Friday, September 5, 2008

My New Trick

Just when I thought I didn't have anything new to post.... Morgan does something else for me.  Today after her nap I went in to get her from her crib.  As I look over she all of the sudden rolls from her tummy onto her back.  That's the first time!  I praised her and she just smiled.  I roll her back over on her tummy, she thinks about it, and rolls back over on her back again.  We did this 4 other times.  This should make her feel a little more independent because she always gets mad when she rolls onto her tummy and then is stuck there.  My camera battery is charging so I didn't get a picture of this yet, but you know I will.  I just had to share quickly before I run off to get big brother from school, to UPS store, to dry cleaners, and to grocery story.... then get Hunter off to hockey practice.  A mommy's job is never done!!!  

Where is OUR 'affirmation'????

Rain Rain Go Away!

Morgan got all excited when I opened the door to hear the rain pouring down.  From all these hurricanes in the making and tropical storms, its pretty yucky out today.  However I love this kind of weather and Morgan was having a pretty good time with it too.  

PS:  Morgan accidently "snorts" in this video too..... so funny!  Take a look!

(mute my music below).

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