Friday, May 15, 2009


Fine, now that you have all twisted my arms, I attempted to take photos on my own with my little hand held camera of my hair cut.  

Do you by chance realize just how incredibly hard that is?

Now take the challenge of that alone, with your husband sitting on the couch watching you and your one year old tugging at your pants.  

Not an easy task, but like I said, I attempted to take photos just for YOU.

So I went in with these three cut/styles for the stylist.

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A little back ground.  

This is my first time to use this guy. He has been my BFF's hair dresser for many years, and as well as several models that I have worked with.  

He is now making "house calls" and so I jumped on the band wagon to join in with three other friends today and get my hair cut by him. 

I went in leaning more towards the first picture in the above collage, with the option of wanting to be able to do style number two if I wanted.  Picture number three, was just a longer version of picture number one, if that's what it needed to be to do the curls.  

So anyways.... 

If you are new here welcome, this parts for you.   A couple of months ago in March, I recently had just cut six inches off my hair.  So, this is round number two, and today I cut off almost two inches, and added layers. However, still thinking about going even shorter.  Just can't make up my mind. 

This is what I left with today.  

I had little light left to work with when attempting to take pictures of myself and hair.  I figured the side angle lets you see more of the layers.  

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As I "attempted" to take pictures of my hair, for YOU.  All of the sudden, I hear birds going crazy in my back yard.  As I look over, I then see my pet lion cat, holding down a baby bird with his paws.  

So, I of course run out to rescue the baby bird.  The birds parents were going crazy, flying and chirping, trying their hardest to draw the attention on them and away from the baby.  

The Lion. (Shilo)

<span class=
Morgan was NOT happy about any of this.  

<span class=
Isn't it cute?  Look at its wild feathers on it's head.  
We let it go and mom and dad were thankful. 

<span class=
So then it got dark out and I tried to snap a few more of what it actually looks like. 
This is all I got. 

<span class=
This one was before the bird situation, and I pulled the back up in a clip to get an idea of what it would like ever shorter.  

(and no I did not touch up this photo at all or change my eye color - those are mine, thanks!)

So what do you think? 

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Daddy brought home two movies tonight.  We watched the girly funny one first "Bridal War" or something like that.  It was alright, but a little too girly for me.  Then Morgan started to get really tired and climbed up on mommy.  Daddy thought it was so cute and I asked him to snap a photo because I have very little photos of me with my kids.  "Her eyes are as heavy as bowling balls", daddy said. 

<span class=

I love this girl. 

<span class=
Don't mind the brown shirt with green sweat pants.  I had brown on during the day, and got home put on comfy sweats. 

So should I leave it or go even shorter? 

Mark's response is cut it short, I will like you with what ever cut you go with, but you have been talking about this short cut for weeks, go for it.   In truth, he actually likes short hair (and long).  But he isn't one of those guys that really has a preference of short or long.  Which is good for me.  

So, I actually can't make up my mind.  

I went in there today, thinking dramatic.  I was walking out of there with short hair.  Instead, I walked out with a pretty rock-n-roll layered look.  I do like it.  I really do.  But..... will I also REALLY like the shorter cut? 

As that song by Ashlee Simpson goes that I am singing in my head right now "L.O.V.E."  

"All my girl stand in a circle, and clap your hands, this is for you.  No matter what you see me through."

So 'girls' what should I do, LEAVE IT or CUT IT???

On Sunday I am going to try the curl look, and see if it can look picture number two of Jessica Simpson.  I have to make my mind up by Monday, for the guy is making one last house call up here in our area that day, and he said he will cut more if I decided over the weekend I rather go short. 


Okay, now watching movie number two "The Uninvited." A scary movie.  I hate scary movies. Honey, however on the other hand is excited, and more excited that it's in Blue Ray.  BOYS!!! 





PS:  I cut my hair again today.  A little shorter, with tons of layers now.  I may go back Monday and go even SHORTER!!!!  
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