Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cats on my bible - They did this all on their own, pretty cool hu?

I love this song I got off a friends blog and found this video with it.

"Capri" By: Colbie Caillat

Turn my music off at the bottom of blog to listen and watch this video.

Okay folks we are on the FINAL-FINAL count down.

This for some reason puts me in such a good mood.  I feel like the other count down was just getting me through and now this week, the count down is on!!!  I will be having my baby girl in 7 days from tomorrow.  Did you hear that 7-DAYS!!!!! 

So I will try to be creative and post something for each day going down until she is here because I know so many will and are checking every day.  So to make it worth your while, I will give you something new to read or look at, unless she wants to come earlier.  LOL

By the way ...... out walking around yesterday and the day before again about 4 times someone said "she is having a boy" or to me directly "you must be having a boy".  NOT ONE PERSON has yet to say to me you must be having a girl.  Hmmmm!!! So of course my husband teases me each and every day and says "she may be a he".  Not funny - honey!!!

Other than sleeping on the couch almost every night and visiting the bathroom every 2 hours..... I feel perky these last couple of days.  Maybe it was the sun I actually got from laying at the pool for an hour.  Gave me some feel good rays!!!! 

Although it is raining (thunderstorms) today and tomorrow.  I am determined to get in a few days of sun before going to the hospital so I do not look like a sick pale girl in all the pictures. I am there having a baby so there is no reason at all for me to not look healthy.  LOL  We shall see if my goal of being a little tan will happen for me.

Happy weekend everyone! 

Aw my new baby wants to be rocked in the bassinet!!!

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