Friday, January 15, 2010

the best and worst date ever.....

Last week, Mark was called to a meeting at last minute out of town. Hunter was with his dad, leaving just the girls home alone together.

It ended up being such a fun peaceful time, just us girls. We ran errands together. We played, read books and made little videos. Anything that could be done in the home since it's been high 30's here in Sunny Florida for about two weeks now.

Finally, I decided I was in the mood to get out of the house and go on a dinner date with my baby girl.

Ruby Tuesday was the nearest thing to where we live that sounded good and child friendly. Off we went.

Get there it ends up being a half hour wait, so I thought about saying 'forget it' and head to subway instead.

But.... you know how it is when you get something in your mind that sounds good. Its hard to turn away and redirect yourself. I was in the mood for their Ruby Mini Burgers. I drove around the parking lot a couple of times really debating my options.

A) Do I wait with a toddler for that long and risk a chance of a possible melt down and a miserable dinner night with her?


B) Head to subway, walk around Wal-Mart and entertain ourselves.

Ruby Mini Burgers pulled the hardest and won.

We put our name on the list and found a place to let a toddler run around as much as possible until our name was called. Another couple came in with their 18 month older daughter Maggie. Morgan quickly made a friend and being the organized parents they were, brought snacks. Maggie was happy to share with Morgan. Thank you, Maggie.

The wait actually went by fast. We waited about 15 minutes. So that wasn't bad.

We were quickly seated to our booth, just me and my girl.

We already knew what we wanted and placed our order the moment our waitress came to the table. My thought was 'the quicker I order, the quicker it comes out and I get to eat before my daughter gets bored or tired, with a meltdown on top.'

So we ordered..... grilled cheese buns sandwich for Morgan. Don't even ask about that. I order my mini burgers.

It had to be the quickest and the easiest order in that entire room.

We wait....

We wait some more.....

Finally, I ask for something to hold Morgan over as she is starting to get a little bored.

They bring her a bowl of mashed potatoes, in which she really loved. While demanding she feed herself. Could they have given her a bigger spoon? The waitress obviously didn't have children.

That buys a few minutes.

We continue to wait....

Then, I break out the phone, and let her watch a little Wizard of Oz previews on YouTube. Are you surprised by her choice in Wizard of Oz. In which she now says "boz" for Oz.

"Mommy, Boz. Boz."

She is really into this saying "cheese" thing when she sees a camera. When she sees a camera now, she says "cheese" almost as if she thinks the camera is called "cheeeeese!" HA!

She picked up my cell phone and she put it up to her face and said "cheeeese!"

Finally, our waitress brings her 'grilled cheese buns' and tells me that they made mine wrong and so she is having them remade.

Ugh... how hard can it be to make mini burgers plain with just cheese??? Really?

Finally, she brings out my plate. Morgan and I say our prayer and as I touched my mini burgers, I realize they're COLD! Not even luke warm.

By this time I am really starting to lose my patients. Then the question arises:

A) Do I waste MORE time and WAIT even longer for another order?


B) Do I just take a bite and try to make the best of my cold burgers, although I was looking so forward to eating these darn things?

I took a bite.


I can not eat these cold like this.

I look around, my waitress isn't to be found. I asked the nearest waiter to please get me the manager.

Morgan's dish didn't look any better, but she was hungry enough to not care and was digging into her dish.

The manager arrived and I give her my complaint.

She apologizes and said she would comp my burgers and bring out a new hot plate.

The new ones arrive and sure enough they were hot. FINALLY! It only took three tries to bring out the second to easiest thing being made back in the kitchen, next to the grilled cheese for kids.

I haven't even mentioned.... the waitress, not once did she offer to refill my ice tea. I ended up waiting through three plates and eating my entire dinner before she finally swings by and asks if she can get be another tea.

By this time (something I would normally never do)....

I don't replay or look up at her. I give her 'annoyed' with my body language and nod my head 'yes, I'd like another glass, and how kind of you to think of it now that I am done with my food.'

She comes by and tells me the manager took care of the entire bill and to have a good night.


Hey, I am all about paying for my dinners. I used to waitress, so I am also about leaving great tips. But this was the worst service. I can't recall in years the last time I have complained to a manager about the service or food.

I did (although, didn't feel it was deserved), leave her a tip. I felt bad about my entire meal being taken care of, so I left a tip that probably would have been less had I paid the actual bill.


I had a free hot dinner at the end of the night. It may have been the worst service I have received in a very long time. It however, was the BEST date I have with just me and my girl!!!

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