Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Date Night with my Honey!!

 I just wanted to say that my husband and I haven't had anytime to ourselves in a very long time (10 months).  We (I) had a really hard pregnancy, we have had some struggles in our marriage and with the new baby and an active 7 year old.  We just never seem to slow down or stop.

I got a call on Monday night while Mark was driving from work. To my pleasant surprise,  I got asked out on a "date".  A real date!!! He said that he liked my list I posted a few days ago "How to have Fun with Him for Free."  And that he wanted to give #5 a shot, so to find a sitter and get out my 'Rolling Stones' shirt.  

So last night he picked me up after work and took me down to Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale. We had dinner at 'Big City Tavern'.  I had Veil with french fries (my weakness) and he went for the Pork Chops.  It was delicious. 

After that we went over to Riverfront to 'Tarpon Bend" for a couple of drinks and appetizer, since Mark didn't get one at the last place.  After that we headed over to 'Coyote Ugly' and played a game of pool.  The place was so empty, that we pretty much had it to ourselves. 

It being a school night and work night, we didn't stay out long.  We went home and snuck into the rooms of the kids to kiss and sniff their heads, one of favorite things to do before bed. Then off to bed we went ourselves.  

It was a perfect "first date" that I have had in a very long time.  Thank you very much honey for my date! 

I do have to say I am a bit upset that I didn't get a picture of us, considering I took my camera just for that reason.  But you can't blame me for I was actually there "with" my husband and lost in the moment of getting to know one another again.  We smiled, held hands, kissed, talked and laughed.  Just what a girl like me needs with the one person that matters the most to her. 

Since I know it is "a secret rule" to not post on blogs with out photos.... I found these via the internet for you!!!! And yes, I know that was not really a "free" night. However, it was a simple date just for us to get away by ourselves as a married couple. We didn't have to get all dressed up or make reservations.  We were on our own schedule, just the two of us.  And the bright side is that we did have a "FREE" sitter.  Thanks Val!!! 

Sweet Peas!

Morgan had Sweet Peas with her rice today.  Her first attempt of some real food (sort of). Although I didn't read the bottle where it says "to warm the food up".  She didn't seem to mind it much at all just as it was.  I mean come on look at her face, what is that saying to you? LOL

In these next two shots, she has this big smile on her face.  Why? Because she was making some, um, I don't know, some strange noises???.... and when she saw me looking at her and I started to laugh at her, she cracked up too.  This went on for a few until her "business" was done!!!!  

Speaking of "business".... do husbands really have a clue as to what we mommies manage at our day/night jobs? My husband sent me an IM saying "I hope you have a good day!" the other day. Just when this happened: AN EXPLOSIVE DIAPER!!!! Sigh!!!! 


My baby is getting mobile

It seems that when ever we have a visit with Morgan's doctor and he asks if she is doing such-n-such (i.e. rolling over in full, eating cereal, sleeping through the night).  Most of the time the answer is "yes, she already doing that and that and that." 

And some how we got on the subject of the crib, that it probably is about time to remove the blankets and stuff from the crib, because before you know it she will be rolling all over in her bad in her sleep and when awake.  You don't want her to get twisted in the blankets. Well she ended up not feeling well that afternoon and wanted to sleep and sleep, probably due to her shots she had.

I hadn't had the chance then to get her some long pj's, she normally sleeps in a onsie with a blanket.  I went in while she was napping and sure enough this is how I found her.  Later on that day before bedtime I put her in there while I went to get her bottled warmed up, she had destroyed her entire bed, taking down the mobile, her blankets and stuffed animals.  When I looked over at her with the camera she game me that look.  LOL

So needless to say, everything is out of her crib and I got her some long pj's.  Speaking of....these pj's I got her from Walmart are a size 6 months.  I thought for sure they would fit. I get home, open them up and then after the fact they were already open, I noticed it says weight "10-16 lbs".  What?  At six months, 10-16 lbs!!!  Morgan just turned 5 months and is 18.7 lbs already.  Well they fit her, but fit her REALLY snugged.  They will have to do until I get her some more.  

