Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Bunny Came to see us

Easter Bunny made a visit so I guess the rain wasn't an issue.  The prince woke up at 5:00 am to crawl in bed with us from having a bad dream. Tells me the Easter Bunny hasn't come yet (which he did prince was running into our room too fast to notice). He says to me "I thought I saw some white fur on the floor but it could have been cat hair."  Hilarious, because it must have been cat hair for I would have never thought to leave fur from the bunny.  Then he decides he can't go back to sleep and asked if he could go watch cartoons in his room.  So of course the answer is yes if it means I can continue to get what shut-eye I can these days.  So when he leaves the room I am thinking for sure he is going to see the basket now and so I count 5, 4, 3... waiting for the door to open back up with excitement that the Easter bunny came.  Nope!  Still he ran too fast back to his room to notice again.  Although it isn't because it is dark for I left the light on in the living room, but at the same time I am thinking "oh good, keep sleeping then". 
Then 6:00 am rolls around he is back in and tells me Easter Bunny came.  I said "okay let mommy have a few more minutes then I will get up."  He sweetly says "do you want me to come back in at 6:30?" I reply and at 6:30 exactly he comes back in and tells me he really wants me to come and see what the Easter Bunny brought him because he didn't want to mess it up until I saw it first.  I know very sweet, right?  So I get up and we go through it all and I take his picture and then there was no going back to bed.  He was very excited with his treats. 

At 11:30 am we attended a birthday party and then at 3:00 had Easter dinner at the Evans home.  So it was a very pleasant and fun filled Easter day for us.  

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter Day!!!

Baby girl's room is complete -

Yesterday the changing table that was pushed back on backorder arrived, which was a pleasant surprise.  Daddy put it together today and has completed her room.  The only thing missing from this room is the princess with only 21 days left to go. So here is the final picture of her room. 
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