of Morgan over the last 10 months GONE.  However, I was not a little relieved that I at least still had Morgan's birth photos on the old camera's card, because those don't really mean that much to me at all (not). 

I am not really disappointed in myself, and I do not have a love/hate relationship with this stupid MAC, laptop that I do all my work on.  UGH.... this was so NOT ME!!! 


PS:  I need help from anyone that uses MacBook OX S or whatever its called.  How it came about me losing ALL my *^%(&(#(&  photos was that I tried to make my first iDVD slide show of all the photos I took of my friends birth last Monday.  My computer kept telling me I did have enough space on my hard drive to save the DVD on my computer or burn it on a CD.  So in attempt to "clear" up some space I started organizing the thousands of pictures I had on my computer, deleting what I didn't need any longer and deleting photos I had in iphoto and or in my 'picture' file that were the same.  Some how, I ended accidentally deleting an iphoto tab or something and it lost ALL my photos.  I am devastated by this, and want to throw my computer in the pond behind my house here.  

I made a really cool slideshow in iDVD and would like to save it so I can upload it on youtube.  Can anyone tell me how to do this, PLEASE???????   

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