Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh My Heart is Melting...

No matter how bad it gets, this will always cheer me up.  I absolutely love these moments when they do this, and I have to admit, Hunter is like this with his sister all the time. The way he loves her, talks to her and just adores his little sister.  I am so proud of you Hunter, you are an amazing big brother and one day Morgan will know it too.  

What is so precious about these photos isn't that they are MINE and the most beautiful kids I know.  I love it even more so to look at these pictures and see their own bond and love for one another and that is something that THEY will always have between them that cant be taken away.  

Morgan lights up when her brother walks in the room and looks at her.  Its crazy cute.  Lately, when we drop Hunter off at school in the morning, Morgan will fuss the first few minutes after he has gotten out of the car and we start to drive off.  

PS:  Notice my big mans new and handsome hair cut.  FINALLY, I got him to style it. He is looking pretty sharp these days. 

Precious Moments:

Her first big girl barrette -- gone crazy mad!

When daddy got home from work, while making dinner, I found a barrette on top of the counter.  So I thought I see if Morgan had enough hair to hold it in.  It just so happened to have matched her orange outfit and the barrette has a palm tree on it.  The first picture with her doing her snickering face, granny taught her (thanks mom), reminds me of Peebles from the Flintstones.  She just looked so cute, I had to take some shots.  The last picture I put the barrette in the correct way and then after dinner it looks like she took another bite out of a lamp wire.  My funny Butterfly! 

PS:  Tonight, I actually tried out the snot machine on myself to see what it is that Morgan experiences when I do it to her.  It tickles a bit, but it works!  I know some of you were dying to know that.  You should get one if you don't already have them --Babies R Us!  Ill have to post a "Not Me, Monday" on Monday, that I did not just admit that.  Hmmm? I don't know what you are talking about.  

My personal paper shredder!

Okay I had to share this although it may be the worst picture I have ever posted, but it was all I could get with the phone camera, with her moving around crying and I laughing, I mean trying to soothe her.  I wouldn't dare laugh at my little girl who already doesn't feel good, while she was tearing up some paper towels all around her, to only get mad when a piece got stuck to her face from the snot!  I am telling you man, this girl has got snot!!! 

She LOVES to hold tissues, paper towel or paper and just rip it apart.  I have no idea where she got that from, but I have to watch her closely while she does it, because she had a little "almost" choking episode once on a piece of paper she bit off into her mouth. 

So why let her play with paper or tissue you asked?  Well, maybe because it will help me from going insane when nothing else seems to get her to stop fussing.  And, she loves it and it can't hurt her if I am watching her, in which I am.  I did however just learn in the last hour she loves the sound of the small travel size bag of chips.  Yea, so as I type this she is smiling at me in her chair making lots of fun noises with a bag of Doritos.

And while we are on a Morgan moment.... baby girl likes holding her own bottle now.  She loves sitting next to me in the sink when I am making her bottle.  And she still has no interest in that crawling stuff! But she is super cute with her two little bottom teeth in!!! 

Oh yea and she is really trying to say words.  She has got "da-da" down, "bah-bah" and not with her mouth, but with the back of her throat she will say "ma-ma" but it sounds more like "gahna-gahna", but I know what she is saying folks!!  LOL She is really trying to figure out her mouth though, but for some reason she keeps getting distracted with those two little sharp objects under her tongue. She wants to know why they wont go away.  Today, she is using her lips and mouth more trying to say "ma-ma", but it starts out and turns into "ma--ba-ba-ba".  Oh and Nana Jan will like this, sometimes it sounds like "na-na-na".  

And I have not forgotten my letter to Hunter, and I plan on posting it soon.  :)

A Picture can say so many things or just one....

A picture can say a million words or it can just say one big word "SICK".  Yes, baby girl is really sick.  I took her to the doctor after I picked up her brother from school Tuesday, for she had been pulling at her ears and coughing a lot.  Then all of the sudden her eyes are glossy and a rash formed all around her eyes. I rushed her to the doctors office.  The nurse weighed her and then listened to her heart. With out saying a word to me, the nurse has a serious face on her and walks out the door.  I try to listen as I hear her knock on the door next to us, pull the doctor away from that patient he was with and they are whispering in the hallway.  Before I could get closer to the door to try to hear anything, both of them came into the room, still not having said a word to me.  Don't they know that this stuff drives any mama crazy?  It makes you very worried. Its a strange feeling.  

Then the doctor listens to her lungs and asked for her chart and said he will be right back.  I look at the nurse and she then told me "I hear wheezing, but with her being so young and with the rash we want to make sure she isn't having some kind of reaction any kind." She said, "hang tight, we will be right back." 

As we are sitting there the rash around her face is fading just as fast as it appeared.  Strange! When the doctor finally came back in the rash was gone, and he said "I was hoping that to be the case. Sometimes babies can rub so much they irritate the skin and cause a rash to form and this seems to be the case with her."  Then he continued "but she does have an ear infection forming and wheezing in her lungs, so we are going to put her on two antibiotics, one for her ear and one for the cough and wheezing. She needs to come back in 10-days unless she seems to get worse, if she isn't getting better then we will talk about the breathing machines."  I know the name of it, but can't seem to spell so Ill just call it the 'breathing machine'.  Hunter had one when he was younger.  

Taken with phone camera at doctors office! 

Well, today is Thursday (as if you didn't already know).  Baby girl puked all over herself today. I mean really vomited.  She hasn't wanted to eat much because she can't breath and I have been doing my best to keep the nose clean by sucking out as often as I can.  As you can see in the picture I use a snot sucking gadget, and it really does work. I know that is a really gross picture, but sometimes seeing is believing in case you wanted to get yourself a snot sucking gadget too.  And besides, at least I didn't take a picture of the vomit. Oh speaking of.....

Taken with phone camera, yummy! 

Yea, so she hasn't wanted to eat much because she can't breath.  While I tried (again) to feed her some apples and bananas, she started gagging on it and out of no where vomit projected out all over the place.  WOW!! 

Needless to say, mommy has a fussy and sick little one on my hands. I think she is being a trooper considering. I sort of feel like I am getting a bit of cold now myself, for my nose is stopped up and my throat is a bit itchy.  O'man

Its going around I see though, for it seems as all the blogs I check out everyone is talking about being sick.  Ugh! 

Today's Quote

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.
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