Sunday, May 31, 2009

short end of the stick

Yes, it's still raining here in South Florida. In fact, its rained so much I am starting to feel over it. I like our rainy days here in Florida. The weather is still warm and it seems tropical out and that's all great, but man, when it isn't raining and you are outside, its so humid that your hair frizzes and your skin is sticky. You feel pretty darn gross.

That was us yesterday, 'pretty darn gross'.

We stopped over at our friends home, for a little birthday celebration for Kyana. You have seen and heard that name on here before, remember THIS post?

And remember this picture below?


This is us at Kyana's birthday party last year, thus the long hair and a little tiny Morgan. Elmo came to sing and dance with the kids. Just look at how sweet and tiny my Butterfly was, even with milk running down her face. 

This year Elmo came back, bringing  some friends along. She he brought a face painter, balloon making clown, and a big train for the kids to ride around the neighborhood. Lot's of music, bubbles and balloons (being popped). 

This time I was able to get the family in for a group shot with Elmo. Hunter wasn't with us last year for this party, and neither was Payton.


Look at Butterfly now.  WOW!!!


Speaking of Hunter and Paytong, look at their face painting. Pretty cool right?



Hunter looked pretty viscous, and while Payton looked like a sweet butterfly.

Here is Payton with her mommy, and Patrick.  


A little short story of Patrick and Val. The two met the night we said we were going out to Benehana's. Remember THIS post?

Patrick is a work buddy of Mark's, whom has become one of Mark's closest friends. For the longest time I thought that maybe Patrick was Mark's imaginary friend. After all I heard about Patrick, heard stories on Patrick and Mark seemed to text this Patrick guy often, but I have NEVER seen this Patrick guy. And the few times I happened to make it up to Mark's office for lunch, Patrick "just happened" to have left soon before I got there or "just happened" to not be in the office that day.

Finally, after almost a year or so of hearing about this Patrick guy, Mark was able to convince him to come out to dinner and bowling with us. I happened to bring Val, well that's not really true. I actually planned for all of us to go out FOR Val's birthday. So, I didn't happen to bring Val, it just happened that Val came with Susan my other friend as her date, instead of this guy she was recently interested in. Well, actually that other guy seems to be a big loser, but we will keep our opinion on him to ourselves.

Long story short. Patrick joined us for dinner and bowling, Val came with an empty right arm and Patrick and Val met, chatted and have since been spending a lot of time together. Let's see how it goes for these love birds.

After an already eventful day at the party, before leaving we had to take a ride (like 7) around the block before it began to rain on us. Morgan loved it.

While we I was the only one riding the train with the kids. Patrick and Val snuck off on a date and Mark inside having doing whatever it it he was doing. I was left being mommy and sitter. Which is cool, I don't mind, I love hanging with the kiddos. Payton came home with us for the evening and stayed the night.

Today however, after Morgan waking up in the middle of the night and as well as Payton waking up in the middle of the night (twice), and also having to wake up at 6:00 AM to get Hunter off for his last day of travel hockey tryouts. I realize now that I got the short end of the stick here. Val and Patrick out (children free) on their little love bird date, while I was home feeding and entertaining three kids, while Mark watched his Yankee's.  As of last week, Mark broke down, or should I say made enough comments about wanting the baseball package, and I slipped and said "why don't you just buy it then" while its late at night and we are both laying in bed. It didn't take him even a second to think about it. He doesn't say "cool, maybe Ill call it in tomorrow, but instead he HOPS back out of bed right then and there to order that baseball package, so he could watch his Yankees. I at that point became a baseball Yankee's widow and will remain that way for the next few long months ahead. Sigh! He is lucky I like baseball and can handle it being on in our home every single night.  HA! 

Then while he went to bed, okay, well WE went to bed, and did what married couples do (some married couples, anyways - LOL!).... take that Val and Patrick! (Did I just seriously write that?) Mark then falls sound asleep and stays that way the entire night, while I am up several times taking care of crying children. I am tired, REALLY tired today and this rain isn't helping much. Had a moment, while I got honey and Morgan off to get a few things at the grocery store. I thought I take a moment of quiet time and write this post, because I unfortunately do not have time to take a nap today. I have my friend Susan and her son stopping by on their way home from Orlando for a bit, and then we are going to the 6:00 PM service at church.

That's it. That's all the time I have for posting today. I hope you and your family had a relaxing blessed weekend too.

Choo! Choo!


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