Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Morgan/ My Funny Story from cruise!

Happy 9 Months Butterfly!!!! 

I took these yesterday of Morgan, trying to play around with my camera.  Although, Morgan, wasn't wanting to be the model she normal is for me.  I was only able to get a very few quick shots of her in her new little hat that I ordered from a girl I went to high school with at Simply Chic Bebe.  Beautiful little hats for little girls. 

Anyways, I took these hoping to get some really cute ones for her 9 month photo that I knew I would be posting today.  Isn't she so yummy.

I can't believe that I will be planning her 1st birthday in only a couple more months (3 to be exact on April 14th). Where has the time gone? 

Little Ms. Butterfly is crawling now, she says 'mama' clearly now and A LOT!!! I love it! She says "dada" and as well at random times "bubba", "nana" and "bye-bye" while opening and closing her little hand or waving her entire arm up and down. She has two teeth still.  She sleeps perfectly through the nights now, except for last night, and the other night and .....well you know what I mean. Enough through the nights that I can't complain.  She has a great little personality that is starting to shine through, with a little sense of humor to her.  She also is learning to express when she wants to be shy, or scared and even not interested. When she is shy, she will tilt her head downward and lay it on my shoulder, and then slightly peek out again to see if you are still there looking at her.  When she is scared, she will clamp the back of my arm with her hand as if she is trying to pop a zit off your face.  And when she isn't interested or doesn't want to be held by you, she gives you a frown and quickly pulls her hands away and back from you and turns inward to the person holding her.  Its pretty funny to see others reactions when she does this stuff. 

Morgan, being one of the very few babies on board became the "famous Morgan" on the ship.  It appears the cameras loved her and she kept appearing in the spot light of highlights the would shoot and show on the screens on the ship. You would get on the elevator and someone would say "oh that's the little girl we saw on the screen."   Little did they know, she really is famous!! 

I am so happy and so blessed to have a little girl.  I love having a little boy and a little girl. I love seeing Hunter love his sister the way he does and the way she loves him back.  I am so honored to be their mother, and thankful God chose ME, to be in their plan. 

Happy Birthday baby girl!!! 

*****  FUNNY STORY *****

Or not so funny, I am not really sure which to call it?  Maybe just more thankful than anything.  So here we are on the Bano family cruise.  Bano, short for Baniewicz (our last name). I am ready to go and I have my camera in hand, waiting to capture anything and everything.  I was going on this trip as a photographer in mind, wanting to take advantage of the people and the places around me.  Day one we get on the ship, everything is fine and we are having a blast.  Day two, same thing, having a blast and really enjoying the time with family and new friends.  Day two being Friday, we left out on Thursday, was our formal dinner night.  We are all dressed in our wrinkled because we didn't get the "no irons" memo  nice dress attire. On our way to dinner we thought we would save ourselves the LONG lines and money for the "professional" photographer to take our group photo, and use my camera instead.  

When I get my camera back to the dinner table to view the shots that we had someone take of our group, my camera all of the sudden wasn't working right.  I mean it appeared to be working, but it would not focus in on anything.  I was very concerned about this and even scared that my camera was actually broken. I tested all my other lens to see if the same thing happened with them, and it did. They would not focus.  However, the pictures would appear in focus on the playback screen after taking them.  Strange!!! So, I am upset and I don't want to take any risk, I put my camera away for the rest of the cruise trip and settle with the fact that I wasn't going to get my amazing shots I had hoped for with my camera.  Instead, I had to snap the rest of the trip with my little point and shoot Sony camera.  Ugh!!! 

Get home Monday morning, and before heading any where else, we stop at a camera store to send my camera in for repair.  We get there, I tell the lady what was happening, she picks the camera up, she takes her right pointer finger and starts moving this little dial up and down.  Instantly, I knew what she had just done.  I had totally and completely forgotten about the little focus dial that is next to the view finder.  Some how it must have gotten accidentally turned when being passed around and or taken in and pulled out of my camera back.  


I want to bang my head on the wall (again) just thinking about this.  This is why I want to learn more about my camera, just for big and small things like that, so to not have to feel like an idiot pretending to be a photographer with knowing nothing about my own camera.  Geez!!!!! 

So, although that is a funny story. It is also a HUGE relief for the that fact that my camera isn't at all broken.  It was simply blonde proof for a few days.  O'well, what are you going to do, right?  And let me just tell you, this entire thing makes you appreciate that camera of mine that much more when you are forced to shoot with a little point and click camera.  

I hope you got a little giggle out of that...... maybe that will play a role in my Not Me, Monday post next week!  

Oh to be me! 

That's what it's called:

I couldn't remember the name yesterday while writing my post, the name of the theme park/show in Disney that we are taking Hunter to see this Saturday.  It is called The Holy Land Experience.  It looks awesome and I have heard many good things about it, so I am excited.  

PS: I accomplished most of my list yesterday except:

1.  The nails (again) were left on the back burner with no love given to them.  Sigh!!!!  Maybe today when honey gets home from work and can stay with baby girl.

2.  I didn't make it to the grocery store, but did come home after Hunter's baseball game with honey having the table set up really nice, and a yummy dish of chicken-parm, pasta and garlic toast made.  Also, having Hunter's on the red "You Are Special" plate.  We have been encouraging Hunter to work on getting greens in school 3 days at a time, instead of thinking of the entire year.  (Green = Good, Yellow = Warning, Orange = In the hot seat, Red = Means not a good day at school).  At the beginning of the year he did excellent with keeping his colors green.  He really wanted to earn "Citizen of the Week Award."  In which he finally did.  However, it seems as though that ever since he got the award, he hasn't had anything to work for and therefore has slacked with keeping his cards green.  So, now we have decided to encourage him, and if he gets 5 greens Monday - Friday, he gets to have an ice cream night that weekend.  We don't allow him to have many sweets, so he was excited about this, and so far it seems to be working. Every day he gives me a smile and a thumbs up before he gets into the car to let me know he got a GREEN!  Good job Hunter and keep up the good hard work! 

I know I have things to post, and I feel I am getting behind because I can't seem to catch up.  Be patient with me.  You know I will probably get one free day and have about 10 new post that one day for the last 10 days of missed post.  LOL

Anyways, I know you were all so very interested in what show could I possibly be talking about that I am taking my family to this weekend in Orlando.  Now you know!!!  

By the way, while in Orlando for Hunter's hockey tournament, I have one very concerned husband.  His BIG concern..... 1.  What time is Hunters games on Sunday?  2. Because the EAGLES play at 3:00 pm and where can HE watch that game??  No if's, but's or and's about it! LOL

Yes, my honey is a BIG Eagles fan and he has be telling me A LOT lately how it is that he has been waiting to see the Eagles play in a Superbowl since he was a kid. As you can imagine, he is very excited about this upcoming game on Sunday.  I have yet to tell him that Hunters 2nd hockey game on Sunday is at 4:30 pm.  Hmmmm ......  what should I do?  I guess I will be at the hockey game, honey can watch the first quarter in the hotel room, and then when I get back after an hour at Hunter's game, we can run during a commercial to a sports bar in Downtown Disney.  Sounds like a good plan right?  

Anyone know of a good sports bar in Downtown Disney we can run to for the Eagles game this Sunday???

Ill have to email my friend Kristen and Adam who live out there also so we can meet up with them.  If you haven't ever checked out Kristens Blog, you should.  They are a beautiful family of Gods.  And I take pride, because I introduced my friend Adam, to my now friend Kristen and they got married and had their beautiful daughter Reagan. 

Happy Wednesday!!! 
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