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Well I finally had my photography blog made over.  I still have some work and organizing to do on it, but I am very pleased with how it turned out.  So click HERE to go check it out and don't forget to grab your button if you like.

Let me know what you think about it.  Love to hear your thoughts.  

I hopefully have some upcoming news about Misty Rice Photography to share with you, but as I always like to say.... when the time is right.  For now this is my Photography blog, a place where I can share my pictures and watch my photography grow.  

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One of my all time favorite things that I use to do as a kid living way out in the country lands of Texas, would be to lay out at night looking up at the sky and counting shooting stars.  I loved getting lost in amazement off the stars, clouds, breeze and sounds of crickets and frogs.  I know I sound so country just saying all of that, but I really, really miss those things.  
I grew up in the country, and although I have never really mentioned that much on here before, I am a country girl.  I like to call myself more like a city girl living out in the country, because I ALWAYS loved being in the city. Once I got old enough to drive into the city Dallas on the weekends, you couldn't keep me away.  I was fascinated by the city lights, buildings and vibe.  The energy could make any small town girl feel like a rockstar.  The 'city boys' weren't hard to look at either may I add. 
There are things I love about the country and I really find myself missing at times.  Last night I was reminded of one of those things.  Morgan missed her afternoon nap yesterday and so she went to bed early, allowing her daddy and I to watch an early movie last night.  We ended up watching Seven Pounds with Will Smith.  A GREAT MOVIE! Although, I am still a bit confused about the "Pounds" part of the title, I do recommend you check this movie out.  It will keep you guessing, in which for me is a great thing.  I am one of those people that can typically figure the movie out before it's finished. Its part of the fun for me, but lets just say now so fun for honey.
Anyways, after that movie I thought I would sneak in there and give Morgan a "dream feed" before heading off to bed myself.  By the way I meant to mention it before but like many other things on my 'to do list', I just haven't done it.  I went COLD TURKEY on Morgan last week.  First week of April, I decided to cut Morgan from her bottles.  I know that seems a bit harsh or dramatic, but let me tell you this... she hasn't complained once about it.  I think Hunter did the same thing, because as I was telling one of my friends the other day,  I can't remember that far back on how or when I had Hunter stop using the bottles.  I can't recall ever having to struggle with him over the bottle vs sippy cup.  I think, like Morgan, he just went right to sippy cup without missing a beat or thinking twice about it.  My little girl is growing up so quickly.  I give her a bottle twice a day.  Once for her first long nap of the day and one right before bed.  I do believe that I could cut those too, but for now I feel safer knowing she is getting in that extra amount of fluids that other wise she may not get enough of during the day.  Just to be on the safe side we give her those two bottles. 
After giving Morgan her "dream feed" and for those still confused as to what in the world a 'dream feed' is.  It's when a child is sleeping, and you don't want the baby to wake up in the early hours hungry, so you simply sneak in and feed the baby a bottle while s/he is asleep and quietly put s/he back to bed.  This will buy the parent additional hours of sleep time.  And let me tell you it really works.  Morgan normally would have been up and ready to go by 7:30 AM.  Especially since she went to bed at 8:00 ish last night.  However, because she was that tired and I gave her a 'dream feed' she slept in until almost 9:00 AM this morning, giving me and her daddy a couple of hours of extra sleep.  Woot! Woot!
Okay...okay.... after giving Morgan her 'dream feed', I went outside to make sure my kitties where both in before locking up.  When I did this, the dark beautiful sky captured my eyes and heart all over again.  I walked outside to have a nice chilled breeze blow on my face and through my hair.  The moon was so bright that it looked as though I could reach out and touch it.  The sky filled with these beautiful Cirrocumulus clouds.  I couldn't resist stopping in my tracks to take a moment to reflect on the beauty of it all. I called Mark out to experience it with me. Explaining to him how when as a younger girl, I would go lay out in the back of my fathers truck, taking a blanket and my radio to play Enigma via cassette tape with me.  Laying out there for hours just lost in the beauty and peaceful thoughts of the night sky. 
I always felt God's presence most either when walking on a quiet beach or at night starring at the stars.  
Mark, has never been one to even think much about the outter space, stars or galaxy.  He once said that it just never occurred to him to really think much outside of his own 'little bubble' (his world here in front of him).  At first when he said that to me, I wanted to look at him as if he was crazy and question how anyone could not be as fascinated by the world outside of our own as I was. But I didn't.... in fact, I simply felt a bit bad for him. Thinking about all that I believed he to be missing out on.  I wanted to show him and express to him how much I loved the stars, moon and sky.  I got him to sit outside with my for ...oh....about... 7 minutes before he claims to being attacked by mosquitos or 'biting bugs.'  They never seem to bite me, but Mark seems to the moment he steps outside.  I told him it was because he had sweet blood.  Ha! He went back in and I stayed outside by myself,  just listening to the frogs around the pond, the breeze blowing in the trees and amazed at the beauty of Gods creation in his sky.  His canvas.  Talking with my Father.  A last minute date with my creator with out it being planned or expected.  
I tried my best to capture what I could with the camera, but I am clueless at night shooting of any kind.  Although the picture above does it no justice,  just trust me -- it was worth posting about here today.  
Below is a little info about the different types of clouds.  In which a lot of us probably remember having to study these in school. And out of all the things I have forgotten over the years, I still remember the names of the clouds.  
Here is another image of the what the sky would look like if it where taken in the day.... but imagine this with the darkness of the night behind the clouds and only the brightness of the moon lighting them up enough to make them visible.  You can see this for as far as the eye could see.  
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