PS:  For the last 5 nights now she has been waking up several times during the night because she rolls herself over while sleeping and it scares her.  In which in return scares me, for I jump to my feet before my eyes can even open when the scream comes through on the monitor. Makes my heart race!  I am feeling REALLY tired lately!!! 

I tried to let her put herself back to sleep, but she just ends up really mad and yelling.  Any suggestions? 

Her feet are where her head started! 

Here she some how wiggled her way to the other end of her crib! 

Just pics from day at beach last Sunday -

Just when Val was about to take our picture, this lady walking by
stops and says "what a beautiful mommy you are and your kids are precious"
as you can see we all had the same response HU? 

I have to admit I like the picture above, because I got about 5 
other shots that looked similar to this one.  Sigh! 

Finally, after a little threatening to ground him from his DS he smiled for this one shot.
Isn't he beautiful? Horrible shot me of though, O'well! 

Although Payton is smiling here, she was pretty tired and cranky this afternoon,
like a rockstar she stayed up late at a friends house the night before! 

Morgan is surely a girl, seems she always has something to say
and she says it with such conviction, look at that face.

Just chill'n and tak'n it e-z

So far I am very fortunate that Morgan can relax enough to eat....

and fall asleep at pools and the beach.  JUST PRECIOUS!!!

Hunter's "Ball" Talent

Hunter is all around an athletic kid.  I mean look at these pictures. He has a body of a 18 year (well okay no really), but his is defined like any other kid his age I know.  Crazy! 

At the beach this weekend, he was showing off some of his foot and head talent with a volleyball.  

After getting Morgan to sleep we played a little volleyball back and forth!  He loves volleyball (that's my boy).  We sat next to some of my volleyball buddies (2 on 2 beach style) and he just loves to watch them.  I miss playing so much. I think it's time I get back out there a couple times a month at least.

Bakugan Brawl Part 2

Hunter came home from school Monday and we were doing homework, talking about his day at school and his upcoming birthday. I pretty much know already what he is asking for this year on his birthday (anything related to Bakugan). 

During our conversation we decided to go online and look at some Bakugan items that he is interested in, one being the actual Bakugan battle tray.  I didn't even know it existed because Hunter is so creative he actually designed his own, cut it out of paper, taped it and colored it himself.  

As we were looking over things, my blog page popped up because it is set as my "home page" when you hit the internet browser. He saw the name Bakugan Brawl and the picture I posted for that post.  He quickly stopped me in my tracks to go any further, for he had to see what that was he just saw.  I told him that I shared with everyone on our family site our Bakugan battle, and told everyone how he beat me.  He asked me to read it to him and so I did.  When I was finished he had such a proud smile on his face (I love that look on him).  He said "great story mom, and its okay if you didn't win, you played great." Gotta love kids!

Well, after we were done Hunter went to his room to play, he came back to me about 20 minutes later with a note book.  He had wrote his own story of our battle that took place.  It so cute.  He asked me to read it out loud and two things wonderful come from this...1.  I can actually read clearly what he writes, he has beautiful writing and like his mommy he enjoys writing without leaving out details.  2. He feels so big and proud (as he should) knowing he wrote that and that I can read it.  It's like it confirms that he has reached "big kid" land.

It seemed no matter how I tried to get a picture of this letter he wrote (scanning, taking a picture of it), I couldn't get it to come out all that clear.  Here is what it says:

Bakugan's by Hunter #1 (that his his number in his homeroom class - its a habit to put it on his papers)

(page 1)
Bakugan brawl comes from the word bakugan brawlers
its a fun game
there are 6 types fire, water, wind, ground, dark and nonsens ( nonsense)
I like dark I have 33 bakugan and 37 cards I like to battel (battle) my mom
she is very good for a girl (thanks son) 
she has battel'd (battled) me 3 times she has beet (beat) my best bakugan 
thats so cool she likes wind types because they are strong and they are green
and the cards are medal inside it's cool.  

(page 2)
As you now no (know) me and my mom like to brawl
well we brawled last night
I won so what (underlined it) she is good for a mom
she almost beet (beat) me
she is so good. she is in my club (yes the Bakugan Club!)
she is a wind type she is so cool
she beet (beat) 3 of my bakugans she so good 
she use'es (uses) my bakugans she has straduges (strategies).
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