Sunday, July 26, 2009

My not so little, little girl.

I didn't plan on writing a post today. In fact, these UTI pills called Nitrofurantoin have seriously been kicking my butt.  They have made me feel unbelievably tired.  I finally decided that I would research this medication and see if "being tired" was part of the deal with these things, because I can hardly keep my eyes open these last few days.  Having taken a nap with Morgan each day just to get through the remaining part of my day.  Indeed, drowsy, was part of the deal.  Although, I did read the following:  

What side effects can this medication cause? 

Nitrofurantoin may cause side effects. Your urine may turn dark yellow or brown; this effect is harmless. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:

  • upset stomach
  • vomiting
  • loss of appetite

If you experience any of the following symptoms, call your doctor immediately:

  • difficulty breathing
  • excessive tiredness
  • fever or chills
  • chest pain
  • persistent cough
  • numbness, tingling, or pinprick sensation in the fingers and toes
  • muscle weakness
  • swelling of the lips or tongue
  • skin rash

Which is what I would call what I am experiencing, but what is excessive in their books? Anyways, it's now Friday evening and office is closed.  Thankfully, Mark is home and can help with baby girl when I need to sleep, in which I have done a lot of over the last couple of days.  In fact, I am surprised I am up and able to write this post.  I thought, while Morgan was sleeping, I would FINALLY get around to putting my family cruise trip, photo album together.  I have an hour and something left in download time, tells me, so I figured I would take the time and write a quick post.  On Tuesday, I'll get my lab results back in from the doctor and she will be able to tell me if the medicine she gave me is the correct kind and I can hopefully be finishing up with the remaining days and be done.  If not, she may tell me that I need a different kind and I will have to start over.  Either way, hopefully I have just a few days left of this type I have now and I can get back to my life in the not so drowsy way.  

Anyone else taken Nitrofurantoin before?  

So my not so little, little girl is sleeping.  She had a pretty rough start to her day today, and a pretty rough ending to her evening, yesterday.  

Let's start with yesterday.  

Baby girl is not being a very good listener or quick to obey when it comes to playing or eating the cat food.  She knows and understands the word "no," but she often looks right at us and just does what she wants to do anyways.  Well, daddy finally had enough and he took charge to discipline her.  He spat her hand and made her cry.  Then he placed her in a little corner, facing her towards it in timeout for about three minutes.  He held her there not allowing her to turn around and kept telling her the whole three minutes, "timeout, no cat food."  While I sat there with my hand over my mouth, partly laughing, partly wanting to cry because she looked so cute and I felt so bad for her. I wanted to rescue her.  She had no idea what this timeout stuff was about and why she was being held to face the wall of a corner.  She looks so little next to daddy. 

Then after all that drama, she was playing with the cat.  Recently, she has been getting a little too rough with the cats.  Laying on them too hard, or pulling them by their tails.  They are getting pretty old and so their bodies can't tolerate all that heaviness as much, but they are always very gentle and forgiving of Morgan.  That was until last night when she was on top of Milo and I guess he was trying to escape and some how his back claw scratched her arm.  She of course started to cry.  

After feeding her and putting her to bed, I told daddy that I thought we needed to save the hand spatting and harsh punishment (for her age) for more serious things that can really hurt her, and not over things like playing with the cat food.  That will (playing with cat food) eventually get old to her, its not hurting her or anything, and I just want to make sure she understands the "not allowed" stuff and punishment that goes with it if she does do it, versus the "no" things that are just going to take time, patients and repetitiveness to get it through to her.  

He too then starts to feel bad and we both go sneak into her room (as we often have and do) to stare at her, rub her little hand that was spat and kiss her head and tell her we love her once again.  

I tell you, it really does pull at the parents heart strings when you first start having to take action and discipline your children.  Their little faces get so upset, confused and their feelings hurt.  Its tuff love for parents to give sometimes.  

Then today she fell a couple of times pretty hard before leaving for church.  We get to church, place her in her class, where she willingly and cheerfully runs in without looking back to show to anyone that was interested in her teddy bear.  She does this at the gym too.  She totally understand "lets go bye-bye" and we tell her she can take one item and to "go get baby or teddy."  Today, she chose teddy to take with her.  When she walks in she starts showing everyone her teddy.  Today, out of no where she walks up with a smile to show this other little girl her teddy, when the little girl for no reason what so ever just smack's Morgan in her face.  It's a good thing mommy didn't see it or I would have had to jump over the little child gate in the doorway. Daddy saw it though and said it was not very nice at all.  

