Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Believe in Us

Dear Mark:

I believe in hope
I believe in dreams
After all these years these sweet and bitter tears, do you believe in me
I believe in time and I believe in trust
so darling don't let go cuz baby all I know is I believe in us

All the things you talk to me or all the things that love should be
and I bless the day that you came to me 
I know sometimes we lose our way
and we say things we don't mean to say
you hold my heart within your hand 
I believe that life is full of twist and turns 
and baby all this pain
is just like summer rain
its the only way we learn
and I believe that pain will lead us back to love
so darling don't let go cuz baby all I know is I believe in us

Heaven knows where reckless angels go we fall so low
thats what it is to walk that far holding **** forever more 
Do you believe in heaven, cuz the best is yet to come 
and we have come to far to let it fall apart
Baby don't give up, 
darling don't let go cuz baby all I know is I believe in us

I believe in us
I believe in you, I believe in me 
I believe that we were meant to be 

Lyrics by: Amy Sky 

Have Fun with Him for Free

1. Park your car in a secluded place and kiss like you were in high school. Crank slow jazz, roll back the seats, and fog up those windows, baby!

2. Board games aren't b-o-r-i-n-g if you play them right. Put a naughty twist on a classic and invent something fun, like strip checkers — each time one of you jumps a chip, the other person has to peel off an article of clothing. Hey, everyone wins!

3. Does your city boast world's largest ball of twine or perhaps a chicken with a human face? Visit to discover strange stuff in your area. Then go eyeball the bizarre findings with your man. Bring your camera!

4. Peruse to find the number of a local wine shop. Call to see if they offer free tastings (many do!), and then make a day of it. 

5. Put on a ratty concert tee and ripped jeans and head to a dive bar. While you're jamming to Bon Jovi on the jukebox, challenge your guy to a game of darts and, okay, spring for a $1 draft.

6. Flag your dream home in the real estate section of the newspaper. Then do a fantasy walk-through with "The Mister" during an open house.

7. Rock the house on the house. Type the words free concert along with your town and state into the search engine to find a gratis gig in your neck of the woods. Great bands play at no cost on occasion, so there's a good chance you'll get lucky.

8. Have an urban campfire. Fire up a hibachi on the front stoop or in the backyard; grab a box of graham crackers, a couple of chocolate bars, a bag of giant marshmallows, and two skewers and roast s'mores in the great outdoors.

9. Head to the court with your guy and play hoops. Practice free throws and three-pointers before asking him to help you perfect your layup.

10. Take an architectural tour of a nearby city. Spend a few minutes researching the buildings online and then go visit them in person. You may have passed by cool sites you'd never even noticed.
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