Friday, August 20, 2010

Private Blog

I don't know how you guys do it, but it almost always gets me motivated to get on here and write a post.  Trust me, I am always thinking of post to write.  However, a thought is pretty much as far as it will get these days.  That for your benefit could be a good thing.

I have been getting more and more emails lately asking why I went private, or if I still plan to blog and can I send you an invite.  I thought I would fill you guys in with some answers.

1.  Private - I recently decided for a couple of reasons to go privately.  However, the biggest reason of this choice has been more of a professional reason.  I am considered a public figure.  I work in the public.  I am on TV and that is where I would like to grow in my professional career, TV/HOSTING.

After giving it much thought, I took the position that for now, while I am still a C-level actress trying to not only get my foot in the door, but keep it there, I decided it wasn't best 'professionally' to expose myself or my family, or share so much of my personal thoughts openly I was.

The argument I had with this for so long is that, I love to blog.  It gives me the chance to witness, talks about my God and make friends.  I love reading other blogs, praying for others and feeling connected in that way.

I want to be able to be a public figure and speak proudly and openly about my faith.  However, its a little hard to so when you are trying to "get it." I will not allow my career or my status or the "industries" opinion on people with faith shut me up, but I will try to walk this fine line of when it will be a little safer to open back up more freely again.

In the meantime, going private has allowed me to take some time off, without the pressure that I need to keep up and most as often.  Its allowed me to enjoy my summer with my family, focus on my marriage and learn how to get a little more of a healthier balance in my life.

2.  With that being said, YES, I do plan blogging again and continuing to blog. In fact, I want to point my career in a little different direction.  I am having new head shots done this year. I am having my website totally revamped and redone.  I am really exited. Its going to look up to date and fresh.  With that, I plan on adding a public blog section on that.  That blog will be more about the work industry of what I do.  Sort of let my fans and friends get the inside scoop of what I am doing as I am doing it.  Sort of like the ti-bit's I post on Facebook, but this way I can go into more detail and really bring you guys along.

3.  How do you get an invite and how can those not able to read my blog now, know they can get invited?  Its just going to be exactly how most of you have gotten the invite.  By emailing me and requesting an invite.  I don't need a huge following on here.  This blog is going to be real, raw, honest, inspirational, funny, my diary, my kids journals and simply MY SPACE!  One day it may be a letter to my kids, or a story that I wanted to keep.

So, if you have requested your invite, you are probably reading this post now.  THANK YOU and WELCOME.  I am honored to know that some how you have felt linked or connected or inspired or interested in things I have to share or say.

Oh, and feel free to spread the word.  I'll be a little guarded as to whom I invite.  I am not going to approve anyone and everyone that sends me their email address asking for an invite.  I want to keep this blog a little more intimate and feeling like a "small group" at a large function. As mega churches like to say, "as we grow, we still want to feel small."  If you want to come in, then step out and say hello.  Introduce yourself and let me get to know a little about you too.  I have had more people in the last couple of months that have come out to say hello that have never commented on my blog in the two years I have had it. That's crazy.  I have very much appreciated those of you that have taken the courage to step out and say hi to me.

Ill keep you posted on the new website and blog there so you can join in and show some support and love there.

Now, enough about that.

Lets talk about life.

Summer.   WOW, is all I can say.  Summer seriously flew by this year.  Yet, it felt just enough to allow me to be refreshed and ready to get going on the school year.

I can't believe my little man is going to the forth grade, and my baby girl is two-years old.  Does time continue to go by faster and faster, or will it slow back down? I am trying to figure out if its just us now, or if this is something to be expected.  Anyone want to share?

The hubby and I have been house hunting over the last couple of months.  Totally stressful.  You know, its starts out fun and all, then as you start realizing you can't afford all the homes that slip into your sight that you fall in love with, you start feeling stressed and pressured to move out of your budget a little more, extend a little more and we realize that is probably why there are so many people in debt.  Its SO hard to not get emotional about a home you love, or tell yourself you could move in it as is, which will be the same amount of work you would put into a home that isn't all done up that you would want to do work in eventually.  Take a deep breath, that was a long-winded and long run-on sentence. You know what I mean?   Lets not forget to mention that people that are on the selling end are in denial, still thinking they can price their home way above the market price.  Sadly, but true, there are some people out there that will buy into that trap and buy the homes, which in return ruins it for the other buyers, because then these sellers and realtors take that and run with it, trying to convince the buyers the market is going back up and try to pressure you into a price that is not in an honest ballpark for that home.   We are just going to pray about it and know that we are fortunate enough to even have this opportunity to be looking to purchase a new home.  We are blessed to both still be working.  It will work out the way its meant to work out. In the meantime, I am going to just stay focused on whats here in front of me today, like my healthy kids, my marriage building up (again) and my career having the opportunity to grow.

Hockey season is starting back up.  Tomorrow we have the first scrimmage of the season.  This year my little big man will experience his first season of check-hockey.  Hunter is very excited about that.  We are off to Disney on Sunday (just Hunter and I) along with his grandmother.  Its sort of like a makeup trip from our Disney trip last spring break that was totally ruined by rain storms.  Its going to be hot, but its our last little get away before the hectic schedules of hockey and school really kick in.  I look forward to spending some alone time with my 4th GRADER!!!!

Well... I could keep going and going, as I have much to catch you all up on, but instead I need to get in bed, for I have an early wake up time for hockey.

I hope you and yours enjoyed your summer and things are going well in your life.  Thanks for checking in on mine.


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