Saturday, March 14, 2009


1. No, I am not pregnant and the little bean is not 6 inches.
2. No, it did not snow here in Florida.
3. No, Hunter did not grow 6 inches this year.


I DID cut 6 inches off my hair, and that is the reason I missed Thursday's post. I did not go in planning to cut my hair, it sort of just happened. I went in wanting a trim and a touch up on my color. When I got there after an exhausting morning with two kids, I sat down, looked into the mirror, and just said 'cut it off'. That is exactly what she did. When she started cutting it, my first feeling was "what did I just do?" I felt mixed in emotions.


I do crazy stuff like cutting my hair SHORT about every 2 years. I didn't go as short as I normal would though.  But, this is not what this post is about. When all said and done, she did an amazing job on my hair and I LOVE it. Take a look!

But wait...

That is NOT the "SURPRISE" that I am talking about in this post.

No! No! No!......

It is NOT about the Red Sox beating the Yankees last night 8 to 4, either.


SURPRISE!!!!!....and CONGRATULATIONS to Lindsay and Clay. They got engaged yesterday before we arrived at the game. Lindsay came to greet us at will-call, but I almost couldn't see her because I was blinded by the bling on her left hand.

Isn't that so exciting? Let's just say that Hunter wasn't the only one on cloud-nine last night. I am so happy for Lindsay and Clay. The wedding will be held on .... well I will keep a couple of things private for now.

Here are some pictures from our fabulous and very much V.I.P evening at the 2009 Spring Training, Red Sox vs Yankees game, in Ft. Myers Florida.

This was spotted by Hunter on our way to the game!

While "eating" at Louie's Bar and Grill, not seating ...UGH!

The moment he had been waiting for all day.... 

Morgan, LOVED Lindsay.  I mean L-O-V-E-D Lindsay.
However, when Lindsay tried to let Clay hold Morgan, this is what happened...
(click on image to zoom)

Yesterday, did I say we had seats behind the home plate? Well folks, I meant we had THE SEATS.... the first seat, by home plate, right behind the Yankees dugout. You can almost reach over, touch the grass and red sand, that is how close we were to the players and field. Thank you so much Joe and Kim!!!

Aren't these pictures great? 

Hunter hanging out with Clay. Taking photos with the mascot.
Seeing his favorite players in the flesh and up close in the game.
This kid has no idea how lucky he was last night....
or maybe he does?

I don't know what his thoughts are when he is laying there in his bed by himself.
(click image to zoom)
At one point during the game, the Yankee's player Shelly Duncun, fouled a ball into the Yankee dugout.  Joe Girardi got the ball, turned around...
as a tons of fans stood up screaming for the ball, Joe shook his head "no" at some guys reaching in front of us to get the ball and point right at Hunter and tossed it to him!!! Pretty cool!

Then Morgan decided it was HER ball, after all she had on the Yankees gear!!!

(For those that aren't into baseball, he is another great pitcher for the Red Sox)

We also had the chance to meet up with and say goodbye to Joe, outside of the Yankee locker room before getting on the road! By the way, let me just tell you what a man of GOD this guy is. Mark and I look up to Kim and Joe in their marriage.

When all said and done, Hunter didn't just come home with; not 1, not 2, not 3...but 4 balls. Including one signed by some Red Sox players. A signed rookie card by Clay and some really awesome memories and pictures!

The night was AWESOME!!! 
A very tired Red Sox fan! 
And one precious, sleeping, future Yankee fan.... but she just doesn't know it yet! 
And let's just say... that is one LOVED and lucky "TEDDY BEAR"!!  

Baby girl was so good the entire night. Such a trooper! She slept the entire 2 hour drive to Ft. Myers before the game, and slept the entire ride back home.  Mommy, on the other hand started to feel a bit sick yesterday, but fought it through. Until on the way home, it started to progress and get worse.  Today, I feel like POOP!!! Thank GOD, I did not feel this way yesterday and that I got to enjoy a day with my old roommate, meet her SOON TO BE HUSBAND, and watch the two teams that the men in my life LOVE to watch.  It was a great family affair and we could not have asked for more.  

Hunter was in awe.  He had a smile on his face the entire night.  When the players came to meet him, he looked at me and said "mom, I don't think I can say a complete sentence right now." That speaks for itself on just how excited he really was. 

Thank you Girardi's, Clay, Red Sox and Lindsay for giving Hunter a night to never forget and allowing my family to have an eventful, fun and sports filled evening!!!  It was a total V.I.P. experience for all of us. 
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