Saturday, July 11, 2009

Drinks, Food and Laughs = Good Date Night

It turned out to be a good night out.  The sky was filled with heat lightening, so it was coming fast and bright throughout the sky.  Our first stop was to feed the beast stomach of the men. We ate at J. Alexander's of Boca, and when I say "we ate" we didn't just eat, we STUFFED our faces.  

A round of drinks, calamari, chips & spinach dip and then steaks, fries, another round of drinks (for me ice tea - yum!).  Just when I think we couldn't eat more and were ready to leave, Patrick and Val order this huge chocolate heresy's cake with ice cream.  Ewww!!!  


Yea, I am not a big fan of deserts or sweets.  Although, I did have two small sample taste of the ice cream.  I don't understand how people can stuff themselves silly and then still make room for big deserts.  It was Patrick's 40th birthday celebration, so the man wanted his chocolate desert and that is what the man got.  

Our next stop was the movie theater, where we watched 'The Hangover'.  Like I mentioned in my previous post, not my preference of movie, but I was out voted.  Ill be short on my thoughts of this film.  It did have a ton of funny 'one-liners', but some of that stuff is over board, filthy, tacky and so not necessary.  

I mean seriously, it would still be a funny movie with just the comical lines, without all that other crap and the over use of f-bombs and G-D's. Its awful.  I have more I would like to share about this, but I will wait to use it when I finally sit down and write my post about Christian artist in this industry.  Hopefully by next week I can have that post finished.


After the movie, our next stop was supposed to have been Mug Shots.  It is a dive in the hole bar and karaoke place. I think I may or may not have mentioned it on here once before.  Oh yes I did, remember the story about the girl that came up to me and asked if I would help her win the bet of $25.00 to her "old man" and kiss her?  Ugh!! Makes my stomach twist thinking of that.  I should have said "Ill make you a better deal, I will pay you $50 to just stay away from me." HA! 

Yea, THAT place.  Val and some of the girls from her work like to sing there and there just aren't that many great karaoke places around here it seems.  This place is a dump, and you come out smelling like a human ashtray.  It took me like three days to get that stench out of my hair.  

After the movie we decided it was getting late.  It was 11:00 PM, you think its late?  Um, YEA when you have kids that will be waking you up early! I was so relieved when Val and Patrick said they were up for just going home.  We got home around 11:30 PM not terrible, to three (3) sleeping kids and one tired babysitter.  A sweet young girl from my church named, Jessica.  She is great with the kids.  

Honey and I got in bed, and instead of following through with that double-dog-dare I had mentioned earlier in the day.  We laid in bed like an old married couple watching the Yankees lose a 5-1 lead against LAA, and listened to the lava lamps heating up in our stomachs. Watching all those yard-darts being thrown by the Yankees, I was thinking I wish I had a dart to throw at my stomach and pop the bloated pooch that was quickly arising.  

All-in-all, I feel a little tired today, but not horrible.  I think I will lay down now after this post and take a nap while Morgan sleeps and Mark heads to the gym. Good for him, going to the gym.  LOL.  Sleeps wins over just about anything, other than a screaming baby in the monitor, for this girl.  

Here are some shots taken from last night.  My blogging friend that is coming to stay with me for a week in August (exactly 20 days to be exact!) Daniella, sent me an email yesterday helping me figure out how to curl my hair for that nice beach -curl look, similar to the way she had her hair in her recent maternity photos she posted on her blog.  It turned out pretty nice, and it wasn't as big as I feared it would be.  Mark loved it and I think I will wear it like that this weekend during services I will be participating in this weekend.  It gives me an entire new due than the straight look, so this makes me happy.  Who knows, maybe it will entertain me for a couple of weeks and I can hold off on those extensions.  We'll see, and I hope to see some of you at church this weekend.  

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