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I am playing today!

Thanks Heather for Truth carnival. 

The rules of the TRUTH post:
1. Tell 10 facts about yourself that are interesting or maybe just weird.
2. Tag 7 other bloggers that you think would have better stories than yours.
3. Tell the 7 others that you tagged them so they know in case they stopped reading your blog weeks ago because you have been forgetting to post.
4. Remember what is shared so you can use it in the future in large gatherings like weddings or kids' birthday parties.

I may go over the 10 facts, because I have been asked several questions from readers that I have yet had the chance to sit down and answer them.  So I will get two things done, with one stone.

1.  I was a major tomboy growing up.  Whatever the boys did I did.  That included when going over to my boy cousin's to play or sleepover, I would get to run around with no shirt on just like them.  After all there was absolutely no difference in what they had and I had under our shirts.  That finally changed when I paid for mine.  YIKES!! Truth does hurt! I was also once mistaken for a boy in the 1st or 2nd grade by the principle at school, due to my mullet hair cut and 4 top missing teeth.  She said when trying to get past me in the office "excuse me little boy." HA! 

2.  I have bunions and I hate them.  They make it very hard to enjoy a beautiful shoe.  I can't wear shoes with straps.  I do plan on removing these annoying suckers within in the next year or so.  Oh my I have flaws!

3.  I do not like horror movies, and like my friend Heather, I can not look out any window that is looking out into the dark.  Being afraid that some creepy face is going to jump out at me and scare me, and same reason as to why I hate shower curtains.  Besides the fact that they touch you and stick to your arms or legs when showering and that is just gross!!! 

4.  I have never tried or experienced with any drug.  In truth I was afraid to, not because of making my parents upset, but because my biolgical dad killed himself when I was 11 or 13 years old (drug related). He was heavily into drugs.  He was a musician and in a band. I was afraid that if I tried any kind of drug that I would lose control and become addicted as so many people do.  I just didn't want to take the risk and stayed away from them.

5.  Although the file of my biological dad says he killed himself.  His case file is still open as unsolved, because all his family believe that he was set up and murdered., Possibly due to being in debt for unpaid for drugs.  I wish they had the answers to be able to have peace on the truth in this matter.  I never knew him, but I have been to his grave and I forgave him for not being able to be the father he should have been for me and my half brother. However, because of his actions I was blessed with a wonderful and loving step-father, in which I call dad.' 

6.  I have never been on a diet in my entire life.  I am naturally skinny.  In fact, I am one of those ridiculously blessed genetically skinny people.  I have to eat to keep my weight on so to not get too skinny.  If you tell me I look skinny, its almost like telling a fat person they are fat. I don't like to be called skinny.  

7.  I also hate salads or just about any type of vegetables.  To have an idea of what my diet is like, just look at a kids menu at any place.  I know, ridiculous right?  I typically do not like to talk about this stuff because I have lost friends over this before.  Women tend to be way sensitive and judgemental over this subject.  I have learned that if you are going to be jealous or judgemental over the way my God has designed me, then you probably weren't much of a friend of mine to begin with.  The last question I want to be asked is "what is my secret for losing the baby weight so fast." I often find myself tiptoeing around my answer to not hurt their feelings, and say something along the line "oh I don't know, I am just busy running around so much I never stop to eat." Well, that isn't the real TRUTH.  This is about telling the truth.  I am blessed beyond words that I can eat anything in the world at my hearts desire and not have to lose sleep over it.  I don't do that though (eat whatever I want at my hearts desire).  I am not a big desert or sweet eating girl.  Occasionally, I will have a cheesecake or something.  At home I sometimes have honey buns or sugar cereal for a snack, but that is the most of that stuff I eat. I love eating bologna sandwiches.  I put mayo on just about anything that uses any type of bread to go with it.  Sorry girls, but its the truth!! 

8.  I use the Canon Rebel EOS XT Digital camera.  Other than that I can't tell you much more than that.  I can't answer your camera questions or give you photographing advice.  I hardly know much myself.  I think I just get lucky with a lot of my images.  I am self taught when it comes to my photographs.  I want to learn it, I look it up, I try it out and I learn then.  I do have an advantage because I have modeled for 13 years.  Allowing me to understand the importance of lighting, watching for shadows and being able to see things in a creative way through the lens.  I love POV's (different point of views). 

