Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Highs and Lows and my Juggling Tuesday

Just wondering if I may post a "Not Me, Tuesday"???  

In fact what I would like to do is just erase the first part of my Tuesday and just remember the second part.  Why you ask?

Well lets see.....

I wake up around 8:00 am for I put baby girl in her bounce chair, turned on the Higglytown Hero's cartoon and laid back down to "relax" (winking) for about 45 minutes.  Sometimes she will sit there peacefully by herself and other times she wants my attention the whole time.  Today would be one of those days where she wanted my attention.  So I get up and start to get things ready so I could be at the gym by 9:15 AM for my 'Body Works and Abs' class.  LOVE IT!!!  Last week was my first week back in the gym.  "GYM"....(will be another post here soon of its own).

I change Morgan, I make and feed her cereal and then I make myself bagels to eat.  By now it is almost 8:45 AM and so I put her in her exercauser so I could put on my workout gear and brush my teeth.  (Notice I didn't say shower!) Well, I come back in the living room to get her ready to go to the car to learn that she has done "poo".  Of course, she always seems to do it right when I am ready to walk out the door.  Sigh!!!! I run her in to change her quickly, and wow was it a mess. 

I then run her back into the living room so I could pack my gym bag (water, towels, wallet, phone etc).  I sit her on the couch because she can sit up a little now and she leans back on the cushions.  I put her there because I was trying to put a bib on her for the gym.  Decided to not take her with a bib on and out of now where I just walk off into my room to get my gym bag as if I left her in the chair or swing where she was strapped in.  All of the sudden I hear this "THUD" and "SCREAM".... I race in, my heart pounding and seriously for a brief second I had forgotten in that moment of panic where she was, where I left her, where is she?  Did I leave her on the diaper changer and not strap her in and she fell off?  Did I leave her on the bed and she roll off....(this lasted for a quick 3 or so seconds).  When I look down and see my poor little girl on the floor and she had hit the wood part of the autumn.  I know! I know! I feel REALLY HORRIBLE.  I feel like a really bad mommy today and its all because I was rushing and juggling too many things physically and mentally. I hate rushing!!! 

I instantly pick her up and hold her close to my chest. She is screaming to the point of not breathing.  So I blow in her face really hard, causing her to then take a deep inhale and another big scream out. As I am shaking a little bit and looking her over.  There were no bumps, just a red mark on her forehead.  There was a pillow on the floor so I think her fall was cushioned a bit and she hit (I think) the floor legs and bottom first, then from the floor fell over just enough to then hit the autumn. I calmed her down and really began to look her over. About picked up my phone and to tell my friend I wasn't going to make the gym, and to not save my spot for me. But within a couple of minutes she had stopped crying and started to act normal. So I lay her on the bed and I am talking to her and apologizing. She gives me her famous smile that melts your heart.  I kiss her a thousand times over and over again.  Decide to go ahead and go to the gym.  

So I pick her up and I head out to the car and put her in the car seat.  Normally, I would load the car up with the bags, her seat for the child care class and IPOD first, and then her.  Today, I put her in the car first since I already had her and then went to go get the bags, to learn that I had just now locked the both of us out of the house.  YEAP!!!!  (I mean "NOT ME" Do I did not)


So I walk across the street to the neighbor I know.  No answer.  Then I see my neighbor next to me, this elder couple.  They lend me their phone to call the locksmith.  They leave, while leaving me with the house phone, while also telling me to take messages for them and if their broker calls to tell him to "not sell" and that they will be back in the afternoon.  HA!!! I am sure they were partly joking, but I felt bad that I had their phone so when it did ring I answer "Schmier Residence". 

So there we were, me and baby girl, sitting outside in the garage.  THANK GOD I took her to the car first. Could you imagine if I locked myself outside, while she was inside???? Thank God also that it was breezy and a little raining while we sat out there. We weren't panting or anything from being really hot.  So I sat there and talked with her while she sat in her stroller and I read a magazine that was in my car. 

Forty-five (45) minutes later, the locksmith shows up, looks at the lock, walks to his car, gets a tool and seriously no lie, within 2 split seconds he has the door opened.  So 45 minutes later and a pretty $145 bucks later I am back in the house, missed my gym class and at this point I just want to go back to bed and start over.  

I make Morgan a bottle, put her down for a nap and just sit down to read some emails.  Decided to call my hair guy and asked if he could get me in.  He said he could but that I would need to get there in the next hour.  What?  I just put Morgan down.  Ugh!!!  So I hustle and put her bottles together, get her diaper bag ready, go in and throw some make-up on.  There was NO WAY I was going back in there with no make-up on like I did Saturday.  

Here we go again.  This time I walk out to the car, put the kick-stand thing-a-majig down, load the car up with the bags and then I go in and get baby girl from her crib. I change her diaper, while giving her a thousand more kisses, for she wasn't thrilled that I was waking her up.  I put her in the car seat and we head out.  Look back 5-minutes later she was back to sleep.  

Long story short.... got to the Salon, got the hair fixed (add lowlights) and love it.  MUCH BETTER!!! And now looking forward to feeling better about myself at tomorrows photos shoots. After the hair I picked up Hunter from school. I hadn't seen him all weekend, he was up in Boston for his first out of state hockey tournament.  He plays travel now if you are new to my site. They had a great time, I have more to share and picture from that later.  

So I took him and Morgan on a little date, letting him pick the place to eat (Ruby Tuesdays) and we had a blast. We talked, ate and played with Morgan. Hunter shared all his stories from his weekend with dad.  We head home and Mark gets home from work.  We take the kids walking around the block and then I fed baby girl, before heading off to pick up my friend to make it to another gym for a HIP-HOP class.  

The class was fun.  Got home Mark had baby girl in bed and my night ended much better than my day started.  I got the hair fixed, a date with my son and daughter, a workout in, time with family and about to get in bed so hopefully the next word to follow will be "a good nights sleep".  

So my LOWS of the day:

1. Baby girl fall and go boom! (feeling really guilty)
2. Mama locks us out of the house for 45 minutes and pays $145 for 2 seconds. 
3.  Misses gym class
4. Still not happy with hair

My HIGHS of the day:

1.  Mommy make-up with baby girl and still feeling loved by her (yummy)
2.  Get the hair fixed
3.  Date with my kiddos
4. Family Time with everyone
5. A workout in anyways
6. Get a good nights sleep in


Butterfly (6-Months Old) Today

I took these of her yesterday..... click HERE to zoom and see her pretty face at large.

In simple obedience to the One who gave His life...

In simple obedience to the One who gave His life so that we might live eternally, we should desire to abandon all we know for the unknown of giving our lives away for Him. Not just feeding the hungry, but entering into their hunger with them. Not just clothing them, but experiencing what it is like to want for basic necessities. Not just appeasing our conscience by writing a check, but by actually entering into their reality, a reality that needs to see Jesus. 
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