Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hey dad....

Since you live so far away. Or would that be, since I live so far away?

Anyways, I sent you a birthday card (late) which should arrive any day now via snail-mail.

This year I didn't get you your annual photo mug of the kids or anything. Instead I got you something a little more exciting.

I wrote you this post here on my blog with a photo of us. See?

Whatcha think about it?

Do I make you proud, daddy?

And if I call you "daddy" does that make you feel a few years younger?

I want to make this a special day for you daddy even though we are so many miles away, so I am going to give you some advice.

1. Don't go out in the paddle boat today, daddy (still making you feel younger?). It's too cold and I don't want you to get sick. And well.... we also know what happened with your first experience in the paddle boat. :)

2. Don't hammer on anything today if possible. I don't want you to smash your finger. That would really hurt and its your birthday, so no boo boo's for you today.

3. Don't do anything to upset mom. Then she can't yell at you for it on your birthday.

See with all that great advice you are bound to have a fabulous birthday.

We all love you here in Florida.

Happy Birthday Dad and Grandpa!!!

Here to imagining a nice slice of cake to celebrate another year with you.

(And imagining how yummy it taste too!)

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