Sunday, October 12, 2008

THE HAIR CUT!!! (and color)

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Okay girls.... I finally went and got the hair cut on Saturday.  I wasn't going to post pictures until I did my professional photo shoot with the new hair tomorrow, but then  didn't think that would be fair.  So instead I got a little snap happy and modeled for myself.

(laughing because I really did have my own photo shoot).  

It was one of "those" weekends for me.  You know the ones that you just can't seem to be on time for anything, your feel crabby and irritable about everything.  Yea, that was me!!! I got out of the gym late and had to rush to my hair appointment and so I didn't get the chance to put on make-up or do anything to make myself feel good before going in.  As we women know, it is important that you feel good about yourself going into a salon to get changes done to the hair, because if you don't then there is no telling what you may walk back out with on top of your head.  YOU WITH ME??? 

Well, that was me walking in Saturday to my salon.  I went in with the the 'hair cut' from the magazine. Remember THIS POST? And came out pretty much with the hair cut, but a VERY blonde version of it.  Yea, I walked in and I saw this girl and loved her hair color and said to Omar (my hair guy) "I want that color".  Little did I realize that color meant having some kind of processor or something like that put all over your roots.  That stuff was stinky and itchy on my head.  I normally just get the low or high lites, not a full root make over.  When I left I wasn't so sure about the color (and still not sure), but thought once I go get my spray tan (air brushed) on, then maybe I will think differently.


I still don't know. I think it may be way too blonde. Or maybe I just need more contrast and need to add low lites.  I have my shoot tomorrow, so no time for the low lites now so I will have to make do, but don't be surprised if I post by the end of the week some changes to it.  Maybe it is the fact that I went in white (pale with no tan) and hair with roots a mile long and came home with really blonde hair and a nice golden tan that I don't recognize myself.  LOL!!!! 

What do you think about it? 

PS:  By the way notice the scar and how good it is already starting to look.  
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