Thursday, August 7, 2008

No More Pain Buddy -

My friends dog Roscoe, took his last breath after a long fight with cancer on Tuesday August 5th.  He was such a fighter until the very end.  I called him my little boyfriend, for he truly was just full of sweet love.  

Please pray for my friend for I know her heart is truly sadden, broken and feeling lonely this week, for he was her companion. 

We love you Blair and Roscoe!!! 


Today while my friend was over visiting, and while we are sitting there talking, out of no where Morgan rolled over.  It was the funniest thing because it took us a full second or two to realize what we just saw.  Then it hit us- oh wait..... she just rolled over, she has never done that before.  And so for the rest of the day she kept doing it and doing it, and sometimes getting really mad if she didn't get it on the first try or two. So I took some pictures of her in action.  

Morgan rolled over TODAY, August 7th, 2008.  Go Morgan!!!

I'm 4 Months Old

I can almost rollover 

I can laugh out loud

I loves kisses and attention

I love going on walks 

I can entertain myself for short periods

I am teething

I love to just talk with anyone that will listen

I love my family

I am almost sleeping through the night

I will start cereal in another week or two

I am getting good at reaching out and grabbing things and holding on to them

I love my glow-worm

I don't scream anymore while riding in the car

I am a really happy girl, that is loved and cared for and blessed!!! 

Gods Promise

I was leaving a meeting one day a week ago and the first thing I saw was this awesome rainbow.  We don't get to see many of these here in Florida, and I don't think I have ever seen one in full like this one.  Love it. 

A day with butterfly -

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