Tuesday, June 30, 2009

His Will Wednesday

I'm typing from my phone in bed with a little angel, while visiting
with my family in Texas.

I meant to post date this weeks HWW, but it didn't happen so we are
going to go with the flow and have it this way this week.

I have received everyones emails and know I have and am praying.

Below is a picture of Amanda, a little girl I was supposed to have
photographed before my camera broke. She lost her fight and earned her
wings this morning.

My heart aches for this family and I am sad that I missed the chance
to meet this little princess and photograph her.

As I lay next to my little princess, a family is deeply hurting with a
loss of their princess. Please pray for Amanda's family, she was just
a month shy of her 2nd birthday I think.

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