9.  I do work out sometimes, but not all the time, and surely not as often as I'd like to or should.  However, I stay busy, I am chasing and picking up a 20+ pound mobile baby 24/7  We ride our bikes a lot and Mark and I recently started going back to the gym together.  Well, we did once last week anyways.  LOL.... And we hope to maybe get in at least 3 times a week to the gym and run and bike the other days.  Let's just say that it didn't happen this we will try again next week.  Ugh!!!  I like to work out, I just hate working out at gyms. I don't like people eyeing up each other in the gyms, constantly sizing one another up.  It is the worst meat market place on the planet, aside from clubs. One day I hope to have our own private little gym at the house. 

10.  Several of you have asked about my marriage and I have failed to give you guys an update. Partly because I didn't want to speak too soon, and wanted to give my marriage a little time to show itself in healing and mending privately.  While also giving my husband the respect and privacy he also deserved in all of this. Although I like to be an open book, and I am as transparent as they come.  I didn't take into consideration that others just aren't like that with their lives.  It was not right of me with out asking my husband to share all that I did on my blog to many strangers we never met, and as well as exposing our marriage and my husband to people that he rather not have known.  Not that he has anything to hide, but simply to keep his matters private, protected and not deal with questions from everyone.  

Please know that I am very thankful for all of those that have been supportive and concerned during these hard times for us.  We have felt your prayers and are blessed to have so many people praying and caring for our marriage and or family unit.  Thank you.  

With that being said, Mark is back home. We are doing wonderful. We are learning to love and respect each other the right way, not our way.  As well as TRUSTING each other that we have our spouses best interest in mind and heart, with every choice we make. I am thankful that my marriage is not over and my family is together under one roof.  I am also blessed to have many of you share and tell me how my blog and situation helped you and yours.  I love knowing that so much good came out of hard times. 

Look at that....I did 10! So here are some questions I have been asked and Ill answer now.
Q and A's 

1. What camera do I use?  Canon Rebel EOS XT - That's seriously all I know about it. 
2. What lens do you have and use? I use different types of lens, it depends on what I am shooting. 
3. What is your favorite lens?  This is my new favorite one for shooting people. 
4. What settings do you most use when shooting? I have only been really focusing on photography for less than a year now.  Before that it was automatic point and click.  Now I am exploring with my white balance, IOS numbers, My F-stops and I use the AV mode.  In truth, I need to go look up again, what exactly does AV mean. I just know that is the mode to use when I want to blur my background. See I really am clueless about my camera. 

Okay it means "aperture priority mode" AV! 

5. How are you and Mark? Great, thanks! 
6.  Are you the Misty Rice, from HD Net's travel show "Get Out!"? Um, yes, that would be me.  I know they have been showing my shows a lot lately.  Every day to be exact and so some of you are either just putting the two together, or seeing the shows for the first time.  My roommate Lindsay still host the show and it has been mentioned I may go back for a few guest episodes, which would be a blast.  I just can't travel as much now that I have two babies and a husband.  It was a great show to host and I miss so much about it, but I am thankful for where I am now in life and the experiences and world travels I got to do while I did host Get Out!. 
7. What is your secret to slim down so fast after having babies? 
8.  Do you have a strict diet? Yes, a lot of carbs, protein, little sweets, no veggies and no salads.  Meat and potato girl. 
9.  What is your workout secrets? Chasing two kids, playing in any sport activity I can, if it be beach volleyball, softball, biking, swimming, hip-hop etc. 
10.  Is that picture of Morgan with the seagull a photo shop image? No. That picture of Morgan with the seagull is a real image I captured while in Marco Island. In truth I do not know how to cut out and paste images onto one another in photoshop to make such an image as that with the seagull.  I only tweak lighting and colors of my images. I do not distort or completely change them.  Why do that? 
11. What programs do you use most when doing digital imaging? I have only been using the small editing program on my MAC, but lately I have been exploring with layers in photoshop. I have NOT edit anything in my photoshop program yet. I do not know how, and haven't yet tried.  Like I said, I keep all my images as close to the original as possible.  
12. How can I get a blog makeover?  I use Blogs By Danielle.  However if you like the basic ones I have done and are more interested in that, I can help for a very small price and or donation to m charities.  If you want to talk more about blog makeovers, email me.  

Well, I hope that answers everyone questions I can think of off the top of my head.  If I missed anyone or any questions, send it again please and I will do my best to respond. 

Thanks for asking, and letting me play in the TRUTH carnival today.  Now that you got to know a little A LOT about me today, let me get to know a little about YOU.  I am suppose to pick 7 others to play the game so I will list 7 names, but in truth, I like for anyone that was up to play along.  

Have fun telling the raw TRUTH!!

You're up --


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