Sunday, June 14, 2009

Apology Letter from "B"...April Rose Blog

I normally don't check the blog life out much on the weekends, because I am soaking up the love and attention I get from my family being home with me.  

While I just put baby girl down for a nap, Mark is off running some errands and I need to go take a nap myself.  I thought I would glance and see if any of my friends posted.  

I see a post from the "April Rose" blog and of course my heart sort of jumped, because I was surprised.  I click on the link that popped up her letter and I read it.  

Once I was done reading it, I left her a comment and this is what it said.


I forgive you. There are no perfect people anywhere on this earth. There is only one perfect person, and HE paid the price for ALL of US. I was never angry with you. Just confused. I have prayed many times for you. I will also post your letter on my blog, because I think regardless of what you have done, you have the right to be heard, your apology to be heard...and I will be the first to say that I FORGIVE YOU. God Bless you girl.... Don't give up. Get the help you need, and let GOD, make something amazingly good in your life from all this bad, negative and sad stuff. Let HIM prosper you. Only HE can fill that missing piece in your life that you thought you found through all of us on your blog. Only HIS love goes deeper for you than anything you already experienced or been through. God forgives you. God loves you.... and so do I, and I have never met you. Take care.

Now I ask that you take the time to read her letter too, and as Christians, we all forgive her.


*She did have comment section open, but now she doesn't. Just pray for her instead.

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