Sunday, December 7, 2008

Test - Did I finally learn a new trick?

I finally just learned a little big trick.  Did you guess what it was?  Yea, I have only asked a few blogger friends how to do this, with no one wanting to be the first to tell share their little secret, until recently MckMama shared and then Michelle with Circle of Life shared.  You can click on both of their blogs to the right of my blog.  

Anyways, I am pretty tired. I have been sick the last 3 days, I finally got what Morgan had has.  Mine hit me the worst Friday evening.  I finally had a mini melt down, cried a bit because I was exhausted, physically not feeling well and Morgan just didn't want to give me a break that night either.  Ugh! 

I was supposed to go to the Keys Saturday morning to attend my friends wedding and do her hair.  However, just being sick was not able to and thankfully my friend had already had an hair appointment scheduled before she learned that I would and could do her hair. Thanks Lindsay for being understanding.  She is the girl on my photography blog, with her now "husband" and beautiful little girl Madi.  Congratulations to you guys!!!! 

Since I had been sitting in my house Monday-Friday 24/7 with a sick infant, Mark decided to get us out of the house for a bit and go take a little walk around the mall.  He ended up getting me my new lens I wanted for my camera.  It arrives on on Wednesday and I am so excited.  While there we took Morgan to see Santa.  She did great.  I have some cute pictures to share from that, but way too tired to upload them tonight, so you will just have to wait and come back to see them.  *wink-wink*

Today, I went to see Hunters hockey scrimmage, he scored the first goal of the game.  Way to go Hunter. Then while daddy and Morgan took a nap, Hunter and I drove to Toys R Us, because this little gift card that someone got him was burning a huge hole in his pocket.  When we arrived we learned that there was a cool carnival there.  So we went into Toys R Us and then stopped over at the carnival for 3 rides, a game and a funnel cake.  What? What was that?  Oh you want to see pictures from that too?  Yea, well not tonight for as I already said, I am so exhausted.  I just had a fight with a 7 month old who has learned quit well how to do a "lock-down" of the mouth when I need to give her mediation to her.  Yea, she is pretty smart, pretty strong and pretty stubborn when it comes to getting that mouth open.  I physically have to hold her down to do it.  Then gave her a bath, fed her a bottle and then rocked her to sleep. While trying to pry my 8 year old away from the TV, watching "Total Drama Island Cartoon" so he can too get in bed. As I type this I think I have told him about 20 times to get in bed, but he tries to be sweet sneaky, and comes over to me to rub my shoulder and sort of gets caught reading every word I type here on this post.  I wonder if he can read as fast as I am typing all of this.  He has asked a couple of times what a word or two means.  LOL Kids!!!! Even more funny, he just said to me out loud, "LOL means "laughing out loud" and!!!"  So I guess he can read as fast as I am typing.  So either he reads pretty darn fast, or I don't type as fast as I like to think that I type.  Either way, who cares!  And he just said to me "I heard that", but without saying anything back to him, he will soon read, that he didn't "HEAR" anything, but in fact he "READ THAT".  LOL (laughing out loud) Hunter-Bunter!!!!  Now he is snickering!!! 

Okay, okay...... he is cracking me up and I seriously need to get us both in bed.  Morgan was up at 2 and 5 AM this morning. Thankfully daddy was here to get up with her at 7:00 am, so I could get two extra hours of sleep.  Wait a minute, that wouldn't really be "extra" hours I got, just caught up on the hours I missed at the 2 and 5 wake-ups, right?  Oh well, either way those two hours I got was the best sleep I have gotten all week here with the kids.  

Okay, so again.... I am glad that I learned this little "line over words"  trick.  Its the little things that can make one smile.  I love learning any new little trick or fix when it comes to my computer!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Oh before I head off to bed, I almost forgot to mention the most exciting news of the evening.  Hunter received the phone call tonight...... he made the team for travel baseball.  He had tryouts all weekend.  Congratulations Hunter!!!! 

Good night blogger peeps! 
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