Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Winners!! Winners!!! Winners!!! and More....

I know this is over due...but its better late than never, right? Right! 

Here is the deal....

Since so many left comments on both my blog and Angie's blog @ 7 Clown Circus, but all didn't leave details on which item you were interested in, I am doing something different.  

If you left specific request, I put you in a drawing for that item(s) and drew them from a bowl and have posted those winners here.  

However, regarding the 3 girls dresses I put ALL person's who commented into the drawing.  


Well, because I have a fun idea that I think would allow these dresses to travel around the world into welcoming moms and little girls hands.  

So what's the catch?  

Nothing really.... its more fun for YOU than me at this point.  YOU get to have a GIVEAWAY on your blog.  Giveaway's are the "cool" thing to do these days it seems on blogs.  And, well, YOU get to promote your blog, with a giveaway at my expense.  

What do you mean at your expense?

Silly people.... I have the clothes, don't I? Then I would be the one to ship them, and it cost YOU or your winner nothing.  So, YOU get to giveaway an adorable dress to anyone YOU personally pick and or have a drawing from your own readers on your blog if you choose.  

What if I don't want the dress to giveaway or want to provide a giveaway on my blog?

That's totally cool too.  No worries!! Just send me an email from the 'contact me' tab above to let me know that, and I will find someone who would LOVE to either receive or giveaway the dress  you won.  

If you are a winner and you personally want the items, please email me your mailing info so that I can get it shipped out to you.  

Congratulations and thanks for showing some love either on my post on Angies blog, or on here.  It was fun stopping by visiting each and everyone one of your blogs.  Getting to meet you and your own families.  And it was most fun.... PAYING IT FORWARD.

Winners!!!  Winners!!! Winners!!!! 

1.  Lula @ Lulaville -   12 Month Girls Dress - Pink and Black w/black velvet trimming

2. Rhonda @ A Day in Rhonda's Life  -  0-3 Month Dress - White with flowers w/bloomers

3.  Sparkette @ He's Outnumbered  -   6-9 Month Dress - Yellow w/belt and bloomers 

4.  Mommaof4wife2r @ A Thorn Among Roses  -  Little toddler Nike sneakers!  

5.  Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend  -  Boys Pokemon 

Don't forget to PAY IT FORWARD when you can!!!  

I care.

I'm still here and all is okay.  I promise. 

I have been pretty busy over the last week, and to be honest, I just haven't felt like I had much to 'post' about.  Don't misunderstand me, I have SO MUCH to post about.  I have so many beautiful, joyful and blessed things in my life that I could honestly post every minute of every day.  A new post.  A new subject. A new thanks.  I am abundantly blessed. 

I just haven't felt the "desire" or the "energy" to post every day.  I think for several reasons.  One reason, I personally needed the break.  I have been letting my 'to do' list build up and sometimes I find myself reading blogs and or trying to post something, that before I get off to get anything done around the house or spend time with my daughter, its time to turn around and go pick up my son from school, then to get him to baseball and figure out what my family will be eating for dinner. Then by that time, I find myself feeling overwhelmed, cranky and or just tired.  

Part of that roller-coaster continues to come from the many, many sad stories that lay on my computer screen every day.  I pray for each one of them daily, but have distanced myself from sitting at my computer sobbing in tears.  

I have wanted to post about a couple of things, but I fear that time will keep flying by and that it will be another item listed on my 'to do list' and not get done.  I wanted to post about death and heaven, and as well as the meaning of Easter.  I have verses that I wanted to share and as well as thoughts that I felt I was being led to share.  Maybe I am still supposed to write about those things, but just not in the time frame I was thinking I needed to write them.  Only God knows, so we will see if those post make it to their post date. 

With all of that being said...... 

Today I get on to read SIX (6) sad blogs.  All blogs that I read often and probably most of you have read before or even follow as I do.  Interesting enough today APRIL 7th seems to be a day of memories, reminders of all kinds with ALL the babies on my prayer roll.  

Today is baby Isaac 6 month mark since his passing.  

Today baby Jonah and his parents posted their first family photo from the grave sight of their first born and son. While Jonah seems to be having a hard time with eating and his pain during bandage change at home also.  

Changes and plans are being made for Stellan, and looks to be as though he will be in need of heart surgery, and having it across the country from where he is now.  He has been declared a 'failure' of being able to stay out of SVT on medication.  There are several very risky things to come with such a surgery as he will need in a baby only 5 months old.  He needs our prayers. 

A post from Jessica's (The Macs) friend (The Moffat's) just hurting and missing baby Cora, as I am sure Cora's entire family is going through. 

A post from Angie's best friend Jessica, remembering TODAY, the 1-year-anniversary of the birth and death of sweet Audrey Caroline. 

Then of course a beautiful, heartfelt post from Angie herself, remembering, looking back on, and mourning the loss of her child but yet rejoicing and trying to understand the "harvest" of this season in her life that God has planned for her and her family. 

Not to forget about baby Bentley, and her family as they get a day closer to her upcoming heart surgery.

And baby Ryan, who looks as though will get to go home at the end of the month if all stays steady, and while they try to let him grow and build his heart stronger before he has his surgery.  

While continue to pray for Abby and Kayleigh.  And these two hurting families as well, baby Luke and baby Sage

So today, I wanted to write a little post to let my brothers and sisters in Christ that are hurting or suffering and or mourning today, April 7th.  I am praying for each and everyone of you.  I am praying for every little angel written in this post daily.  

I care. 

Please, stop by each of those blogs I listed above and show some support and love.  Let them know they are thought of, being prayed for and that they are not walking these paths alone. Below, I posted pictures of sweet baby Audrey, as we mourn and yet celebrate today APRIL 7th... in which one year ago today, sweet Audrey became a LEGACY.  

I remember being told about baby Audrey, but was not allowed to see or read about her on her mothers blog, until AFTER I had Morgan.  If you recall, Morgan and Audrey had the same due date of April 14th, but Audrey came a week earlier.  I remember when I was allowed to read her story, how I sat there bawling, while I held my own daughter of only a week or so old, so sadden while another mother planned for her daughters funeral. 

Please take a moment and pray for these families today.  

Sweet Audrey Caroline

PS:  On another note.... I would like to also ask that you say a prayer for our daddy blog friend Tim, at Fort Thompson.  If you haven't read his blog over the last few days, you may not know that he went in for a doctors visit only to have left there with the feeling of fear and the unknown.  He will be going in tomorrow Wednesday for some test to be done on his colon.  Please pray for him and that these test come up cancer free and healthy. 

On a much lighter note:

I have the winners for the ****hand me down**** GIVEAWAY and I will post them tomorrow.  The post WILL be posted tomorrow.  Thanks for your patients.  Don't worry, I will contact the winners personally, since I have taken so long to provide everyone with the winners, I don't expect them to know that they won, unless of course they became followers of my blog.  Sorry it took me so long, I promise to be a better and a more timely announcer to future giveaways.  

God Bless everyone.... and have a blessed filled day.  

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