To continue her little rough patch, we go to pick her up after church and she has this big welt on her right cheek.  When asked what happened, the lady went to explain that she climbed up and fell off of this toy and hit the side of her face.  Sigh.  My little girl just looks so beat up right now, with bruises, scratches and red marks.  But that doesn't stop her from being HER.  A very sweet, tender, loving, kind and gentle not so little, little girl. 

She is TALL, thus the "not so little" part I keep repeating.  She is as tall as most two-year-olds, and so she is also often confused to be older than she is around other kids.  She is still just a baby of only 15 months old. She is just a big tall 15 month old.  Not her fault.  

She really is just the sweetest little girl.  

She loves to give hugs and kisses.  She is also girly.  She loves to wear bracelets, carry purses around on her arm, talk on phones, carry her babies or teddy around.  She loves humming and singing.  She is a really happy girl. 

Her vocabulary is growing by the day.  I recently just purchased "" program.  I got mine on ebay for less than $60.00, in case you were wondering.  I am convinced that this program is surely worth the try with Morgan.  She learns fast and quickly is able to repeat things that you try to tell her to say. Its really beautiful and exciting to watch.  I remember having Hunter saying his ABC's by this time and age as Morgan is now, but his vocabulary was much smaller.  So, I am really looking forward to getting this program and to see where she is by her 2nd birthday in April.  

Aside from all the things she is learning daily and constantly surprising us with.  I also got to witness her first "fear." I say her first, only because its the first thing that I have actually seen her express true fear of.  Can you guess what that may be?  


I think the reason for so many kids being scared of the vacuum is for a couple of reasons.  One, it's loud, and two, they don't see it every day, so when you bring it out weekly or however often one brings out their vacuum cleaner, it starts to be the fear of the "unknown" of what that thing really is and or does.  They don't understand that you or sucking up dirt and things off the floors and carpets.  I thought it was very sad, and a little cute, watching her get all scared over the vacuum. She would sit down and curl up her legs in criss-cross apple sauce and then tuck her arms in between her legs and scream.  It's what she does when she is a little scared, tucks her arms in.  If I am holding her, and she gets shy or a little nervous about something, she tucks her arms in between herself and my body.  

My favorite right now is that she loves, wait let me really express what I am trying to say....she LOOOVVVEEESSSS watching Choo Choo Soul videos on my computer or iPhone.  She sits in my lap, folds her legs in, gets all comfortable and sits as long as I will let her and watches those videos on youtube over and over again.  I love looking at her little ears, and shoulders from behind as she sits in my lap.  I play with her hair, and if you follow me on twitter, you saw that I even got a little braid in her hair for the first time the other night.  

She is becoming such a good eater.  She is allowing me to explore with different things to see what she will or will not like or eat.  Trying to widen her choices in eating, but keeping it very healthy at the same time.  

Next week Morgan will have a little friend to play with.  My blog friend Daniella, from "Learning to Love Every Moment" blog, is bring her family and pregnant belly to stay with me for an entire week.  It will be our first time to meet face to face.  I am so excited.  Its her family's last vacation before their little boy arrives and I am thrilled she chose to come here and stay with me.  I can't wait to see our little girls playing together.  Mark said to me last night "I see Morgan possibly getting into her first fight this next week" and starts to laugh.  I guess I can see it too, since it will really be the first time that we have had another child in our home close to Morgan's age, that Morgan will have to share HER own things with.  She won't be in the class at church or the gym, or at someone else home with toys of her own to play and share.  This will be her own home and toys to share.  So it will be fun and interesting to see come Saturday of this week when they arrive.  

Well, I think my pictures are about to be done uploading and I know Morgan will be waking up soon so I better wrap up this unplanned post.  I will post a couple of pictures here, and eventually, hopefully this week, I will get more pictures posted to my Facebook albums.  If you don't already follow me, you can easily by clicking on my facebook button to the left of my blog.  Friend me if you have an account, if not, you don't need one to view the pictures in my album.  

For your little quick fix.... feast your eyes out on this precious and adorable little girl in my life. 

I ...............LOVE..............HER.................SO...............MUCH................!!!!!!

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